Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Here We Go!

I am fairly good with denial, especially when the end of August rolls around.  I can easily convince myself that everything is fine and that we are really still enjoying the fruits of July right up to the very last second.  This changes nothing, of course.  It is the end of August and that can only mean one thing:  School is ready to start.  Summer vacation is over.

Let's take a look at my last official day of not-working in the Wednesday Night Bullet Point Format and see how it went:

*I got up early because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss a minute of the resting and relaxing.

*And all the stuff I need to get done before going back to the grueling grind of the work-a-day life.

*This week's grueling grind will consist of one day attending Teacher Workshops followed by a four day weekend.  

*It's not the actual grinding part.  It's the principle of the thing.  It's a place I have to be and not one I chose.

*The state of Maine requires that we register our vehicles every year and pay our excise taxes like good citizens.

*I never remember to do this online, but that is OK.  Town Hall is literally ten minutes away.

*I got there a little after 8:00 and was out the door within minutes.  Not such a big deal except for the part where you have to pay them lots of money.

*This year I put the stickers on right there in the parking lot instead of waiting to get home.

*I thought it might be nice to avoid attracting the attention of law enforcement, getting pulled over, having my car towed away, being charged with a class E misdemeanor then spending the next 8 months fighting an epic battle with the state over an old (paid) traffic ticket and a clerical error at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

*I tried it that way last year and found it less than enjoyable.  Also kind of stressful and expensive.  

*Fighting the good fight and clearing your name sounds like a grand old time, but it really only works like that in the movies...

*I won't rest easy until I awaken tomorrow to a new day, but I think it is safe to tentatively state that I have avoided taunting Johnny Law today.

*My driving record is clean.  Spotless, in fact.  Even that old ticket is gone.  

*Which doesn't necessarily mean anything I've learned...

*I finally bought eggs today.

*I have been putting off buying eggs because that is what I do when I need to make sure I have something to scramble and put between bagels slices.  

*Commuter breakfast.  

*I don't need a commuter breakfast in July.  

*It is not really July.  It is August 31st.  I need eggs now.

*Forgot to buy bagels.  

*More from Friday's appointment at the vet:  The Very Complicated Kitty is fat.  He was losing weight and then I changed his snack food and he started stealing his brother's food because he really liked the snacks.

*He's gained back all his girth.  He's a mutant beast who startled the vet tech when he jumped off the table with a big KA-THUMP!

*The vet tech laughed and cried, "KA-THUMP!!!"  Silly vet tech.

*Back to the other snack food.  

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty will be getting his claws cut in spite of the meltdown he had over this procedure.

*He needs to have his grungy teeth cleaned.

*They administer the dopey juice for that.

*Even if they didn't they would for him because he is not a fan of having his teeth cleaned.

*I'm told that they will complete the aborted claw clipping operation while he is grooving to the imaginary tunes playing in his drug addled head after dental work.

*I don't see how that could possibly go wrong.

*Regarding the missing cable for the camera:  It is still unaccounted for.

*Made the last Farmer's Market trip today.

*I shall miss my weekly Visit With The Vegetables.  

*I could still go on Saturday, but it's just not the same as going on a Wednesday.  

*It is fun to go during the work hours.

*Next Wednesday I will be working during the work hours.  

*The vet's office only does dental work on Wednesdays.  

*Might need to take a day off for that...

*Meanwhile, I have some fresh tomatoes and basil.

*Lots of basil because it keeps really well in a jar of fresh water on the counter.

*Seriously.  Like...weeks!  I can't grow the stuff in a pot, but it will live forever in a little jar of water.

*Smells so nice!

*Reading pace is soon to be slowing.  I've read a lot this summer.  Now I'll be working and won't be able to read as much.

*Picked up Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile (Book 2).

*Not as good as the first, but it's a series so what are you gonna do?  I have to see where this is going.

*And it is going to a very strange place, let me tell you.  

*That is saying something given that it is a Zombie Apocalypse book!

*It was already sort of strange to begin with.

*Unshapely Things (Connor Grey, Book 1) didn't do much for me at first.  It was OK...I just wasn't into it.

*But, again, it's a series.  I am helpless with series.  I just can't move on without knowing!!!

*Once I finished Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey, Book 2) I was kind of hooked.

*Unfallen Dead (Connor Grey, Book 3) has pretty much sealed the deal.  

*I won't say that this is great literature and there are places where I might have offered some editorial direction were I asked.

*But I really enjoy the character.  Who doesn't love a druid?

*Even a broken one who has to come to terms with the weakening of his powers and the need to find his way in the human world without them.

*Good stuff. 

*I have other books I want to read but will need to pace myself, I suppose.

*Because it isn't really August anymore.  It is dark out now and that means that night is upon me.

*Night being upon me signals the end of the last day of summer vacation.

And, with that, I think we need to part ways for now.  I probably should get some clothing ready for tomorrow and see if I can remember how to set my alarm clock.  I should also figure out a manner of dealing with the lack of bagels and how I shall support my scrambled eggs come commute time.  It is going to be a grueling one day work week and will take some prep time.

Here we go...



trek said...

My computer tells me that it is now 7:57am (sounds like a Boeing jet) and that means that you are hard at the grueling grind. Hope the meetings don't put you to sleep!

PS - The word verification is "ouster" which just seems appropriate somehow...

Elaine said...

I love your WNBPs! Thank you for taking the time on your very last summer evening..... And maybe a 4 day w/e will make up for having to go in today......

Julia G said...

Hate to harsh your claw-clipping buzz, but it takes my big orange cat about two days to restore his claws to needle sharpness, which is why we developed the stealth claw clipping technique. Also, our vet suggested a dental formula kibble which cleans his teeth while eating, since he is equally unenthusiastic about us brushing his teeth with those little finger brushes and salmon flavored toothpaste.

Our local farm market picked a bunch of tomatoes before Irene could decimate them, so I had to find something to do with the extras and found a great recipe online for tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto pie with a biscuit crust - delish!

Anonymous said...

I just sorted the 10 days of mail that had accumulated while we were away camping. There was an envelope in there from the MN Violations Bureau for my husband -- he just CANNOT stay out of trouble. Can I direct him to to for advice on how to stay on the correct side of the law?