Monday, September 25, 2006

We're Doing A 180 On This Post!

The Sheep had quite the post planned for tonight! It was to be all about cranky trucks that balk at the slightest little inconvenience. Trucks that fall apart in the mere presence of a single molecule of water. It would have included an in-depth discussion with regard to how a certain Sheep made known that she would not tolerate the flashing of engine lights or jerking and shuddering. Any truck that thinks it can out-whine The Sheep is in for a life lesson, lemme tellya! I wrote the book on needy!!!
But, I'm not going to go there. Not tonight. For, you see, I picked up my mail today. During my weekend of convalescence, it seems that was a little task I managed to forgo. And what awaited me there was enough to make me forgive the poorly-behaved vehicle and find my "happy place." One little surprise would probably have been enough...
But there were two!!!!
First up: Sheila! In a recent comment, she said that she might like to give my Psychedelic Dishcloth a good home and offered some sock yarn in trade. As this poor little dishcloth was not quite going to make it in Mommy Sheep's kitchen (these are Christmas gifts) it seemed prudent to let it go live someplace nice. And here is what arrived today:
That's right...Lorna's Laces!! And what's that in the middle there? Hmm...could it be??? Yes! It is my most favoritest fiber in the whole, wide world, Finn!! Sheila, you are the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the little "extra." Your dishcloth is soon to be on it's way. I just needed to get the right address. I will give it a gi-normous hug to pass on to you upon arrival.
Next in the "oh, my good golly, how much better can one day get?" shower of goodies we have the winnings from a recent contest hosted by the charming Trek. We were IM-ing just after my big win and she told me that there would be some Socks That Rock coming my way. I was barely coherent for days in anticipation of that alone. Imagine the stammers and giddy giggles that occurred when I opened up the box and saw the bounty inside:

The STR is probably enough to hold your gaze with all it's socky beauty. But, if you can, tear your eyes away and see what accompanied it! A sock bag personalized with a lovely name tag, a lanyard kit and bobbins to whet my appetite for kumihimo braiding and enough floss to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future. And the sock bag, by coincidence, is one I'd eyed in Trek's gallery a while back, but didn't opt for the trade as I was trying to be all responsible what with my upcoming non-paycheck period. How's that for cool????? I'm, without a doubt, the best outfitted Sheep in the knitting community.

I thought that box felt a little heavy! Trek, you have outdone yourself and I'm so very, very grateful, my friend! Thank you!!!

And thus, dear readers, a day that began with a ranting Sheep rocketing her way in a jerking SUV towards her day of toil ends with a happy knitter surrounded with her new favorite things and an eye towards new projects. It feels like the end of one of those old movies where Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland figure out a way to put on a show despite all odds being against them. Everyone is smiling and embracing and saying things like, "gosh, this is swell!" No matter what came before, you just can't help but be happy when the credits start to roll.

And The Sheep does love a happy ending!



Julie said...

Gosh, that IS swell! Nothing better than some yarnie goodness to cheer you up!

Teri S. said...

You are one lucky Sheep! It was a perfect end to a not-so-perfect day (or at least commute).

trek said...

You are a very welcome Sheepie Knitter.

Beth said...

Wow, what great gifts! I love the yarn colors. And you have more Finn - yea!

Sheila said...

You are welcome, and think of the bag of Finn as an extra ball of case you run short on yardage for your project.
That STR yarn is GORGEOUS!!

Lazuli said...

Those are great gifts! The knitting community is indeed full of very kind, supportive people!

Emma said...

That's quite a haul. And it sounds like it came at the perfect time as well.

Geraldine said...

Swell indeed!!! Wow Sheep you are going to be knitting and braiding for a long time with all these goodies added to your stash!!!

On with the show....this is it!!!

Huggs, G

April said...

a personalized TREK SOCK BAG?


color me green.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when what could be a bad day takes a dramatic turn for the better. You are blessed with kind generous friends.
Karen: dying to hear all about the STR

Annie said...

Wow. What an awesome mailday!
I'll have to try some of that Finn- yours is just gorgeous.

Mia said...

Oh wow Sheepie... Christmas in September! What great friends ya got there.. and can't wait to see what you do with the yarn. The mister learned kumihimo (never can say it right) a few years ago.. it's amazing how intricate those braids can be.. have fun!