Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daredevil Sheep!!!

The Sheep is not a risk-taker in the commonly held sense. Nothing worthy of Reality T.V. going on here.

I don't sky dive. I've never contemplated catching bullets in my teeth. It would never occur to me to poke a sleeping bear. I like to think that I live fully within the boundaries of common sense.

But, when it comes to the more mundane kinds of things, I seem to think myself endowed with the superpowers. I am the one hunched over my computer in mid-April praying to all listening accounting deities that my income tax e-filing has gone through. I regularly play "oil-change-roulette" fully believing that I can get away with another thousand miles. I'm the one that keeps the phone company's collections office open in order that I might continue to receive their "friendly reminders" with regard to sending payments in a timely fashion.

I fully believe that I can get away with these risks given that my intentions are good. Because I mean well, there is no possible way that the universe can punish me for these little risks. I am basically a good person who enjoys pushing the Boring Envelope every now and again.

And thus, despite a lengthy blog post warning knitters far and wide of the dangers lurking behind the innocent act of knitting under the influence of cold medications, I did it again. "Lace, even in miniature form, is scary," I admonished. "A single error led to the destruction of four inches of vest," I moaned. "Be warned, O Most Innocent Of Knitters," I cried. I hit Publish Post.

And then promptly proceeded to do the whole thing over again.

Why I put up with me, I'll never know. Fortunately, this pattern has several versions. One of these seems a bit easier to follow and I think that may be the one that ends up accenting the front of my new vest. We are weighing our options here at Sheepish's House Of Learning The Hard Way.

But, hear me now. This vest is going to happen. And it will be stunning. One of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was to see if I couldn't guilt myself into finishing one or two things. There will be vesting of the highest order, as Blogger is my witness.

It just may take a bit longer than I thought. I'm gonna go knit a dishcloth now.



Julie said...

Think of the lace knitting while drugged as practice for the real thing - Just think how good you are going to be when you are finally drug free. You will be the queen of lace!

mrichme said...

Funny story-My Brush with Sheepish

Today was my grand tour of Southern Maine with CamMad. We decided we needed nurishment before going to gymnastics. We decided to stop at the local Wendy's and who do we see coming out of the local mercantile? Yes, the one and only Sheepish Annie! Did she see us? No! CamMad was screaming out of the car within inches of the Escape desperately trying to get the Sheep's attention but to no avail as the Sheep made the turn heading home!

The next few minutes between french fries and chicken nuggets I hear "Why didn't she say hi to us? Does she not love us any more?" My response was, "Sheepish loves you like her own but she needed to get home in time for the cats." I hate lying to CamMad but it was for the greater good :)

Keep your chin up tomorrow is Friday! Hopefully there will not be any SNAKES IN THE PLAYGROUND!

Teri S. said...

The same could be said for knitting lace after a high octane cocktail or two. Or knitting it in the presence of chatty friends. The only way I can knit lace is when I am well and truly alone and it is TV, no radio, nothing.

By the way, after the playground incident the other day, I think you could make a new blockbuster movie: Snakes on a Playground.

Beth said...

I'll be glad when you feel better, 'cause I can't wait to see a picture of that vest! :) (Plus, I'll just be glad you're feeling better.)

Lazuli said...

Lace can be tricky like that. It takes (for me, at least!) a lot of patience (and sometimes a very very lot) but when it's done, it's so rewarding!

Kate said...

And I was thinking that under the influence may be the only way I could possibly knit lace.

Anonymous said...

The vest will happen and it will be the best vest. In the meantime I suggest you compose a letter to the drug company saying that you are disappointed that they have not included knitting with their heavy machinery warning.

Geraldine said...

Can't wait to hear of more cutting edge risk-taking adventures Sheep! Who needs skydiving, Id rather stop in at your blog for thrills and spills....LOL.

Look forward to seeing your beautiful finished vest SOON.

Huggs, G

debsnm said...

Sometimes counting to 2 is hard! Don't freak out too much about knitting lace drugged - I've tried, and haven't had much success without benefit of meds or liquid stimuli. Dang that ADD.

Debby said...

You are determined to show the lace who is boss! That is the only way to go. Otherwise, you'll be on the five year plan, like I was. :)

Speaking as one who puts her groceries on the check out belt in order...I'm not much for risk taking either. Knitting risk is buying the yarn first, without a pattern, LOL. :)

April said...

The Ultimate Risk - knitting lace on double pointed needles! Now THAT would be exciting.

trek said...

Watch the Sheepie Mailbox.