Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Day Off

It's Veteran's Day and it just so happened that it fell on a Wednesday this year. What a coincidence! A random day of the week that doesn't involved going to work and the day when I do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post! It's a very random sort of day, indeed...

*First and foremost, I offer up a hearty and sincere Thank You to all those men and women who put themselves in harm's way to protect hearth and home!

*Having a Wednesday off is a very weird thing. You no sooner get used to the fact that you work for a living and suddenly you are drinking your coffee at home in your jammies.

*As I was walking into the school with a colleague yesterday, I told him that it was Tuesday/Friday.

*He thought about that and then said that it was really more like Tuesday/Saturday because it was the day before the day before we had to go back to work.

*I didn't like that perspective. First of all, it seemed to focus on the negative.

*Secondly, it failed to account for the fact that I wasn't at home watching cartoons.

*I had me some big plans for today.

*I promised myself a day of not leaving the house and doing all sorts of hearthy-homey stuff.

*Don't judge me. I know I'm lame. I'm also tired and living in squalor. The idea of staying in my jammies and puttering about the manse seemed very, very appealing to me.

*Note to self: Planning to shampoo the carpets only works if you store all the parts of the carpet cleaner thingie together.

*Another note to self: You have no one to blame but yourself if you don't put everything in one place when you are done and then can't find very important parts when it's time to clean the carpets.

*I didn't shampoo the carpets today.

*Nor did I bake the bread like I said I was going to.

*I spun, though.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has been very active of late.

*Does anyone think I'm being unreasonable for thinking that he should not open all the cupboards, swat spoons from the counters and tip over the trash can in the living room five billion times in one day?

*Let me know if you think I'm over the line, here. The AGK certainly seems to feel that way...

*How high does the mountain of dishes in the sink have to be before it can be classified as a national monument?

*No reason for asking. Just wondering.

*Another note to self: Emptying the dishwasher once the "finished" light comes on will make a huge difference in the amount of dishes teetering precariously in the sink later in the week.

*The school called me last night using their auto-dial feature.

*Reminder #1: We should wash our hands and not send our children to school if they have a fever. Using Tylenol to make the fever go down doesn't count and is not helpful in the least.

*Reminder #2: Fever or not, don't send your children to school on Wednesday because it is a holiday. If they get a fever on Wednesday, refer to reminder #1.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant has the flu.

*She came to work on Tuesday. For, like, five minutes.

*Then she had to go home because standing up was getting challenging.

*I bleached her desk.

*And her chair.

*And every other surface I could think of.

*Poor CTA. She was not cheerful. Not at all.

*We are crossing our fingers and thinking good thoughts for her recovery.

*The student absence list was, once again, 9 pages long yesterday.

*I'm torn between feeling badly for the afflicted and thinking maybe they should all go live on an island somewhere until they can prove to me that they are healthy.

*Still no flu shots.

*I don't care what shot they give me. It doesn't have to be "swine."

*It could be "Bird."

*It could be "Anteater" for all I care.

* We are open to all the possibilities at this point.

*I forgot to take pictures of the spinning today.

*I was distracted.


*Missing carpet cleaner thingie parts.

*Possible national monument in my kitchen

*Possible natural disaster caused by the cat in my kitchen.

*It was a full day...

It's back to work for this educator tomorrow. If I can survive that, I'll be in the home stretch. Just one more day and it's the weekend all over again. Not bad for a week with two Fridays. Or two Saturdays depending on your perspective...



Donna Lee said...

I would have gladly shared my swine flu shot with you. Now, I'm waiting to feel crappy for the next few days as my body absorbs the serum. yuck.

Yarnhog said...

We can't get any sort of flu shots around here--not even for my asthmatic nine year old. Every kid in the carpool, except mine, has had the flu in the past two weeks. What do you think our chances are of avoiding it? I've been spraying hand sanitizer at the kids when they get in the car. Not sure how much that's going to help, but I don't seem to have many options.

Do they make full-body condoms?

Mouse said...

I believe its more than reasonable to expect the AGK not to trash the kitchen unless he's going to spend his valuable napping time to clean it back up again.

Also.. bread & clean carpets are overrated. lol.

trek said...

We here had the seasonal flu shots.
We have not yet seen H1N1 shots.
Neatnik has a sore throat.

We are not amused.

Anonymous said...

No seasonal flu shot yet. Swine flu vaccine not available. But we are both healthy so far (knock on wood).

There is something to be said for living in the boonies...

Lynne said...

You get a whole day's vacation in USA? In Australia we get one minute's silence at 11am! We call it Remembrance Day or Armistice Day.

Kath said...

Stoopid tourism economy. Not only did I NOT have the day off, we had a cruise ship in port and eleventy bazillion people to add to the mix of kids roaming the streets.

Mia said...

really, compared to a day like that, a day of work will be like a vacation!

And trust me, the dishes will stack just fine until there's not a single fork in the house left to be used. Then ya make your choice - do the dishes - or use a spoon. hehehe

my word verif is "restin". hehehe

April said...

Once the dishes get higher than the top of the sink you can apply for National Monument status. Or, when the kitchen starts to take on kind of a funky odor. This is why you should always rinse any dishes that once held ice cream first before dumping them in the sink.

Karen said...

Had I known I could call it a national monument I wouldn't have washed the HUGE pile of dishes in my sink this morning. I don't have a dishwasher (I will mention that every time I mention having to wash dishes and I am jealous of anyone who has one.) and it takes forever to get all of them clean.

Knitting Linguist said...

My older daughter says that she thinks we should always have Wednesdays off, because then every day is only a day removed from a day off (she waxed quite poetic on the whole thing on the way to school today, I was entertained). You may want to document the dishes so you can apply for some kind of national treasure status...

Jeanne said...

I've been bathing in anti-bac soap since starting at the call center. I've also become quite OCD about wiping down every inch of the day's workspace when I'm there. I'm sure people think I'm "off kilter". Yet, here I am, off for a week because of a respiratory thing. The good news is, I think it's bronchitis caused by mucus caused by vocal abuse, not a viral thing.

I'm with you on having everyone moved to an island until the threat has passed. And spinning is far more important than dishes or carpet cleaning.