Saturday, April 07, 2007

This After School Special Brought To You By The Sheep

Maybe it's the "teacher" part of me, but I often like to sit back and think about what I've learned in certain situations. I generally do this after the more unpleasant events. I think that the idea of my having come out of the whole mess with a little something positive keeps me from climbing the nearest water tower or other high structure and flinging rotten fruit and old shoes at hapless passers-by.

At least it's worked to date. One never really knows...

At any rate, with this most miserable of weeks complete, my finally-repaired truck back home in its own little parking spot and the Maine's massive storm clean up well underway, I have found a little time to reflect on the Week That Was and come up with these as things to file under "Lessons Learned:"

* I have learned that it is beyond stupid to ever utter the phrase, "well, at least it can't get any worse." Of course it can get worse. In fact, if Fate hears you saying something along those lines, it will attempt to prove it to you. For example, you may have have already spent an ungodly amount of money to get your truck fixed and still break down on Monday morning during your commute. You may have had to take it to the dealership for repair and rent a tiny, little toy car to get to work so you can assist on a field trip. You may find yourself sitting on a bus with eight million fifth graders following said field trip, gamely playing a rousing round of Type Numbers Into A Calculator Then Turn It Upside-Down To See What Words You May Have Made while the girls play with your cool pink cell phone and "discover" the camera feature. You may think, as you are trying to make the word "pig" per the request of a student, that this is as bad as your life can get. You will be wrong.

And I couldn't even make the word. All I got was "hig."
*I learned that everyone I know is an expert on vehicle repair. Once they learned that I was having transportation issues, they all chimed in with a variety of opinions and judgements whether I asked for them or not. As I was dealing with this for a full week, this gave everyone plenty of time to take their turn.
*I learned that most people really do mean well. Their pronouncements with regard to what I should be doing now, should have done in the first place and should be doing in the future with regard to my truck repair were all well-meant. And one in ten or so actually had something helpful to offer. It was worth taking the time to listen. The only exception to this are the comedians who asked what type of car I drive and, upon learning the make, laughed and said, "well, there's your problem!" They are just jerks.
*I learned that there are nice people at the garage who want to help you. One in particular who, when she saw the bill climbing to yet another level on Friday, went to her manager on my behalf and managed to negotiate $400.00 in parts at no cost. She also took the rental of the toy car off the bill. That goes beyond mere niceness and edges into sainthood. (And should be giving you some indication of just how much this little adventure cost me overall.)
*I learned that I like sitting up just a bit higher than the other drivers and that I will probably never be able to tolerate driving a compact car again. I also learned that I have a lengthy learning curve with regard to how to turn on the wipers. Despite the foul weather, I never really figured it out for any length of time in the rental.
*I learned that even a simple Feather and Fan stitch is too much at certain points in life. It is better to just knit stockinette socks and hats when you are running low in the luck department.
I also learned a lot about perspective. Sure, it was a bad week. It was also a very, very expensive week. But, this morning I was able to drive myself to my favorite little convenience store down the street where they always call you, "hon" or "dear" and you don't mind because they do it so darned well. While there, I noted the board over the window and, thinking that it had taken a hit during the storm, commented upon it. I learned that they had been broken into last night. Today's clerk was the rough 'n gruff one that we all love anyway. And to see her near tears was pretty much heartbreaking.
In her words, "We've been here such a long time. This just feels so personal...really personal."
I'm not saying that I'm going to stop complaining. No one would recognize me if I did that, for heaven's sake! They'd think I had taken a hard blow to the noggin or was a replacement pod-type person. Either way, I'd end up in the back of a van heading for some sort of treatment facility. But I think that I will chalk it all up as a learning experience, be grateful for the things that actually didn't go wrong and call it a day.
And set aside the Feather and Fan piece. That is just asking for trouble.


trek said...

Any day where you don't end up in the emergency room, stranded on a turnpike, or back at your airport of origin must be labeled a good day.

Anonymous said...

Yur little fifth graders sure are good photographers, eh? ;-)

At least the week is over, thank goodness! And just think, one more week until you get an entire week away from work.

Anonymous said...

oops, that should be "Your" not "Yur".

Mel said...

Um, I never chimed in on your truck, but I think I may have leaned towards the "shoot the damn thing, already" school of thought.

I can't figure out how to spell 'pig' on the calculator, either. Maybe if I get some down time tonight at work....

Lorraine said...

Let's hope the truck has learned it's lesson and will stay fixed this time. I agree that the little lady at the shop deserves a medal or something knitted. How wonderful! BTW, love the new socks!!!!

Sheila said...

Wow, That woman at the garage is an angel!
It sounds like Rational Mind is back at the helm...glad you're able to keep a nice perspective on the week.

catsmum said...

how did the dealership react to the huge-branch-landing-on-the-toy-car episode ? and re Trek's comment about the airport ... have you read The Harlot's post yesterday on that subject ??

April said...

Poor Sheepie. Well at least no one has ever taken a picture of you getting out of your truck when you have no panties on.

lobstah said...

OMG, my bf and I were cracking up last night, talking about making words on a calculator. I learned that you can write "boobies". Every day, you learn something new, huh? :D

Cathy said...

Finally someone at the auto place found her RM and took care of the bill. I shudder to think what it could have been (I am shuddering re:what it is). At least your hair looks good! As do your new socks. I assume they are currently on your feet.

Mia said...

Happy Easter sheepie.. I just made a batch of Easter hummus *grin* I was going to make it a few days ago, but once I opened the box of wheat thins.. well, I just started mainlining them ::laughing:: and never made the hummus.

Here's to a better week :cheers:

Brandie said...

I'm glad your week is over, and that were able to learn some lessons from it ... I'm sorry fate decided to prove you wrong. Bummer. It also proves me wrong a lot as well.
I guess, it's life! But at least the woman at the garage was there to help balance it all out.
I hope the store near you recovers from their break-in as well.