Sunday, November 01, 2009

Victim Of Battery

It is my belief that having an extra hour in the day should put a person is more on the alert end of the spectrum. If you should happen to wake up at 6:00 in the morning, the fact that the clocks were all set back to Standard Time the night before means that it is really 7:00. Why, a body should barely need coffee at that point!

Not so for me this morning. I woke up groggy, disoriented and out of sorts. The feeling persisted all through the daily routine.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that I had no trick-or-treaters last night and was literally forced to consume candy before it went bad. We hate to waste candy when there are so many who have none. Yet a sugar overload can make for a rumbly tummy.

Then there was the whole milk mozzarella I mentioned in an earlier tweet. I am not of an age where milk in it's entirety is a good idea. In fact, it is a very bad idea if the memos from my digestive tract were any indication. I swear to you that the gurgling was beginning to sound like actual words for a while there. And none of them were complimentary regarding my dietary choices last night...

I didn't sleep well and that could have been part of the problem. My neighbors, who are generally lovely people and who would certainly come to my aid should my hair ever catch fire, seem to have upgraded their kickin' sound system. They mean well and try hard to keep it turned down. However, their inability to understand that sound is a vibrational phenomenon or that bass coming from a speaker installed on a shared wall will be both heard and felt no matter what the volume is an ongoing concern of mine. They really do try, bless them. And they are so nice that it's hard to stay mad, especially when they confine their wall-rattling to the weekends. But it does not make for a restful night at home.

It could have been all or none of these things that made me so logy today. I was highly unfocused and that is never a good thing when a girl has a to-do list on her hands. My trip to the grocery store this morning was fraught with moments where I simply couldn't recall why I was there or what I needed. Finally, I found myself nearing the checkout with what I hoped were useful items in my basket and then I got hopelessly off track. They had cereal on sale for 88 cents. I'm not much of a cereal fan, but this stuff was frosted and who doesn't like things that are frosted for under a dollar??? Plus, the box promised me not one, but TWO Boxtops For Education coupons! I may be bad about sending those things to Trek on time in order that she might add them to her collection. But that doesn't mean I don't like to keep stockpiling them for the day when I actually remember to mail them.

Frosted cereal for less than a buck with double boxtops was just about the end of me. Between that and my bleary state, I'm surprised I ended up at the right house when all was said and done. The day continued in its ridiculous fashion. Finally, after a rather frustrating moment where I discovered a weird dangly yarn bit at the back of the cool, cabled squarish thingy I've been knitting, I decided to call it quits. I don't like to nap too much on a Sunday for fear I'll mess up my bed time routine, but this was an emergency. There may have been an extra hour of sleep on the books, but it had done me little good. I needed to crash on the couch before something truly horrific happened.

It wasn't until I awoke that I realized what I'd done. Or, more accurately, what I hadn't done. After writing an entire blog post about them, thinking about them non-stop for hours and planning this morning's whole grocery store trip around them, I really believed that I could manage to obtain them and put my life to rights again. But, apparently I couldn't.

Because I still don't have any AA batteries.

I'll probably have to call in sick to work tomorrow. It's not like I can function until I get batteries and I probably shouldn't be trusted with the care of children anyway.



Kath said...

Mmmmmmmmozarella! Lurve it and thankfully, it still loves me. But garlic? That can be a problem, and I don't just mean for any neighborhood vampires!

Anonymous said...

::laughing::: yeah, you better call in sick today - this is an emergency!!!!


And thanks for the flashback - for one little minute you reminded me what apartment living is like... grrrrrrrr hehehe.

my word verf is "rudes" hehehe yes, those neighbors are!

Donna Lee said...

My digestive system doesn't love the milk but the rest of me does so I live dangerously. I had to nap yesterday to get over the feeling that I was out of time and place. It was so weird. And today, I'm sure I'm late because the sun was up before I got on the train for work!

Karen said...

Frosted cereal for less than a buck! I'd have forgotten the batteries too.