Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling Shaky

Oh, yeah...I'm fairly frantic at the moment.  Too much stuff on the to-do list and not nearly enough time to get it all done.  That said, I don't really feel like doing too much so it kind of works out if I don't think about it.

Thinking too much leads to guilt and lying awake in the wee hours of the morning wondering if it would be considered weird to get up and paint the living room.  I do, however, feel like posting some Wednesday Night Bullet Points and we don't even have wait for me to feel thought-induced guilt!

*I was supposed to go to school on Monday.

*Not to teach.  It isn't time for that yet.  But, I do need to put up a few posters and find where I put all the pencils during the end-of-year packing.

*I find that pencils are useful in a classroom situation.  Especially at the beginning when no one has their computer yet.

*I did not go to school on Monday.  I felt kind of weird.  A little shaky and achy.

*There was always Tuesday, after all!

*Yesterday was Tuesday and I was up with the birdies in order to get ready for school prep!

*My intentions were good and I even made it out the door and into the car.

*I was three miles from home when I realized that this was not going to work out.

*Not at all.

*Not in any way, shape or form.

*Spent the day with...digestive issues.

*The kind that make you whimper and rail against an unjust universe that causes the room to spin.

*Headache, too.

*Two days down and still no classroom set up.

*I have a rocking recliner that I never get to sit in because it is Cat Claimed For All Eternity.

*And it was not a good idea to sit there yesterday because things were already shaky and a rocking chair is not a good idea under those circumstances.

*I noticed it rocking rather hard at one point during the afternoon.

*Cats must have launched off that thing something fierce, I thought.

*Shortly thereafter, my Google Facebook widget came alive with reassurances.

*Mostly from family in Virginia who wanted us to know that they had survived the earthquake.

*"Thank heavens there was no earthquake here" I cried, "because I don't need to feel any more shaky!"

*Note: it took five hours and three more local Facebook posts for me to connect the violently rocking recliner to the phenomenon.

*This should give you some indication of how poorly I was feeling.

*Really just a jiggle and nothing to worry about, but you'd think I'd be more on top of earthquake activity.  I tend to get excited about that sort of thing...

*I stayed home today, too.  Feeling much better, though.

*Just needed to sleep some before going off to move furniture.

*I made soup today from home canned beef and veggies.

*Very good and made my sad tummy happy again.

*Shook in a few gentle spices and grated some Parmesan cheese over the whole thing and it all worked out well.

*Didn't make it to the Farmer's Market today.  No Weekly Visit With The Vegetables.  :(

*Today marked the Annual Sewing On Of Teddy's Noggin.

*It's a yearly event precipitated by my teddy bear's head falling off and causing me to have an horrific Godfather-like moment upon waking.

*You the horse's head in the movie?

*Creepy to be in bed with a headless bear.

*His head falls off regularly now.  I am a somewhat aggressive cuddler...

*School tomorrow.  Pencils located and furniture arranged.

*At least that is the plan.

*Weather permitting.

*BTW: Who wants to be in charge of keeping me from seeing Contagion?

*I think we all know that my viewing this movie is a bad idea.  It will not end well.

*Me in the manse...duct tape on all the windows...clouds of disinfectant obscuring the view...

*You'll be able to hear me shrieking at you to get your potentially infected self away, though.  I'm certain of it.

*You might want to take shifts.  Two or three man teams of people blocking my door and that of local movie theaters.  I think that should do it.

*I finished Day by Day Armageddon.

*Loved it!  I thought the sequel was a little spendy to download, at least until the next payday rolls around.

*Filled the time with The Dying of the Light: End (Volume 1).

*Also surprisingly good.  I was a little incensed by some of the decisions made by the government at the end, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do come The Apocalypse.

*At least they didn't nuke everything.  That never goes well...

*Then I had more time to kill so I downloaded a couple of freebies.

*The Strange Case of Finley Jayne is a blatant attempt at getting people to buy The Girl in the Steel Corset (The Steampunk Chronicles).

*Let's just be clear about that.  I am no fool!  

*Furthermore, I do not like books published by that company which rhymes with Shmarlequin.

*Huggy, kissy, stupid stuff, I say!!!

*So don't expect me to say that I liked Finley Jayne.  I won't say it!!!  You can't make me!!!  Not even if you shake me really hard!!


*i kind of did like it...don't tell.

*Soul Identity was another free download from my provider of choice and a really good deal considering it was a full length novel.  

*I don't know as I'm truly invested enough to get the next one in the series, but time will tell.  It was a pretty good book, though.

*Now I'm re-reading some old favorites and working through my choices for the next series of downloads.

*I'll get back to you when I decide.

*I need to get myself together now.  I have to try some dinner.

*Maybe more soup.  I don't feel shaky so I think the soup was the best choice.

*And feed the cats who don't care if I am rocking, rolling, shaking and hurling.  They want to be fed on time.

*This has been made clear to me over the past few days.

*Plus I need to go find something to wear tomorrow that is suitable for the locating of pencils and other educational supplies.

*Let's hope the rainy weather doesn't make for a shaky trip to school!

It hasn't been the week I was planning, that is for sure.  I guess I figured I'd put off getting to school because this is what I do every year, but I honestly thought it would be more of an avoidance thing instead of a stomach bug with a side of Miniature Leftover Earthquake Shakes.  Let's hope that things start to look a little more like the plan tomorrow.

Because Friday is spoken for and will not be a school organization day.  We are all going to the vet.  Which is going to be the very definition of shaky!



Lynne said...

Hope you're feeling a lot better soon. Good luck on Friday.

trek said...

Heh. We got a text message about the 'quake. We were driving in Virginia and never noticed any rocking nor rolling nor shaking nor quaking...

Nice that you aren't all shaky any more!

Donna Lee said...

We've had the stomach virus thing here, too. I just happened to be at the doctor's for a check up and mentioned that I had been dizzy/nauseaus/headachy/with intestinal distress and he said he'd seen a lot of people with those same symptoms. Doesn't make me feel any better. I sat at work, trying to keep steady because of course I didn't stay home, that would be smart.

Weird, all that shaking and rolling.....

Julia G said...

We were out walking on the beach in CT didn't notice a thing, although we likely would've dismissed the odd rumble and vibration as nearby construction or trucks on the interstate.

I know West Coasters suppressed a lot of giggles at the East Coast's shock (literally), but it's like an inch of snow in Atlanta - we don't have the infrastructure or training, and our buildings are not constructed to withstand earthquakes, so there was some significant damage.

Now to get ready for our unwelcome weekend guest, Irene!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. One needs all one's intestinal fortitude for a visit to the vet.