Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Bullets Of '09

Well, here we are. The final Wednesday Night Bullet Post Of The Year. My, how the time does fly! Let's get right down to it, shall we?

*I may or may not have a sinus infection.

*The doctor is out of the office and symptoms were discussed rather than demonstrated.

*Since I have a refill left on my last antibiotic, there was no real need for doctoral intervention.

*Just agreement.

*I forgot to fill the prescription when I went to the store today.

*These things happen...

*The Indoor Sweater is dead.

*And buried.


*Anticipated Blog Reaction: Oh no! Sheepie! All those hours...wasted! The horror!!!

*Sheepish Response: It's OK. Knitting is a hobby and something I enjoy. I like doing it, even when it doesn't work out. I learned a lot from this project and have no regrets.

*The sweater sleeps with the fishes.

*And the used kitty litter.

*In the trash can.

*Anticipated Blog Reaction: But, Sheepie! How could you? All those poor sheep gave their lives so that you could knit and then you so carelessly toss the yarn because it wouldn't bend to your will? For SHAME!!!

*Sheepish Response: Relax. No sheep were harmed in the making of this disaster. I hardly ever fail to finish sweaters with real wool. For obvious reasons...

*100% acrylic, baby.

*Anticipated Blog Reaction: Landfills, Sheepie! LANDFILLS!!!!!!!!

*Sheepish Response: You got me there.

*Still not going to go get it out from under the used kitty litter, though.

*I'll owe the planet a favor.

*I am excited to be on vacation this week.

*But I keep it at a reasonable level.

*And some of the thrill has worn off with the passing of time because I am a normal person.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty remains giddy with joy over the whole business.

*His new Favorite Thing is to race between my feet when I am walking.

*He's come close to killing me at least three times today.

*By now, I should have devised a working Walking Plan.

*Mostly I have it all worked out.

*But sometimes I forget.

*That's when he does his best work.

*Should've given the sweater to the AGK.

*That would have been fitting.

*It's even worse when you are taking cold medications to drain the packed sinus cavities.

*Loopy Sheepie.

*Gamboling AGK.

*You do the math...

*Big plans for tomorrow night.

*Appetizers for dinner. Movie. Knitting.

*We live large over here at the manse.

Happy Last Wednesday Of 2009, everyone! If I survive the attentions of my cat, I look forward to the first WNBP of '10! Worst case scenario, I'll blog it from my hospital bed where I'll possibly be knitting a new sweater. Or not.



Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations on taking care of that little matter of the sweater -- I bet it's a relief (although I rather like the idea of giving it to a gamboling AGK; maybe it would have fit him?). Happy incipient new year!

trek said...

Wow, there are too many opportunities here. I'd've given the AGK the sweater.

I tried to find a wool sweater at the local mall tonight. There were none. None. (Yes, I know this is trying to take a shortcut - so sue me.)

They had spring clothing.

Neatnik was very confused.

Hope the sinuses drain quickly and painlessly and that you remember to bring the Rx to the pharmacy tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It'd probably be a good idea to get that prescription filled tomorrow; I understand we are in for some bad weather Friday through Sunday.

AGK is only doing his job, you know. All cats are supposed to trip up their humans - it's a law or something.

Anonymous said...

You could try stepping on AGK's tail next time he attempts his through-the-feet maneuver. That always sends my cats into hiding for a period of time. Not a permanent solution, just gives you a respite.

Kath said...

I'm with kmkat on this one - ever since I broke a toe trying to avoid a persistently underfoot feline. From that point forward I have ruled that anything underneath my feet is a surface to be trod on, if you don't want to be stepped on - move out of the way! And the cats have learned to be more wary of my feet.

Mel said...

Just don't do anything that lands AGK here or you in the ER. And I shall say nothing more about the S-W-E-A-T-E-R. It never happened and there's a whole new year ahead.

Donna Lee said...

Sounds like our new year's eve! I have a sinus infection and I'd almost kill for a good decongestant. The blood pressure doesn't like them. The antibiotics make my mouth taste funny and I have 8 days to go.....

Happy New Year! I'm off to the store and it's snowing. I'll be a while...

Elaine said...

Didn't things start getting all wonky when the Dishcloth-With-Sleeves became a Sweater? Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned......
Have a Happy!