Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balmy Breezes For The WNBP

What a day we had here! Spring? She sprang!!! 65 degrees and sunny...why it was positively delightful! It's enough to make a girl fling off her winter coat and spin around in the school parking lot all giddy-like at the end of the day.

That was probably something of a mistake since I was sneaking out early and the sight of a middle aged woman careening dizzily about the staff lot is not something that will go unnoticed. I don't care. It was a lovely day and I wanted to enjoy the spring atmosphere while it lasted.

Here's your mid-week bullet points, complete with a breath of nice, fresh air:

*It's days like today that I really miss having a moon roof on the car.

*Spring breezes...


*I like all that upon my noggin.

*I didn't keep the windows open at the manse last night.

*Still not quite enough of the spring.

*But I didn't turn on the heat and that is saying something!

*Did the workout with an open window this afternoon.

*Workouts are still unpleasant, even with an open window.

*But they are somewhat less so.

*Also knit on the sock while I rode the little exercise bike because spring isn't going to last forever.

*Socks will eventually become necessary.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty really loves his cheap, pink blankie.

*I have lots of blankies around here.

*I have knitted and crocheted blankies.

*He wants his pink blankie.

*I have rather expensive throws that are so soft to the touch you can't even feel them.

*He wants his pink blankie.

*I have a green blankie that is the exact same thing.

*He wants his pink blankie.

And that's all there is to it...

*Big, manly cat on a pink blankie with hearts.

*He takes over the whole couch once the blankie casts its magical spell upon him.

*He virtually expands with the magic.

*The Big Fluffy Kitty and I huddle at the other end hoping that he'll eventually get hungry and wander off.

*I have another round of parent/teacher conferences next week.

*These are for after school and a little bit shorter.

*Still have to stay until 7:00.

*And I have no conferences scheduled.

*Probably won't even be any balmy breezes left by then either.

*I'd take the pink blankie along for warmth, but I don't think the AGK would surrender it unto me.

*I was going to do my taxes tonight.


*Got an ugly letter from the people over at the Census Bureau.

*Had to do that instead.

*Took all of one minute, but I was overwhelmed by it and couldn't possibly be expected to do my taxes.

*Must rest.

*Should have done them when I had the day off on Monday...

*The computer does my taxes.

*But I have to push all the buttons to make it happen, you know.

*Taxes are...taxing.

*It was too nice a day to do them anyway!

And so we come to another edition of the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. The windows here are still wide open and I'm sucking down those early spring breezes while they last. I'm hoping for a few more days of this before we take a final plunge back into winter. I hope that the breezes in your corner of Wednesday are as you would like them to be.

Or that you have a nice blankie to keep you warm...



Georgi said...

Did you notice that the Census did not ask you how many toilets you have in your house or if you have a telephone? I wonder what made them stop with the odd questions???mmm

trek said...

Yeah, all the Census Bureau wanted to know were names and DOBs.

At least they didn't ask for SSNs - that would be an invasion of our privacy and potentially tempt the census takers into identity theft.

Jeanne said...

Totally LOL at the AGK and his blankie. One of my cats is in love with my bathrobe. It's the only time he'll sit on me. He likes to chew on the inner ties, and nothing else will suffice.

It's sprung here, too. I met a friend for dinner at a tiny hole-in-the-wall pizza joint last night, and sat next to an open window! Ahhhh.

Mia said...

yes indeedy it was a beautiful day... but oh...

memories of the "moooonroof" made me swoon with memories of long ago ::lmao::

Anonymous said...

My minivan has a sunroof. Go ahead, eat your heart out. Although a minivan with a sunroof is a bit of an oxymoron, isn't it?

65˚ here today, too. So seldom that you get the same weather we have on the same day; usually we are 3 - 7 days ahead of you.

Karen said...

This spring weather is heavenly. My dog is obsessed with sleeping in the dirty laundry that ends up piled in the corner of the bedroom when I (or more likely) the husband fall behind in the folding of the clean. I think I'd prefer a pink blankie.

Donna Lee said...

My census form was all about me. Everyone else in the house was listed regarding their relationship to me. It was great.

No taxes here either. Soon. But not while these balmy breezes are luring me out in to the sunshine.

Knitting Linguist said...

It's warming up here, too, which of course means that my building at work is freezing (because once the temperatures hit 70, the air conditioner must go on high, alas). I'm wearing wool indoors, and it's over 80 degrees out there. It's a strange world...

=Tamar said...

I believe there is a census "long form" that a few poor souls get stuck with. This time I got the short form, yay! We're rocketing between A/C days and heat-on nights, here in MD; actual Spring might be nice to have.

Anonymous said...

My moon-roof is wasted on me; I can't stand the slightest breeze on my skin or I get cold.

AGK knows what he likes and he likes his pink blankie; green blankies just are not as good even if they are the same in every other way!

Kath said...

Okayyyy not that I am a huge fan of the census because my local office is badly mismanaged and that results in me not getting as many employment hours as expected while others totally work the system but...

The whole long form thing went away because now in order to gather that additional information the Dept. of Commerce does other surveys periodically of randomly selected households, so it it not included with the decennial census. This also saves taxpayer dollars because amount of data collected during the decennial census is less, which means less man hours and the overall data collection is spread out over time and not just a huge bite every ten years.

Census employees are sworn in by the federal government, are required to take some fairly extreme measures to protect the info they collect, and are prohibited by law from disclosing ANY of it with anyone else, even other government agencies, like the IRS or Immigration. The penalty is at least $5,000 in fines and up to five years in prison. Plus, since it was a federal job, violators might as well relocate to another country if they ever hope for employment again!

I'm guessing that'll answer some of the questions above and any comments that follow! ;)

Mel said...

It got into the mid-50's downeast, where I am visiting my grandmother. 'Twas nice enough to walk down to the water, though Tuck really didn't want to have to go that far and made me carry him part of the way.

knitseashore said...

Isn't it amazing? I'd almost forgotten what warm weather is like. I'm so glad you're enjoying some Up North too!!

AGK is *adorable* on his pink, heart blankie. He's one of those modern, sensitive types of cat-men, right?

Cathy said...

Teddy will fight to the death with much bigger cats (okay, everyone is bigger than an almost 9.1 lb dog) over the pink shawl I throw over my shoulders in bed. He loves it when I get out of bed early so he can kick the cats off my pillow and take over the pink blankie.

Our macho alpha men and their pink blankies.

Hmmm...I wonder about the hotties across the street. Maybe you ought to take a trip out here and check out their blankie situation...