Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just said, "EEP!" That's because I suddenly realized that it is later than I thought. And that it is Wednesday, not Tuesday. Short work weeks will do that to you. It's a nice surprise, but still a little disconcerting.

Let's get those bullet points up and running before the whole night gets away from me:

*I finished one mitten.

*Still need to weave in the ends.

*Mittens shouldn't have so many ends.

*These are not fair isle mittens.

*Regular mittens. Why all the ends???

*Also need to do magical things to the thumb. The thumb did what thumbs always do.

*It went awry.

*It's always something with thumbs.


*It's always "thumb-thing" with thumbs...

*I felt the need to write that out loud. Why, I don't know.

*I thought it would sound better than it actually read...

*I was discussing Very Important Life Decisions with The Cheerful Teaching Assistant today.

*Kids were off enjoying their gym class.

*Deep discussion.

*Overtones fairly dripping with import.

*Then I looked out the window and said, "Oh for crying out loud! It's snowing again!!!"

*Pithy Life Discussions don't stand a chance when more stupid snow starts falling.

*I lied. I didn't say, "for crying out loud."

*What I said was actually worse than that.

*Kids out of the room.

*Still...not the sort of thing you like to admit.

*More snow.

*It's Wednesday.

*That helps.

*Closer to Friday.

*I have no plans for the weekend.

*Should pencil in some time to knit a second mitten.

*I'm thinking that I'll do one without a thumb.

*One thumbed mitten is enough, don't you think?

*People who receive handknit mittens as a gift shouldn't get all judgemental about them.

*It would be impolite to question my thumb decisions.

*That's just good manners.

*Seriously. I'll do anything to not have to knit another thumb.


*Even weaving in all those ends that shouldn't be there on a simple mitten is better than knitting a thumb.

*Of course, I need the ends near the thumb so I can stitch up the stupid holes.

*Karmic. Sort of...

*When the Cheerful Teaching Assistant arrived to start her shift today, I was glad to see her.

*I needed someone to watch the kids so I could go to the bathroom.

*And I said so.

*The Great Debater, who was working diligently at his laptop, looked up and said as only a 14 year old boy can, "Um...thanks for sharing."

*Teenage boys do not understand or sympathize with the fickle nature of the middle age bladder.

*In fact, they will roll their eyes and make the owner of said bladder feel rather decrepit.


*I'd have spoken up in defense of the trembling bladder except I didn't really have time for that sort of thing.

*Two cups of coffee...
*I'm not knitting mittens for that kid. Not even the thumbless kind.

And that's the news from here. At least the stuff that's fit to print. And a little of the stuff that's not exactly fit to print but which sometimes slips through anyway. I must now head off to stare at a finished mitten and make up some excuses for not dealing with the thumb. That should take up a good part of my evening and then it's off to bed. I need my rest.

There's still another mitten left to go and I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up knitting a thumb.



Mel said...

If it pains you that much, I'd be glad to knit the thumb for you. I'm fairly good at them.

trek said...

You seem to have an irrational bias against thumbs. Do you not appreciate their opposability or something? Give the poor woman her thumbs!

Beth said...

Set yourself the goal of knitting the whole mitten this weekend then give yourself a reward when you knit it.

=Tamar said...

Knit the thumb first (possibly tip down) to get it over with. Then when the mitten is ready for it, knit the thumb onto it.

catsmum said...

having not as yet ever [ and I do mean EVER ] in several decades of knitting, put a thumb into anything, I am quite overawed at your courage and fortitude in tackling even ONE thumb.
That's really thumbthing !

Karen said...

I'm sure your thumb will be fine. Thumbs tend to require lots of practice. Have you seen the Elizabeth Zimmermann mittens with afterthought thumbs? Just another option for next time.

Julia G said...

I think you maintained your composure pretty well -- I would have given the big One-Awry-Thumb salute to that snow starting to fall outside again!

I like the idea of knitting the thumb separately and then weaving it on -- of course I've managed to avoid all things thumb-like by leaving my mitten languishing at 3/4 finished. Clever, no?

Knitting Linguist said...

Thumbthing about thumbs. Snortgiggle...