Wednesday, December 09, 2009

WNBP: Sixes, Snow Days And Pickle Trees

Greetings from the windswept northeast! Today's storm took its predicted course almost to the minute and we are well past the snow portion of the festivities. Now we have rain. And some wind. Not nearly the wind that other people are getting, mind you. But enough that I can still call it a storm and be fully engaged in Preparatory Mode. I like P-Mode. It makes me feel powerful and in control of the situation.

An illusion, but fun nevertheless.

However, it wouldn't do for me to forget to post the Wednesday Night Bullets, now would it? So let's take a break from watching the skies and putting up water in case the stuff falling from the sky isn't enough and take a look at today's highlights:

*Got the call around 5:00 this morning.

*Snow Day!!!!!

*Which is really more of a Rain Day, but it was snowing at the time of the call so it still counts.

*Plus I didn't go to school so it's six of one, half a dozen of another...

*I knit some more on that mitt thingie I showed before.

*Then I got to the thumb and didn't feel I should go any further since it might distract me from P-Mode.

*Or I didn't feel like dealing with it. Whatever...

*I put up the Christmas tree, too.

*I have a plethora of green lights.

*There is a definite lack of symmetry going on with my lights.

*But they aren't blinking so that's OK.

*Waff-ooz for breakfast this morning!!!

*Snow Day tradition.


*Traditions are important.

*As is getting fruit in the diet.

*Syrup is not a fruit.

*Nor is butter.

*Juice is a fruit.

*I never drink juice.

*Just sayin' is all...

*I had big plans for this day. Lots would get done.

*Started strong.

*Faded fast.

*Spent most of the day playing on the computer.

*Found this in my daily WikiHow update.

*Thought it might be helpful in the event of a natural disaster and the destruction of all crochet hooks.

*It is not good for me to get a daily WikiHow update.

*I start thinking about making stuff that I have no business making.

*Made a camp stove last summer out of a coffee can.

*I don't camp.

*Did I mention that I put the whole tree up all by myself?

*It is mostly lit with green lights and a little bit crooked.

*But it's up.

*And twinkling like a big, festive pickle.

*The downside of a Snow Day is going back to school the next day.

*I have Friday off.


*Dentist appointment.


*Hate my dentist.

*Love having a Friday off.

*Six of one...

So there's a Snow Day/Wednesday for you in bullet point form! The day went quickly and wasn't nearly as fraught with winter emergencies as it could have been, but that's OK. I had a nice day anyway. And I only have to get through one more school day and an hour in the dentist's chair before the weekend is upon me! All in all, a nice wrap up to the week.

And I have that nice Kosher Dill Christmas Tree to enjoy as well!!



Mel said...

Naturally, all this talk of pickles made me think of Pickle Surprise:

I'm told Cornish had over a foot of snow. In K.P., we mostly got rain and it melted off a good bit of the remaining snow from last week.

trek said...

Knew you were going to score the snow day. You did turn the jammies, too, I'll bet.

Waff-ooz! - the best sort of snow day tradition.

Julia G said...

We had a delayed opening down here in coastal CT, which is the next best thing to a snow day -- you get a nice lazy start, but it still counts as a school day. No waff-ooz, though! I baked choc-oat-chip cookies for the kids' breakfast -- oatmeal's nutritious, right?

Jeanne said...

We had a Wind Day. The flurries last night didn't amount to much; changed to rain; melted away, leaving us with far too much wind. The turnpike won't let you haul your horse down the road today because of it.

Cinnamon Toast for dinner, the old-fashioned Daddy way: copious application of butter to bread, followed by copious application of cinnamon and sugar (brown and white), broiled until melty gooey. Cinnamon IS a fruit, right?

My verification is "wargismu"—must be referring to the crochet hook, which can be carved (a gizmo) in event of war...

Karen said...

A day off mid week is excellent. Waff-ooz make it darn near perfect.
We had a full day of school and a slushy mess on the ground. My shoes and coat are still drying.

Beth said...

"Started strong. Faded fast." I love that! Not the fact that you faded fast, but it's a catchy saying. :)

=Tamar said...

First you make the toast, light brown, then you melt the butter onto it under the broiler (which darkens the rest of it), then you lick off the extra butter that hasn't soaked in yet, and then you put on the cinnamon and sugar. Reheat only if you want to. Using the broiler lets you make up to a dozen pieces at once, depending on the size of your oven.

DeanB said...

Thanks for the link to Wiki How, daily update or not.

Donna Lee said...

Gotta love a snow day. And waffooz for breakfast. I'm getting the waffooz iron out on sunday. No blueberries, just the other food groups (butter and syrup)

Knitting Linguist said...

Man. I want snow days. The only thing that's getting me through this week is the knowledge that as of 2:15 this afternoon, I'm done with teaching. I can dress howsoever I like, and no-one will mock me. It's the small things that make me happy...

Yarnhog said...

Syrup comes from a tree. It is not wood nor leaves. Therefore, it must be a fruit. QED.