Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Running Hot And Cold

Wednesday is the middle of the week. It is the day after staff meetings happen at my school. This time, it is the day after an election, as well. I'm reasonably certain that it is also a night when there is something good on TV, but I'm not sure just what that something is. Lastly, it is also time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. In the grand scheme of things, that is a high point. Especially given my failure to identify satisfactory television fare.

*I was scheduled to attend a training at the high school today.

*I thought I was going to have to go very late and sneak in the back.

*Turns out, I was able to get out of school more easily than planned.

*And so it was that I was only a little bit late.

*Still had to sneak in the back, though.

*The heat in my classroom has been stuck in the "on" position for a month.

*It is hot in there.

*The heat at the Professional Development Center is stuck in the "off" position.

*It is very cold in there.

*It was like going from the desert to the arctic tundra in the space of fifteen minutes.

*That's a whole lotta traveling for a Wednesday!

*I finished up the very cool, cabled, squarish thingy last night.

*Just need to block 'er up!

*Let's see how long it takes me to get that task done.

*Casting off = finishing.

*Except for the part where you aren't quite done.

*Then there's weaving in the ends.

*It's like a never-ending process, this finishing thing!!!!!!

*Today's training was kind of like that.

*It should have and could have been done in two hours.

*But it wasn't. It just kept going.

*And going.

*And going...

*That's OK. The trainer was very nice and I still got to come home 45 minutes early.

*I had to blast the heat the whole way home, though.

*Arctic tundra.

*Maine was unable to successfully block the repeal of the law supporting Equality In Marriage.

*It was close...but that is cold comfort.

*I'm not in the mood for gloating right now, so please use caution when commenting tonight.

*I'm sure I can be more open-minded and perhaps even wicked articulate on the matter later in the week.

*For now, I'm just grumpy.

*Or still cold from a day in the arctic tundra.

*Either way, I'm sort of snappish.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is very happy these days.

*I've been closing the drapes early since the darkness falls by late afternoon.

*There is nothing an AGK loves more than jumping up on his kitty perch and rolling himself up in the drapes on a chilly autumn evening.

*I anticipate the bending and eventual snapping of the curtain rod within a week or so.

*I know this because it will be the second curtain rod I've replaced in a year.

*Sometimes he likes to climb the drapes. That will also bend the rod.

*But he only does this when he's tired of climbing the shower curtain liner and sliding down as it shreds under the massive weight of his gi-normousness.

*It's nice to have a cat who can keep himself entertained.

*We keep the drapery and shower curtain liner people in business, too.

*We do our part for the economy in these challenging times...

So ends another Wednesday here in Sheepie Land. I'm almost thawed out from my day in the arctic tundra and trying to figure out what to wear tomorrow when I return to the desert. There is also reason to believe that I will be blocking a cabled, squarish thingy tonight, too. But don't let's get our hopes up on that one. We don't want to rush the endless finishing of things, after all. Here's hoping that your Wednesday was delightful and that the perfect room temperature was yours to enjoy!



trek said...

It was pretty chilly here all day long, too, and yet not nearly so cold as my classrooms will be come Friday.

I wonder how long a warm vanilla milk would remain "warm" in my I Am Not A Paper Cup cup??

Anonymous said...

I am becoming very curious about this squarish cabled thingie. Will it ever be revealed, or will it become A Secret Of The Internetz?

Anonymous said...

Is the squarish cabled thingie what I think it is?

Kath said...

For the past few years I have declared the clawed up condition of my curtains to be part of my shabby chic design style (emphasis on the shabby). But I'm considering trying to make new curtains from canvas dropcloths. If that isn't durable enough I suppose one could try kevlar?

Mel said...

I wonder if your cabled squarish thing looks anything like my cabled squarish thing, which really needs to be handed off to the appropriate person.

Lynne said...

I believe the outside temperature hit 39*C (102*F) on Tuesday but it was back to a cooler 22*C (72*F)on Wednesday! Wacky weather for late spring!!

Karen said...

I too have been cold. It's really unfair that we didn't get more hot this summer.
Something squarish and cabled! Show photos.

Donna Lee said...

One half of our building has controls for temp and one half does not. I am in the NOT side. The heat was on (it's either on or off) and someone complained so it's been off and the a/c has been on. Now, I'm not one to complain but when it's only 45 degrees outside, I'd like my inside to be a tad warmer. Just sayin'.

Cursing Mama said...

I am a little envious of your heat all the time problem at school - my summer clothes look much better than my winter clothes.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, this is so familiar! I swear I teach in the Menopause Room. I'm hot! No I'm cold! No, wait, I'm hot again, and sweating (classy)! Sigh...

I'm sorry to hear about your election results. The same thing happened here last year, alas.