Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year, New Stuff. Or Not...

Let's see...where were we? Oh, that's right! Christmas was behind us, the New Year was barrelling forward and Sheepie, together with her throbbing sinuses, was ringing in 2010 with appetizers and a Burn Notice marathon.

The unfinished handknits were whining piteously from the knitting basket, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty was staunchly guarding the Christmas tree because, on some level, he knew it was soon to come down and snow was beginning to get serious about falling.

Last, but not least, a sweater died a tragic death at the hands of a knitter who knew it wasn't ever going to work. RIP.

Now, here we are. The year is in its second day and seems to be settling in nicely. As is the snow. That stuff is falling like gangbusters out there. Thankfully, I don't live in the area where it is really making a statement, but it's still more than I care to see in any one storm.

The tree has been dismantled in spite of the AGK's objections. It was a battle to the finish what with a giant orange beast interfering with each and every step of the process, but I made it. I still can't find the bag where I store the decorations, but we'll deal with that next December. For now, I'm considering this holiday over and done with.

Feel free to remind me of this when I start complaining about not being able to find that stupid bag when next I need to trim a tree. I won't hold it against you. Much...

Now is the time to attend to those little things that were set aside in order that I might eat my own weight in Santa-shaped chocolates. The unfinished knitting had a point when it suggested that I might consider finishing one or two of those projects. There are any number of things that could either be finished or frogged. The space taken up by WIPs is better used for the storing of newer, better projects. Perhaps even things I might actually knit to completion.

And I think it is safe to say that the sweater thing has proven to be a bad idea right now. Even though I started that last one during the summer, remembered to not call it a sweater in deference to the Blog Sweater Curse and finally set it aside when things got dicey, it still didn't work out. My recent review of the workmanship revealed too many errors to bother with fixing it.

No, it is best to tend to those waiting projects. They are small things and well within my skill set. Socks...hats...mitts...all good stuff. Useful things that will make me happy and not cause me the pain that the sweater caused. Plus I won't have to remember all those stupid rules like how I can only call it a dishcloth-with-sleeves or ever refer to things like "collars," or "sleeve length."

There is really only one thing to do. It is the right thing. It is the responsible thing. It is what any reputable knitter would do.

Say it with me, people:

Start another sweater!



Anonymous said...

There is no one so optimistic as the knitter who is casting on. Yay, Sheepie!

Mel said...

I think that sounds like the perfect solution.

punkin said...

When you fall off a sweater get up and cast on another sweater ... or something like that.

Mia said...

ohhh noooo... i can't in good faith cheer you on while we mourn the passing of "pinkie" ::laughing:::

you're on your own this time, girlie :)

word verif: heryoup

did you know girls had youps?? hehehehehe i know, I'm up waaayyy too late.

Ji said...

yes, very natural,
sweet thoughts can turn things upside down sometimes.

thoughtful thinking, lovely learning

happy new year.

trek said...

You really like attracting the attention of the Knitting Powers That Be, doncha?

Happy dishcloth knitting.

Beth said...

Go, go, go!!!

Anonymous said...

Hah! That's exactly what I just did. Yippee!!!

Karen said...

YES!!! Another sweater right away. Kick that blog curse right in the butt.

Donna Lee said...

So, 2010 will be your own personal Year of Living Dangerously?

Elaine said...

But, of course. What else would you do?

=Tamar said...

Try knitting it for someone else. Me, for instance. Then when it comes out perfectly but doesn't fit the recipient, there's a 50-50 chance that it will fit you. Of course, you have to have someone you can trust to be just picky enough. Size XL, please.