Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WNBP: A Very Rainy Wednesday

My August-Induced Lethargy continues unabated.  Today the whole situation was made worse by the addition of pittery-pattery raindrops that inspired nothing but napping.  This is not helping me in my quest to finish up as much as humanly possible before the school bells tolls.

I shall rouse myself enough to do a few bullet points for you, though.  Because it is Wednesday and I like to think of myself as the sort of gal who honors tradition no matter what the weather.

*I have to start thinking about getting up earlier.  It takes me a while to reset the internal clocks.

*I spent all of July getting up stoopid early.  Couldn't seem to get the hang of vacation.

*Now I'm really quite settled into the vacation routine.

*Just in time to begin the process of retraining my brain back to school time...

*Almost didn't make it to the Farmer's Market this morning.  Too rainy.

*Too gray.

*Too much like a Sleep In Until Christmas kind of day.

*I got up.  I put on shoes.  I bought some green beans.

*I feel better for having done it.

*Frankly, I was kind of happy to be out of the house since staying home meant continuing with unknitting that inch of sock that I made by mistake.

*The Farmer's Market is right next to the discount store I frequent.

*I wanted to go there because the last time I went they had that organic, grain-free cat food approved by my vet for .99 cents a can.

*It's, like, a buck thirty at the grocery store.

*I snagged twenty cans last time to put in the Just In Case We Are Trapped And Unable to Shop Cupboard.

*AKA the End Of The World Is Nigh Supply.

*First rule of stockpiling:  Determine Need.

*Cats need to be fed.  If you do not feed them things they like, they shred your curtains in a highly passive aggressive fashion.

*They also tend to eye your toes alarmingly when they think you are asleep.

*The cat food was still on sale.  But now it was down to two for a dollar.

*That's .50 cents a can!!!

*Second rule of stockpiling:  Determine Storage Potential.

*There is nothing to be gained by buying a bunch of stuff that is expiring as you make the drive home.

*Cans were checked, expiration dates reviewed.

*Everything intact.  Many, many moons before I have to start force feeding the felines multiple servings.

*I bought another forty cans of cat food.

*And then shut down not one, but two check-out lanes as the cashiers and I discussed the joys of cat ownership and the lengths to which we will go in order to ensure the health and happiness of our little fur babies.

*We compared vets, health complications and diets.  I learned a little something about the healing benefits of kitty acupuncture.

*Yes.  Other customers are, as we speak, complaining about me over the dinner table to anyone who will listen.

*For the record, I did not initiate this conversation.  I just bought forty cans of cat food.

*I'll probably be going back for more once payday rolls around...

*Query:  When did I become a person old enough that the movies of my youth are now ready to be "remade?"

*Probably right around the time I became the sort of person who giggles over cat food sales...

*I finished The Magicians: A Novel.

*Haven't gotten The Magician King: A Novel yet, though.  It came out yesterday or the day before that or something along those lines but I'm not quite ready.

*I needed something different so I decided to pick up Twilight Eyes.

*I like Dean Koontz.  Except for when I don't.

*This was an odd book and a little hard to get into at first.  Frankly, I found the main character to be kind of unlikeable.  A little whiny....although heaven knows he had good reason to be.  Still, I didn't connect.

*In the second half of the book, he suddenly seemed to grow up.  It was almost as if I was reading another novel entirely.  I liked him ever so much more in spite of the fact that little time had passed book-wise.

*Turns out, there was a very good reason for that.  Sometimes it's worth reading the afterword.

*You get to find out all about how the original novel changed and was expanded upon.

*And Mr. Koontz is very funny.  Especially when discussing his overwhelming desire to shoot television executives in the foot.

*Something we've all contemplated at one point or another...

*The following video is not being presented as an example of the World's Lamest Flash Mob.

*It might make Honorable Mention...but not the actual lamest.

*Frankly, you have to give them props for making the most of a limited budget and a dire situation.

*Plus it was raining.

*And let's face it.  If more people were adopting cats at the moment, this sort of thing wouldn't be necessary now would it?

I wasn't there, of course.  I was home putting away cat food and napping in time to the raindrops.  Which isn't such a bad way to spend a Wednesday, especially when you've got a nice, warm, well-fed cat or two to share the sofa.


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trek said...

Neglecting to feed the felines definitely results in a wicked it of ugly around the manse.

Good call.