Friday, September 15, 2006

The Sheep Takes The High Road.

Setting: The local grocery store in The Sheep's small town. It is 6:30 p.m. and a tired Sheep is wrapping up her day by checking out her meager purchases which may or may not sustain her for the week. Among these is the latest Stephen King paperback. We join this little playlet just as Prom Queen Checkout Girl is scanning the book and comments about it to Rebel Bad Boy Bagger Dude:

PQCG: (in the high pitched, hyper speed voice preferred by young females when in the presence of young, macho-type dudes...sometimes used by middle-aged Sheep as well, but not tonight) OmiGOD!!! This guy is like, so scary!

RBBBD: Yeah. He's, like, from Maine, you know.

PQCG: Like, I know! He's got this wicked big scary house someplace...I think it's, like, in Kennebunkport...

Sheepish Annie: No, dear. That's the former president. Stephen King's house is in Bangor.

RBBBD: Yeah. He's, like, so scary 'cause he had to grow up in the boonies 'n all.

PQCG: Nooooooo. Bangor's not, like, the boonies.

RBBBD: All of Maine is the boonies.

There is no response from the Sheep nor from the PQCG. RBBBD takes this to mean that his little witicism has gone unheard.

RBBBD: You know, 'cause like ALL of Maine is the boonies. Heh, heh.

SA opens her mouth to say, "Well dear, you are certainly welcome to move at the earliest opportunity. I will even come help you pack since, judging from the state of my groceries, that is not exactly one of your strengths." She then remembers that it has been an extraordinarily long day and that, perhaps, she is responding out of fatigue rather than a true desire to storm into the home of a strange high school student and begin flinging his belongings into various suitcases and duffles. She chooses instead to keep her silence and hope that her reward will be one or two undamaged items in the bags at transaction's end.

She does, however, fail to return his, "have a nice evening." She has felt a little guilty about that ever since. But it is nothing she won't get over.

Normally Friday is my blogging respite night during the school year as my brain tends to shut down for a short period at week's end. But since my school had it's Open House last night, I missed my regular Thursday rant. Well, I did rant, but not in blog form. Open House night is a long one...

A pleasant Friday to all and to all a good night. I'm going to go knit on my Chevron Stripes Towel, eat some slightly squished chocolates and perhaps bed down early with a good book.

Stephen King is scary. But in a good way...



Kate said...

Gee, with a wit like that he certainly won't always be bagging groceries! Or will he?

trek said...

'Cause, like, you know, ALL of Maine is, like, the boonies, you know.

Uh huh.

And everyone in New Jersey talks like the actors on The Sopranos, too.

molly said...

Nite nite sweet sheep
sleep tight...

Don't let the nit wits invade your dreams.

Beth said...

Stephen King is way too scary for me! I read The Stand in college, but that's about it. I can't watch the movies, either. I'm a wimp!

I hope you get lots of rest this weekend!

camadsmom said...

Stephen King is way cool and way scary. He makes wicked good movies. (High School Student stated once)

I don't think she knew what a book was.

I hope you slept well. Its morning in this part of the state.

Mia said...

Uh.. Stephen King has a new book out and I didn't know???? I don't care for the movies but I have every single book.

Let's see... it's 7am... what time does the store open so I can go get it... and I sure hope you had some chocolate left undamaged in that grocery bag :-)

Teri S. said...

No Stephen King for me! Too, too scary. Like Beth said, I'm a wimp. I hope the rest of your evening provided you with as much entertainment as the grocery store!

Julie said...

I love Stephen King; even if he did grow up in the boonies :)

I hate it when the cashiers and baggers chit chat when I'm trying to check out - A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G.!!

mrichme said...

Sheepish, you are speaking to the choir on your interaction with the grocery clerks.

These are the people we are going to have to rely on for our SS or State Retirement, that's what is scary!

Anonymous said...

Long live the King! We love Stephen King in our house.
Doesn't it frighten you a little bit when you see some of the next generation in action. It makes me feel old.

Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

Wow, is there a fraternity of Bad Bag Boys LOL.....Ya shoulda said it Sheep!!! Would have made their night I'm could just imagine what they would have been saying, after you left with the vittles..."Wow, that's one crazy lady eh??? Almost as scary as Steve King" LOL....

Glad you ranted it out!!! Rants always help, don't they.

Looking forward to seeing progress on your latest knitting.

Huggs, G

Knittymama said...

Hee Hee, the boonies...there's a word I haven't thought of in a while. And all of Maine? Really, I had no idea.