Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahoy! WNBP Ahead!!

Here's another post from the rain soaked northeast. Furthermore, it is Wednesday so I will do it in the traditional Bullet Post format. I'm so hopelessly off-schedule at this point that the WNBP is my only constant these days...

*We have had more school cancellations due to rain than snow this year.

*That is odd.

*Even odder is that this is not the first time it's happened that way.

*My school district is in a swamp.

*Or it was. Now it's in a lake.

*Got the text at 5:42 this morning. No school.

*Buses don't float...

*I'm normally kind of giddy at the prospect of a day off.

*Yesterday was a baaaad day.

*Series of baaaaad days.

*Some time off would be good if it didn't mean making up days in June.

*Kids falling apart.

*And by "falling apart," I mean "police involvement."

*And by "police involvement," I mean "felonies."

*And by "felonies," I mean at least three separate kids in three separate incidents.

*If we are at this stage of the festivities in March, you can only imagine how exciting things are going to be in June when we are making up Flood Days.

*And it's hot.

*And we all know we should have been done by then.

*Finished plying the yarn I started last weekend.

*I hate to see that little bit of singles on the bobbin.

*I also hate finishing plying.

*Want to move on...

*Plying was the right thing to do.

*An empty bobbin is a happy bobbin.

*Plus I was having angst over whether or not to enjoy a day off in the middle of the week that comes with make up days in June.

*Took my mind off it with the plying.

*Everyone should say, "Happy Birthday!" to Mommy Sheep!

*I was home on a flood day so I could call her early to wish her a happy day and whatnot.

*That was a good thing.

*Ran errands early in the morning since the flood waters aren't quite so vigorous up here in my neck of the woods.

*That was also a good thing.

*Still not loving the idea of those make up days...

*I stepped on the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty today.

*He's been underfoot for almost two years now so I think it's pretty good that I've managed to avoid him up to this point.

*Seriously underfoot.

*Sometimes overfoot since that's where he likes to sit.

*Still felt badly about it.

*Not cool to hurt an animal even if it's unintentional.

*Even less cool when he runs away and gets smacked by his sister who mistakes his flight for lunging.

*The AGK is currently sitting on my foot.

*I'm afraid to move...

*I have to go back to work tomorrow.

*He will eventually have to get off my foot, right?

That's the best I can do on a Wednesday when I didn't go to school. Normally flooding is kind of exciting, but I think we've all had our fill of that nonsense by now. It's gotten boring. We are no longer fascinated by Sheepie surviving the raging waters. It's old.

Maybe next week, I'll go to school for five straight days and have something more interesting to talk about.



Lynne said...

Poor AGK!

Happy Birthday Mommy Sheep (although it's all over in this part of the world; it's 10:46am on 1st April).

trek said...

I already said Happy Birthday to Mommy Sheep on my blog!!!!

The flood waters are rising - the houses look like they are peeing around here what with all of the sump pump action...

Mel said...

Happy b'day to Mommy Sheep!

And have we really had so many flood days that there will need to be make-up days? Or did the state just decide not to build snow/flood days into the schedule this year as part of their funding cuts?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mommy Sheep. Try not to think about the zombie earthworms Post for March 30


Anonymous said...

Happy b'day, Mommy Sheep!

=Tamar said...

Happy Birthday Mommie Sheep!
Buy stock in sump pump companies. (Say that three times fast!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mommy Sheep!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Mommy Sheep!

Donna Lee said...

We've gotten so much use out of our pump this year. More than in years past.

I hope you get to go back to school soon. It gets ugly in the classroom in late June.

And belated Happy Birthday to Mommy Sheep.

Anonymous said...

My thanks to all of you for the Birthday wishes. It was a sunny warm day in FL. That made for a wonderful day.
Let us hope that Mother Nature will be shining on all those rain soaked folks today. Sun and warm spring breezes can help pick up spirits.

Julia G said...

Happy Birthday, Mommy Sheep! Nothing like a little Florida sunshine during New England's monsoon season!

Hopefully things will lighten up at the Learn-a-torium once the sun comes out and the windows are open -- then the kids will just be daydreaming and staring longingly out the windows instead of engaging in felonious conduct.

Apparently Word Verification is run by Spiro Agnew, who thinks I'm a nattering "nonob" of negativism...

Knitting Linguist said...

What could be more interesting than felonies? And by "interesting", I mean, too much to deal with in one day. I hope you're staying drier now!

Happy birthday, Mommy Sheep :)

Kath said...

And by "felonies" do we mean anything that involves either fire, bleeding, or something that makes the local evening news? Regardless of the answer - I'm citing this as further evidence that you should be eligible for Hazardous Duty Pay!