Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WNBP: Talking To Myself

Greetings Fellow Bloggy Types! Sheepie here, live from her classroom at your Favorite Middle School, USA. I'm all alone and pretty much talking to my own self. Everyone else is talking to parents because it is Conference Night (again) but I don't have anyone scheduled so I'm pretty much an educational island.

At least this state of affairs leaves me plenty of time in which to do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. Let's see what I can come up with under these lonely circumstances:

*I ate four peanut butter cups for dinner.

*I know, I know...

*I also had some cheddar cheese flavored chips.

*I'm a nutritional failure. Have at it. Judge away. I deserve it.

*I cleaned the classroom and entered a few grades.

*Then I went down to bother Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Front Desk.

*She's also the one who is Easily Distracted And Won't See This As An Excuse To Find Me A Job Because I Look Bored.

*Then I went to buy a soda but I screwed up the buttons on the machine and accidentally bought a regular cola.

*I prefer diet.

*Regular is too sweet.

*I realize that a person who had peanut butter cups for dinner has no business judging cola but there it is...

*I'm drinking it anyway.

*Don't want to waste good cola, after all.

*I brought a sock with me to work on tonight.

*Got all distracted by the Cola Confusion and haven't done much with it yet.

*If I can't work out how to operate a soda machine, I probably can't knit stockinette...

*Gonna print out some patterns from Knitty tonight, methinks.

*Not that I'll ever get around to knitting any of it.

*Just tickles me to use the school printer ink all willy-nilly like that.

*Don't tell the taxpayers.

*They are already footing the bill for my Great Soda Escapade.

*For the record, I did grades tonight and cleaned a bookshelf.

*I also did some research for a lesson I'm doing in Social Studies Class.

*It hasn't been all sugary sodas and snack foods. I've been a real worker bee.

*Assuming, that is, the average worker bee leans towards the Getting It Done In Fits And Starts model of productivity.

*Someone's car alarm is going off in the parking lot.

*Hoping that it's not mine.

*It just stopped. Which would mean that it was not mine.

*Or that the thieves have happily driven off and are going about their nightly business in my car.

*Either way, I don't have to listen to the alarm anymore so I'm good.

*I don't have any conferences tonight because my class is small and the parents tend to have other meetings with me throughout the year.

*Or I have to call them every ten minutes and they are so sick of the sound of my voice that they cannot bear to listen another minute.

*An aversion I totally and completely understand.

*But my contract says I have to stay for these extra hours if I want to be paid like a real, grown up teacher so here I sit.



*Working on teacherly things in Fits and Starts...

*Until 7:00. Then I can go home.

*Long night...

*But the sun is out and the flood waters no longer threaten our little corner of the world so I'm in good spirits.

*Unless somebody starts blathering about that snow storm that might come early next week.

*That is the sort of commentary that makes me glad I have to spend most of the night talking to myself...

And so ends another Wednesday Night Bullet Post as well as parent/teacher conferences for this school year. The 6:00 hour is rapidly approaching and we are soon to be in the home stretch of this marathon day. Then I can go home. So I can sleep. And get up to come right back to the same place except that there will be kids here instead of an empty room.

I'll probably miss talking to myself at that point...



Kath said...

Will you be telling the kids tomorrow that you had to stay for conference night? I'm guessing the idea that Ms. Sheepie had to stay after school in the dreaded classroom even though there were no conferences might win you at least a little sympathy! Just don't tell them about the peanut butter cups for dinner - that'll ruin the effect.

Anonymous said...

According to the clock in my computer you have only 7.5 minutes left. Good for you for remembering the knitting!

trek said...

If I might beg to differ, you will continue talking to yourself at that point; you'll only think you are talking to kids...

Knitting Linguist said...

Oy. That's just craziness. You should put on a zombie movie and see how many parents you get who don't want to be at parent-teacher conferences, either.

knitseashore said...

Oh Sheepie, I hope you got home quickly and had some time with the AGK and BFK before turning in. They are good listeners!

Julia G said...

Just had my parent-teacher conferences for my young'un and it was sadly lacking in peanutbutter cups and zombie movies -- must put that in suggestion box!

Why yes, Word Verification Program, I am a "verygoer"!

Mia said...

my last job was like that. oh how i miss it :)

word verif: layme

lame? lay me? lime with an accent? ::laughing::

Karen said...

Peanut butter cups and cola for dinner. I am jealous...

Donna Lee said...

I was partaking of the peanut butter cups yesterday as well. They were yummy and i enjoyed them. I promptly went to the gym and felt sick to my stomach. No. I will not blame the peanut butter cups. They are blameless. I blame the nasty gym equipment.

catsmum said...

when I was still a'real' teacher, albeit the one who lurks in the Art Room, I didn't have to do Parent/Teacher Conferences, thank goodness... don't think I could've managed - well not unless I had a sock and snacks to keep me company ;]