Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's That Time Again!

No, not just Wednesday. Although Wednesdays are rather nice in that we get to have a Wednesday Night Bullet Post and all. But tonight is that OTHER kind of Wednesday...

The kind we call Parent/Teacher Conference Night (and I don't have any scheduled conferences.) That's always fun, right? Let's see how the night is moving along:

*I did not have a single conference scheduled.

*Not one.

*The contract says I have to stay and, since I get paid the same as everyone else, I don't quibble with that.

*Nor do I blame anyone.

*Long night, though.

*Long with a side of boredom.

*Except for the part where I have to find excuses for not doing the work currently piled up on my desk.

*That is challenging, especially when there is ample time to get all that done.

*Gotta get creative if there is gonna be any knitting tonight. Wouldn't want to get sucked into paperwork...

*I did paperwork earlier when I didn't have any conferences scheduled.

*Taxpayers relax. I am working.


*A parent came in earlier.

*Kid is in my class most of the day.

*She met with lots of other people.

*Not me.

*Which I find odd.

*I was at the book fair buying new books.

*It seemed like the thing to do since there was no one scheduled to meet with me this afternoon. Or tonight. Or any time in between.

*No one has put out an emergency page or sent a concerned email regarding my not having met with this parent so I guess teachers failed to note that this kid isn't in any of their classes.

*Or they had more to say than I on the matter...

*I was at the book fair. I was happy. I guess it all worked out.

*Everyone else is at dinner right now.


*Parent Sponsored.

*Very Kind Thing To Do And Much Appreciated.


*I cannot eat potluck because I don't know which parent's child hates me and spit in the food before it was delivered.

*Neither does anyone else. Better to eat snack mix in my room rather than worry about it.

*Everyone down there just let out a big cheer which probably means that the food was spit-free.

*Darn it...

*I have not worked on that sock I brought with me.

*The one I started last night just so I'd have something to work on during the empty hours at Parent/Teacher Conferences.

*It's not like I can keep hanging out at the book fair.

*The librarian will think I'm a stalker.

*Or a book thief.

*I have a parent coming in at 6:00.

*He didn't actually ask to meet with me but I'm poaching the conference because everyone should have someone tonight, right?

*Ms. Sheep is the wallflower of Parent/Teacher Conferences.

*This kid is in my class part of the day so I won't look completely out of place.

*Restraining orders will not be necessary.

*Unlike the book fair situation.

*I might have to go back there just to see what's left on the shelves.

*Spring book fair has lots and lots of sale items.

*Found a zombie book but am too lazy to link right now.

*Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Back Desk has informed me in no uncertain terms that she does not want me wandering down to talk about my zombie book in the office tonight.

*But she smiled when she said it so I think she might be amused if I did...

*Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Front Desk went home at 3:00 today but she thought it was pretty nifty.

*We have similar tastes...

*Not so much with MSWSATBD but she loves me anyway.

*OK. It's getting close to the next conference so I should dash now.

*Actually, it's getting close to my ONLY conference and I'm maybe getting overexcited about the whole thing.

*Still should dash.

*Maybe use the restroom since I'm so excited about seeing another human being and all...

Happy Wednesday to those of you not sitting alone in a classroom and fervently hoping you haven't forgotten all your social skills. Go breathe some fresh air for me and embrace the world in all its wonder.

I'm stuck here 'til 8:00.



Mia said...

well hey, ya could have spent a little of that time gettin' your taxes ready *evil grin*. You know how tense you get that first week in April :)

I just got mine done - I call my tax guy "Mr. Magic" *grin*

Betsy said...

As a former teacher, I find it very sad that the parents don't want to meet with you...sigh...

You're a good person do good things for the youth of the country...I can't do it anymore...I am too jaded...thanks...

If you didn't knit, I'd make you mittens :>)...

trek said...

Fifty-four minutes and counting...

Kath said...

I'd like to know what those other teachers could possibly find to say to the Parent Of The Kid Who Spends Most Of His Day In Your Classroom. And what did POTKWSMOHDIYC say to them???

And maybe I'm just in a pessimistic mood - but is it at all possible that the fact that these parents aren't interested in meeting with their child's teacher maybe part of the reason that they ended up in your classroom? Sorry if that sounds horribly negative!

Julia G said...

Forty minutes left.... I enjoy your dispatches from the wilds of Conference-land, it's good to see things from the teacher's point of view. I find the book fairs irresistible too-- I can't help waxing enthusiastic about the books (which I read too) to any hapless child within hearing.

Donna Lee said...

Whew. it's over for a few months. I remember that conference days seemed to crop up all the time.

I used to meet with the girls' teachers if they were having issues but not all that often really. The poor teachers looked so overwhelmed.

Yarnhog said...

Man, I wish I could fly across the country just to have a conference with you! I can never get in to meet with any of my kid's teachers; they're "too busy".

Cursing Mama said...

I would sign up to conference with you; I conference with everyone EXCEPT the Middle School gym teacher who gives ThePrincess an "A" even though he scares the bageebus out of her.
I don't conference with him because I am unconcerned with her dodgeball abilities.

I should note that Gameboy, who is a senior in HS, is pissy that I conference with every single one of his teachers. Even the Gym teacher.

Georgi said...

I find it very odd that you have the class that no one else will take (which is very brave of you) but parents don't come and see you when they have the opportunity. Maybe that is why those kids are in the class no one else wants????

Beth said...

Sounds like you had a very long afternoon/evening. :(