Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weakly WNBP

It is Wednesday. I know this because my calendar, my computer and about fifty different staff people at my school told me this. Watching the days? Counting the hours? Not me! No, sirree-bob!

Let's take a look at today's bullet points!

*A situation blew up at school yesterday.

*The one I told people about.

*The one I have been dealing with for a long time and which I have repeatedly begged be addressed.

*Big blow up. Epic.

*People are still talking about it.

*I didn't say, "I told you so."

*I implied it.

*Didn't outright say it.

*Now everyone is scrambling to deal with the problem that I have been containing and warning people about.

*I had to have the Cheerful Teaching Assistant check my emails today before I sent them out.

*Snark Patrol.

*I'm not kidding. I came very close to sending an email that ended with the words:

"I seriously wish people would spend more time listening to me. I am wise and filled with pithy observations."

*She suggested that this might not be the "tone" I was going for.

*It was. But probably not a good idea to send it.

*The CTA is a very good Voice Of Reason.

*I brought the fingerless mitt with me today and even knit a little bit while the kids watched a movie.

*Week before vacation.

*Progress reports have to be done and ready to go out on Friday.

*We are racing the clock. And losing.

*Movies are like little gifts from heaven the week before the holiday break and three days before progress reports are due.

*Mine are done.

*3X done since the computer kept eating my grades.

*Still had time to knit for a bit today.

*Mental health.

*A key strategy when things blow up after you predict that they will and progress reports are being noshed upon.

*Just finished listening to The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaimon.

*Audio books in the car help me forget that I am going to work

*AKA: The Place Where Things Blow Up And No One Listens To Me.

*There are lots of good books.

*Not many perfect ones, though.

*Love this book.

*Read by the author.

*I want to be British.

*I don't want to live in a graveyard.

*Not because of zombies. Zombies can't climb out of graves.

*Except when they can, but you can hear them so you've got plenty of warning.

*It's the ones in the dumpster that worry me.

*I'm starting a new book tomorrow, but I forget what it is.

*I'll get back to you...

*The kids are on vacation next week.

*I have two days of teacher workshops.

*Which is grossly unfair, but preferable to being with teenagers who are sick of my face.

*And they might have snacks at the workshops unless the budget cuts have killed them.

*Either way, I'll have my little earbuds in and my audiobook playing in my ear.

And there we go! Wednesday in a nutshell! Two long days and then the weekend is upon me. Then I just have to survive two more days with my fellow educators and I'm done until 2010!

It's probably a good thing I didn't send that snarky email. Then my coworkers would also be sick of my face and that might make for a rough couple of days...



Guinifer said...

Hey zombies! Have you checked out this book? It's like a survival guide!

Anonymous said...

I could curl up and luxuriate for days in Neil Gaiman's voice.

I hope no one was injured in today's explosion. If no one was killed, I think you can call it a (very dubious) success. Really, why don't they listen to you? The world would be a better place...

trek said...

I'm sure it was unintentional and just a minor oversight (oh, wait, isn't that what you do for a living?) but what happened?!

Mouse said...

I agree with the others about Neil Gaiman, his lovely voice & amazing imagination. The fact that he's handsome, British & wears nothing but black are also reasons why I have a fangirl crush on him.

Beth said...

It really makes no sense for people not to listen to you. They are living dangerously. :)

punkin said...

Wait, what did you say?

Betsy said...

You sound particularly ready for...and deserving of...a vacation. It is hereby ordered by the Mafia of Sheepie's Loyal Blog Followers.

Karen said...

I'm very impressed that you could hold back. Hopefully they'll listen next time. There will be a next time.

Anne said...

For sure a good thing you did not press "Send". Although I greatly admire your restraint. Cuz I probably would have put my tiara on and gone to the snarky place.

Donna Lee said...

I'm with trek. I want to know what happened.

And I'm counting down the days until I don't have to hear "could you just do this......" one more time.

Cursing Mama said...

So you managed to not run through the hallways yelling "I WARNED YOU I TOLD YOU YES I DID" That is very mature....not sure I could be as advanced. Nope, probly not.

Kath said...

Add me to the list of those wanting to know more about what sort of brown stuff impacted the rotating blades. Should I google news for your part of the country?

Julia G said...

You need to order up a batch of T-shirts at that say "I seriously wish people would spend more time listening to me" on the front, and "I am wise and filled with pithy observations" on the back. That'll keep the BFK and the AGK in kibble!

That, and a T-shirt that says "You need to make better choices" on the front, and "Zombie Alert!!!" on the back. I totally need to wear that as my kids navigate the Teen Angst Years!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ah, the joys of being Cassandra. No fun at all -- I'm sorry. Thank goodness break is almost upon us. I have been grading and grading and grading, and am now done. Just a few more meetings to go (shudder). BTW, Older Daughter really liked 13th child -- thanks for the recommendation!