Saturday, September 23, 2006

...Just Doing As I'm Told!

The Sheep was spending some quality time hacking and coughing all over a colleague during a recent conversation. This is her third week in her new school and, really, is there any better way to develop closer working relationships than to let your professional peers see you at your most pathetic and needy? The Sheep is not one for a "honeymoon period."

At any rate, this colleague (after moving back several yards) noted that a number of people in the building seem to have this form of the plague. Her friend recently told her that she was only able to recover after taking the weekend off and doing nothing. "She didn't do so much as a dish for forty eight hours," according to this co-worker. It was strongly suggested that The Sheep consider a similar course of action. (By now, the poor woman was backed into the far corner of the room and holding a tissue in front of her face while attempting to surreptitiously turn on several fans...The Sheep can take a hint.)

I am not the kind of Sheep who has to be asked twice to take a seat. I'll be warming my haunches and inquiring as to the available beverages before you even hit the question mark in that sentence. I do enjoy my "down time." So I took my colleague up on her suggestion, called in to the offices of job #2 and took the weekend off.

Things did not begin well. I was up at four o'clock this morning with wracking, hacking coughs and opted to just get up and deal with it before the downstairs neighbors called local animal control services to rescue the trapped, rabid dog living in the upstairs unit. Once fully dosed with cold and cough medications and fortified with caffeine, I was able to begin resting in earnest. Aside from digging deep and finding the inner strength to push the "start" button on the dishwasher, I have been a paragon of convalescence today. Translation: I watched cartoons, ate cheesecake and knit. Oh, and I napped. Let us not forget the nap.

Despite the extra knitting time, I didn't really finish anything. I may have mentioned in earlier posts that cold medications do not always mix well with the creative activities. I was, however, careful to only work on things that were familiar and easy to repair in a loopy state. This is good since my overall better judgment seems to have suffered somewhat. Case in point:

Dishcloth in process on a kitty butt.
I laughed for twenty minutes just thinking about doing this. Once done, it somehow seemed less amusing and now I have a miffed feline with which to contend. But it was good for a giggle in the short term and that must count for something.
I don't know anymore...I have the plague. I'm not supposed to be thinking deep thoughts. I'm supposed to be resting.
At least that's what I've been told.
Happy Rosh Hashanah (a wee bit late) to all! May you and yours enjoy the time spent together in celebration.


trek said...

Sheep you crack me up even when you have the plague.

Go back to bed. The downstairs neighbors will understand.

PS - I alerted animal control - the will not come knocking on your door even if the neighbors do call.

Julie said...

That's an awful nice cat butt yarmulke you've knit, there.

And I've done the take a weekend off thing. It does work. Nap. And eat more cheesecake. Everything's better with cheesecake.

Teri S. said...

That's a hysterical picture. I don't blame the cat for being miffed though; it certainly was an insult to her dignity. And cats don't like having their dignity insulted.

Please take care of yourself and don't get the monkey pox again. It's way too early for monkey pox season.

Emma said...

Aww, poor Sheep. Hopefully your weekend of rest will do you a lot of good and you be back out gallivanting in the pasture before you know it!

Julie said...

Love the kitty butt hat! It doesn't really look like he cared all that much - didn't even make him move at all, did it? Cata are such fun :)

Glad you took the weekend off to rest. No one likes to see a sick sheep.

Beth said...

Rabid dogs. Kitty butts. This was quite an exciting post! I hope the relaxing pays off and helps you get better very soon.

Mia said...

that pic made ME laugh :-)

And sorry you're sick again Sheepie.. but then again, what a lovely way to spend a day..

feel better.

Lazuli said...

Feel better soon! Though I have to say I'm amazed you can write such a wonderful post through... everything! Including wild pictures of kitty butts. It looks like something from! ;-)

Geraldine said...

Hope the hacking stops soon Sheep, NOT FUN!!!! Ive been congested this past week too, starting to clear, thank goodness, I hate moving slow LOL....

Tell kitty dear that it could be worse, there are cherries still available at the stores.

Huggs, G

April said...

i wish one of my cats was black. the contrast between the dishcloth and fur is fantastic. perhaps i'll dye one.

The Purloined Letter said...

I see Julie has already posted what I was thinking: you've knit your cat an arse kippah!