Monday, September 18, 2006

Now, THAT'S What I'm Talkin' About!!

Ahh...internet sympathy for an ailing Sheep. It's all good. Well...its actually sort of pathetic, but I'm OK with it. When you're all snuffly and grumpy you take what you can get.

I thought I was improving as today wore on. I was a bit less stuffy, my voice came back in the afternoon and I felt like I'd scaled the mountain of good health and planted the flag of wellness. This was good given that I was scheduled for dinner at Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house to celebrate the visit of my Auntie and Uncle Sheep. Brother Sheep was bringing New Girlfriend Sheep (who we like, btw) and Great Uncle Sheep was making a guest appearance. This is something of a big day for our generally routine-driven clan.

I made it to the 'rent's house without incident and let everyone know that I have the sniffles. I felt that it was important to put that out there right away given my general belief that the world should stop when I am experiencing physical distress of any kind. Daddy Sheep countered with his latest blood sugar numbers and the trials of his new status as a diabetic and I was well and fully trumped. Great Uncle Sheep arrived shortly thereafter and there was little hope for my starring the Aches 'n Pains Variety Hour. Great Uncle Sheep will be 90 on his next birthday. He still drives his own car, lives on his own and, despite being deaf as a post, has very little wrong that cannot be attributed to old age. But, frankly, that can be quite a bit and it seemed wrong of me to try and compare seasonal allergies to the aches and pains that come from living nearly a century on the planet.

After dinner, though, the allergies kicked back in and I began to feel pretty lousy. I decided to call it a night around 7:30 and head home for an evening NyQuil cocktail and some Season Premiere TV. Auntie and Uncle Sheep seemed relieved when I decided to take my hacking and coughing self out of their presence, but they couldn't have been nicer about their secret desire to have me safely ensconced in a plastic bubble. I don't blame them really.

Given today's schedule and my popping ears I have been a non-knitting Sheep today. We'll get back into the routine tomorrow and maybe even knock a row or two of something out of the park. Meanwhile, thanks to all who wished me well in my snuffling state. I'll admit to being nothing short of a Whinery in times of illness. Your patience is appreciated.

And now we're off to sit in a cold medication haze and envy the healthy people.



camadsmom said...

You and CamMads Dad. You just like feeling crappy. Keep your chin up and this season will pass. Tomorrow is the first day of fall ... or maybe its the next day. Anyway, Keep the faith.

Emma said...

Hee hee, I just have this visual image of all these sheep gatherin together in a house and the 90 year-old sheep is wearing a vest and a pocketwatch and has a long gray beard.

I want to come to your next family function!

trek said...

Hey can I get in on the NyQuil Cocktail??

sniffle, snuffle

April said...

In Japan, today is "Respect For The Aged" day. It says so right on my calendar. Nothing about "Respect For The Allergy Challenged" though. Maybe we should start a movement?

Beth said...

You know, the same type of thing happens when I talk with my mom. I'll tell her something, then she'll share something that's even worse. That sometimes bothers me... Here's hoping you feel better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Feel better! The allergies here have been worse than usual. I feel for you.
My great aunt, who will be 99 in April, never complains about anything except her allergies which she didn't have until she was in her 70's. Can you imagine.

hillary said...

Allergies just don't get the respect that they deserve. Feel better!

G said...

hope you are feeling waaaaaaaaaay better today Sheep. It certainly hasn't lessened your creative/witty edge though.

The Sheep gatherings must be a sight to behold.

Huggs, G

The Purloined Letter said...

I'm with Emma in my imaginings of your family! You could make a nice little knitmation piece about them! (Knitmation is, as I am making it up, like claymation only with knitted toys rather than clay figures....)