Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WNBP: Cackle-Worthy

Here at the manse, we are continuing to try and make some use of the last few days of summer vacation.  At least, I like to think that is what I am doing.   There is also a very strong possibility that I am fooling myself and spending far more time dithering away the hours than I am willing to admit.

Here's your Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Either way, I can say that I got that done.  Truth be told, everything I put on the "completed" side of the to-do list makes me giggle just a little bit.

*Every Wednesday morning, I go through the same internal debate regarding the need to perform The Weekly Visit With The Vegetables.

*There is a very loud voice in my brain that seems to be of the opinion we are really all set with the veggies.

*I've overcome this voice each week and made it over to the farmer's market.

*I've only got a couple more trips left in this summer and I want to make the most of it.

*To date, I've canned:

*7 pints of potatoes

*3 half pints of homemade relish (that's plenty for one gal's winter hot dog consumption, I swear it!)

*4 pints of wax beans

*7 pints of green beans

*3 pints of salsa (probably not enough but I'm bored with it already...)

*3 pints of carrots

*And will do more of them tomorrow.

*I can in small batches because I have the attention span of a toddler.

*And a limited desire to eat vegetables.

*Although I must admit I've done better with that since I've been putting up my own.

*Sometimes I go look at all those pretty glass jars all lined up and waiting for me to rediscover them in winter and I begin to giggle.

*It's more of a cackle, really.

*Kind of disturbing if you want the truth...

*Upgrading my cable subscription meant getting all sorts of nifty new benefits.

*And the return of some stuff I lost in the digital transition years.

*I've spent part of today catching up with Dr. Who.  (Doctor Who: Series Six, Part 1)

*I knew there was a brand new Doctor, but it took me a while to accept him.

*I'm getting better with it now...

*Law And Order: UK confuses me a little bit. (Law & Order UK: Season One)

*Keep expecting The Doctor to show up.

*Freema Agyeman is one of the lawyers...

*And I'm told there is going to be more in the way of Dr. Who confusion coming up in the new season.

*Dr. Who on Law And Order...that makes me giggle, too!

*As I was checking the All Heck Has Broken Loose And The End Of The World Is Nigh Supply Shelves today, I realized that I somehow managed to stockpile over 70 cans of cat food.

*I don't know how to feel about that.

*On one hand, it really does smack of Crazy Cat Lady With Conspiracy Theory Issues.

*On the other hand, I don't have to go out in a snowstorm to get cat food the next time school is cancelled and I forget to go to the store.

*I heard that giggle/cackle again while I was staring into the supply closet.

*I am a little worried about me.

*Did I mention that I read Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family)?

*I can't remember if I told you that.  I read it.  

*A while ago, actually...

*It was OK.  Not my favorite, but good.

*But I looooooved Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel!

*So funny!  And you get to read about people who are calling each other rather vile names but it's OK because they are saying it in British!

*And New Zealand-ish.  Which is not Australian-ish and you want to be clear on that beforehand.

*Insults in British are very cultured and classy so it's OK to call people names.

*At least to my ears...

*Very good tale and a nice slice of Victorian alternate history.

*At last, I felt ready to tackle The Magician King: A Novel.

*I read it in two days.  Devoured it.

*Better than the first one.  (The Magicians: A Novel)

*But you don't want to read the sequel without having read the original.  

*Even I had moments of "Wait...what? Who is that?  Why are they here?  Do I already know them?"

*And I just finished The Magicians!

*Can't imagine how confusing it would have been without a primer.

*Then, just for fun, I read The Magnificent 12: The Call.

*It was a "between paychecks freebie download."   I gave it a shot.

*Freebies don't always work out so well.

*It's awesome!  It's straight up kiddie lit.  Middle grade for sure.

*But beyond funny and really very sharply written.  

*The marketing strategy worked.  I'll no doubt spring for the sequel!

*I like kid's books.  I teach kids.  I think it's good to know what's available for them.

*Plus I like YA literature and am thrilled to have an excuse to keep reading it as an adult.

*Makes me giggle, but not cackle because that is disrespectful to the printed word.

*Now I'm reading Day by Day Armageddon.

*I like it, but I happen to enjoy the genre.  I can understand how others might find it a little slow.

*Day by day journal entries detailing the end of the world as we know it.

*These are your nice, well-behaved zombies who conform to tradition.

*They shamble, never run and fall down decently when someone scores a head shot.

*I appreciate it when the undead respect the rules.

*Again, I do not laugh.  Nor giggle.  Nor cackle.

*Don't want to attract any undue, undead attention...

*I'm giggling on the inside.

And so goes another Wednesday as we count down the last of the summery ones.  Only two more left before I'm back to adding school-related bullet points to the post.  Those are often some of the funnier ones and I'm certain that they will make me giggle.

For now, though, I find the sight of my well-stocked supply cabinet and afternoon naps far more cackle-worthy...



Anonymous said...

I must thank you for your recommendation of Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate I). I listened to the audio version and enjoyed it immensely, even though I tend to avoid romance novels and historical novels and paranormal novels. But this historical romance paranormal novel was delightful!

Anonymous said...

It's great to have kitty food on the shelf! I understand completely. I do appreciate your book reviews, too. I often follow your lead!

Knitting Linguist said...

I am very impressed with the canning. I have never quite managed to get the hang of making that happen, somehow, even though I always feel much better knowing that I have a supply of foodstuffs in the pantry, for unspecified emergencies. (I guess around here that would be fires? It's certainly not snow!)

Julia G said...

Actually, the Doctor does show up on Law and Order UK, in the person of Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, who plays a barrister on L&O and whose real life son-in-law-to-be is David Tennant - now THAT will "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow"! (Don't ask how I know that....)

trek said...

Thanks for the endorsement on the freebie - I downloaded it, too.

=Tamar said...

Having a sufficient stockpile of the important foods for winter is sensible. Good for you!