Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Folksy WNPB

The raindrops are pitter-pattering their way across my landscape and the week drags on. But, as forty people told me today, it is Wednesday. It's all downhill from here, right? Any minute now, I'll have a weekend. I don't have a weekend right now, though. I do, however, have a Wednesday Night Bullet Post and that will have to suffice.

Here's the day's highlights:

*It is raining.

*Tomorrow, I hear it will rain some more.

*Then, just for a change of pace, I believe we will get some rain.

*It was supposed to be snow so I'm trying to not complain too loudly.

*The snow can sometimes hear you.

*Then it comes a-runnin' just like a dog to a whistle.

*That's Folksy Talk.

*I have concerns about my sock-in-progress.

*Picked up a whole lotta heel stitches.

*Not stretchy yarn so I figured it wouldn't hurt.

*Now the sock looks kind of big.


*I'll just stuff 'er down into the ol' shoe like a prom queen fillin' out her dress with the tissues.

*I'm all over the Folksy tonight.

*It's the rain.

*Muddles the thought processes.

*Busy weekend ahead of me. Lots to do.

*Places to go, people to see...

*Which is why I am wearing my pajamas with shoes.

*New shoes. Need to break them in.

*Tight shoes.

*I'm multi-tasking so I won't have to break in my new shoes over the weekend.

*While I'm busy going and seeing.

*Can't wear the gigantic socks with the new shoes.

*Too much with the gusset stuffin'.

*Socks will be worn with my old shoes that have already been broken in and which are more Giant Sock Friendly.

*I should really vacuum the carpets tonight.

*Busy weekend=weeknight multi-tasking.

*Can't vacuum. Breaking in new shoes.

*Too much multi-tasking isn't good for you.

*When it's raining.

*Why, a gal could get so bamboozled with all that doin' of tasks she might get all turned around and start breaking in the carpet while she vacuums her shoes.

*Folksy. Very, very Folksy.

*But not so good for the carpets.

I'd best be getting back to all that giant sock knitting and not vacuuming. And these shoes aren't going to break in themselves, now are they? They might have if I'd gone a half size larger but who can say for sure?

Maybe they'd still be as stiff as a wet acrylic sock straight outta the freezer...



Anonymous said...

Multi-tasking is good, except when it involves vacuuming. Vacuuming should NEVER be a part of multi-tasking!

Good luck breaking in those shoes!

Anonymous said...

"...a wet acrylic sock staight out of the freezer." I will have nightmares tonight.


trek said...

Rain, eh? Snow is in our 24 hour forecast. Good thing we bought that spiffy snowblower, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I suspect AGK and BFK would prefer that the multitasking NOT include vacuuming. Our menagerie heads for cover whenever I fire up the Hoover.

Mia said...

i have recently considered the tissue stuffing ::lmao::


and we're supposed to get a storm - we're told it's up to the bus driver's discretion where to let us off.


Donna Lee said...

It's snowing here. Again. You can have it. I'd like some of those spring feelings......

Cursing Mama said...

Wet acrylic socks in the freezer?
Who, other than my great aunt Doris, knits socks with acrylic yarn?

**I don't really have a great aunt Doris. (feel kinda lucky about that)

=Tamar said...

Stock up. It doesn't sound good, and if you get food that keeps, it may come in handy anyway.

My verification word is 'nnest'.
I take that as a strong hint.

Kath said...

Too much multitasking is definitely a bad thing. That can result in later finding your scissors in the refrigerator and a perishable food item in a kitchen drawer. Ask me how I know this.

Julia G said...

Snow day here in southern New England -- waff-ooz for everyone! Hope your power comes back soon.

I have to go through an elaborate ritual in order to run the vacuum -- if I don't secure my big orange cat, who could be the AGK's doppelganger, he runs in terror to the basement and disappears until dinnertime. On the other hand, he LOVES the shredder and comes running whenever he hears it, occasionally taking a swat at the paper as it disappears into the shredder's maw. Weird.

Cathy said...

It's now Friday - you are on the downhill to the weekend. I'm sure that means the rain will turn to snow and your gusset will cooperate.

Or something like that.

Beth said...

A wet acrylic sock straight out of the freezer? That's quite an image in my mind!