Wednesday, March 03, 2010

WNBP: Minute By Minute, You Get What You Get

It is Wednesday. I often am confused about the day and today is no exception. But it's not my fault because they changed the teacher's meeting to this afternoon and we usually have those on Tuesday. Hence, it is forgivable that I might think it is Tuesday. It is also understandable if I wish it was Friday but that is the kind of thing that can't be changed by a last minute email from the principal.

Here's your bullet points for this week:

*I was greeted this morning by a frantic fellow staff member.

*Apparently it was the special ed department's day to take notes at the staff meeting but no one else was going due to schedule conflicts.

*I said I'd take the minutes.

*I did not want to take the minutes.

*I've never taken the minutes.

*I don't even read the minutes when someone else takes them.

*Frankly, I'm not sure if I know how to take the minutes.

*Shortly after I arrived at the meeting, the person who asked me to take the minutes came in and sat right next to me.

*Which I thought was rather bold...

*Another person from my department was sitting across the room.

*I took the minutes, but I spelled stuff wrong.

*Spiteful Spelling.

*Best Conversation Of The Week:

Ms. Sheep (to The Stalker Who Has Followed Her Since Fourth Grade And Through Three Different Schools): I'm sorry but you can't stay in the class today while you wait for your bus. I have to take the minutes at the staff meeting because the entire special ed. department has been stricken with some horrific minute-taking allergy.

The Stalker: That's OK. I'll just wait downstairs. Of course, I'll look really stupid sitting there all by myself and that is the sort of thing only candy can cure.

MS: Oh. My. God. You are adorable. Beyond words, I tellya! Plus I'm really happy because I thought you were going to give me crap about this.

TS: (Happily pocketing his candy) I was. Then I realized I could get something out of this.

MS: You make Ms. Sheep so proud. It's like you're my very own son...

Proof of knitting.

*It didn't snow today. That's nice.

*Second Best Conversation Of The Week:

The Great Debater: Ms. Sheep! Ms. Sheep! Hey!!!

Ms. Sheep: Oh, for crying out loud! I was talking to someone else. Every single time I try to...

TGD: Look at my project! Look! Now!!! LookLookLookLook!!!!!!

MS: Wasn't it you who told me just last week that I should leave you alone? I believe your exact words were, "cut the umbilical cord, why dontcha?"

TGD: Yeah. I did. Now look at my project!!!

MS: You need to learn to live without my constant attention. You are going to high school next year. Ms. Sheep will not be going with you. We need some "apart time."

TGD: Nope. Don't see it happening. I'm like your second kidney.

*That sock I'm knitting is very much full of the sparklies. Should make for interesting footwear.

*Glad I bought new clogs.

*Didn't knit at the teacher's meeting since I was so busy taking minutes for all my colleagues who couldn't be there except for the part where they were there.

*The kids in my class are working on a bridge building unit.

*Thus far, I have had a tower of hardcover books crash down upon my knee, been burned by hot glue while holding together popsicle stick trusses and hurt my back hoisting weights upon rickety structures which will not support them ever in this lifetime.

*I am concerned about the recent news from my insurance company regarding rate raises and lowered coverage.

*Fortunately, I received my letter from the school department confirming their intent to rehire me for next year.

*At least I'll have a paycheck to cover the difference when I'm squooshed by a student project.

*I wonder if anyone will notice I'm missing while I'm trapped beneath the balsa wood.

*Probably. They'll be needing someone to take the minutes at the next meeting...

And that's all I can think of for today. Now I must go ice various parts of my bridge-injured body and edit the minutes from the staff meeting so they can go to the principal. And I'd also like some candy, now that I think of it. I should get something out of this, right?



PICAdrienne said...

Any chance you will be taking a bridge to the weight room for squishing this year?

trek said...

If you melt chocolate and peanut butter together, then pour them onto a piece of waxed paper and op it into the freezer, it makes a treat that makes Reese's cups look lame.

Just sayin'

Julia G said...

You should at least get some candy in exchange for your mad minute-taking skillz. And the conversations of the week have restored my faith in the educational system's ability to impart key values in our youth :-)

Teri S. said...

Nice socks! Sorry you had to suffer through taking minutes, though. And definitely you should have some candy, perhaps while pedaling your little exercise bike so the effects of candy indulging are immediately canceled out!

Yarnhog said...

Not sure if it's the huge glass(es) of wine I'm drinking to combat my own particular hell of a day, but this post made me laugh and laugh! Gotta love those kids! At least they're learning life skills.

Anonymous said...

I.Hate.Taking.Minutes. I was, against my will, elected secretary of THREE of my county committees. Two of them generally have a secretary or staff person to take the minutes, but one of them it is always me. And I HATE it. Then I went and volunteered to be secretary of the Friends of the Library. Just shoot me now.

I'd do that melty chocolate and peanut butter thing the other poster mentioned. You deserve it.

Mia said...

oh Lord.. minutes. Everyone hates taking them and NO one ever reads them. I feel your pain :)

Karen said...

Have you considered writing a book? You have stories.

Donna Lee said...

I don't think I've ever read minutes. I've taken them and I don't even read the ones I've taken. I figure we were all there, who wants to relive it?

Meetings are like small pits of hell.

Cathy said...

Dark chocolate with the peanut butter - to celebrate the "spiteful spelling".

Loved that.

Beth said...

I bet the kids are loving the bridge building unit, though!

Anonymous said...

You are training those kids right - candy makes everything better! As a matter of fact, I think I could use some right about now.

Kath said...

Oh gods - I had to take board meeting minutes for years. Loathed every minute of it. I think your co-workers seriously owe you. Tell them your fingers cramped up horribly and that your preferred muscle relaxant is large quantities of chocolate!

I quite like the sock-in-progress and I'm a fan of sparklies!