Monday, August 08, 2011

Time To Get It Together!!!

July was really a long month, when you think about it.  I mean that in the actual sense of the word as opposed to that feeling that a month is going on forever and ever with no end in sight.  July was truly a respectable length as months go.  It had 31 days and everything.  It even came with an extra Friday/Payday in it and that is kind of a nice thing to happen during the summer vacation.

(My district holds back a certain amount of my wages in order that I might receive equal paychecks year-round.  Hence, I do still draw checks during the vacations rather than have to figure out a way to not spend my money all willy-nilly without adult supervision.)

In spite of being a month that anyone would be proud to know and with enough days in it to merit bragging, I still managed to put off a great deal.  I've mentioned it before and will probably continue to mention it right up until next summer when it's time to do it all over again.  And, as I always do, I swore to myself that August was not going to be a month of messing around.  This time, by God, I was going to catch up!

Of course, the first week of August required a little bit of rest.  That much was my due.  My parent's 50th anniversary party came at the end of the previous month and, for reasons that don't entirely make sense, I found myself kind of anxious about the whole affair.  Basically, I managed to lie awake night after night worrying that no one was going to come and that I would go down in the history books as The Worst Daughter To Ever Walk The Planet And How Dare She Show Her Face What With Her Utter Lack Of Parental Appreciation!!!

Seriously.  A literal month of tossing and turning.  With that refrain playing over and over in my head. It was great for staying up and knitting, though.  Except for the part where I knit a forty five inch foot on a sock because who can pay attention with unfounded angst going on like that?

So, as you can plainly see, a week of lounging about for the first week of August was something I needed.  It was therapeutically necessary.  Any doctor would have said the same.  Not mine as she was on vacation at the time, but any other.  I'm certain of this.  And I used my time well, thank you very much.  I used it to plan what I was going to do starting the second week in August because the time has come to stop fooling around.  This may be summer vacation, but there are things I put off, darn it.  Things that have resulted in my living in squalor and with possible smells in my near future should I hesitate any longer!

Let's get it on, housework!  Let's do this thing!!!  The insomnia is gone and I'm rested up somethin' fierce!

I overslept this morning.  But I rallied!  I managed to drag out a bag of trash and get the shower curtain liner changed before lunch rolled around.  Once I hit my stride, there was little to stop me.  I took a moment to survey my domain and determine what weighty task would next be crossed off my list!

Then I spent the rest of the day playing computer games...



Teri S. said...

What you need is a self-cleaning house. Unfortunately, it hasn't been invented yet. But at least you crossed two tasks off your list!

=Tamar said...

The self-cleaning house has in fact been invented, but it isn't for sale.
It's amazing. All the kitchen cupboards are dishwashers, so you just stack dishes in them and wash them. The living room has to have washable furniture because a pushbutton washes the walls, ceiling, and floor.

I always think I will do great things as soon as it stops being do hot, but then it gets cold.

knitseashore said...

I struggle between doing too many chores and then being completely lazy because it's summer and that is supposed to be lazy...but I'm not getting any reading done that way. :) My garden is getting to look like a hayfield.

It sounds like you've got a good head start on your chores. Starting is always the hardest part!

Lynne said...


Donna Lee said...

I understand this current heat wave we've got going on (if it gets any more humid, we'll need a straw to breathe) will end by Thursday. The nice days might be inducive to cleaning but in my mind, the nice days should be spent playing. So I never get the cleaning done.

I liked it when my adult daughter was unemployed. it was her job to clean the house each week. It was wonderful. Then she went and got a job.

trek said...

Sounds like a very profitable day.

Elaine said...

Sounds as though you are rallying quite nicely.....