Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You All Know How It Goes

I think that, by now, we are all on board with the routine around here.  It is Wednesday and that means that it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Let us dispense with the lengthy intro tonight and get right to the meat of the day, shall we?

*The day after a day off is rough.  

*The day after a day off is rough because you have to go back to work.  That is something of a let-down...

*Over half my students seemed to think so, too.  They opted to stay home and recover from all the election day madness.

*That makes for a somewhat less rough day but you don't know that when you get up in the morning so you are still all grumpy about the whole thing until you get there and feel less of the roughness.

*The roughness comes back when you realize that it is Faculty Meeting Day.  In my other schools, these were short affairs and really much more like the Bullet Post you see before you.

*Not so in my new school.  They take their meetings very seriously.  They like to meet.  They like it when the meetings run extra long.  They start their meetings in the afternoon and don't let you go home until they are done with the Marathon Meeting.

*They have props and Power Point Presentations which start late because no one could figure out the part where you have to take the cover off the projector lens.

*I had to put the spinning wheel away tonight when I finally got home.  I needed the space to do the workout with the weights.

*I used to like Wednesday because it was the last workout day of the week.  But now I've added Thursday to the schedule.

*Thought it might be nice to lose ten pounds before my brother's wedding.

*The wedding was last weekend.  I think I still have time...

*Just be quiet.  I can too manipulate the Time/Space Continuum.  

*I just need to scrunch up my face and think really hard.

*At least three people at the meeting today were knitting.  

*I was not knitting.  I shuffled all my purse stuff around last weekend to put what I needed into that cute little evening bag I wanted to carry for the wedding.  The knitting got lost in the shuffle and is still sitting on my coffee table.

*That would be the wedding for which I still think I can lose ten pounds.

*Again...just leave it alone.  Sometimes it is best to just back away slowly and let Crazy have her space.

And so ends another Wednesday in the life of this average work-a-day Sheepie.  Tomorrow is Thursday and I am assuming that I might have a few more students in the classroom now that they have had a chance to rest up from their day off.  I also have early morning bus duty so the day is probably going to start off with the same anticipatory roughness as today.  However, I shall bear it all stoically.  For where there is a Thursday, a Friday cannot be far behind.  And after that, one typically finds a Saturday.  That sounds pretty good to me!

Happy Day After The Elections And Before The Day That Is Almost The Weekend!



Anonymous said...

You know it is the beginning of hunting season. How does the thought of you boys with guns strike you?

trek said...

Very funny, Daddy Sheep. Personally, Sheepie, I wouldn't trust your students with pop guns or even water pistols.

At least the early morning bus duty won't occur in the pitch dark tomorrow.

Knitting Linguist said...

A long meeting with no knitting is the definition of "nightmare" in my book. I feel for you -- today was an academic senate day, and man can those senators blather!

Mia said...

You put the spinning wheel away in favor of weights?? Are ya feelin' a wee bit feverish over there Sheepie?

Anonymous said...

If you can get that space-time continuum thing to work reliably, you can bottle it and sell it and retire. No more early morning bus duty, no more marathon faculty meetings. You could start your own school and run it exactly like you want. Everyone would take knitting and cat nurturing would be a requirement.

Donna Lee said...

Today is our "all staff" meeting. What that actually means is "all the staff who weren't bright enough to find something else to do". Then we have our department meeting. And tomorrow is the other department meeting. There should be some kind of "one meeting a month" rule. I'd give up one day a month if it meant that all the meetings could happen on that one day. Then I'd be absent.

Beth said...

Maybe you could clear out some space in your desk and just leave some knitting in there. Not having my knitting for a meeting like that would make me sick.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

the only thing worse than looooooonggggg meetings is long meeting where you forgot your knitting and keep thinking how far you could have gotten. *sigh*

Cursing Mama said...

I have a rule about power point presentations - if you don't know how to run the projector or program you lose the privilege to do it. I wish my superiors would follow this rule....instead they just ask me to do it for them. Maybe you could send the AGK in to sit on them for me & smother them so I never have to set that projector up again.

Karen said...

Are you lucky enough to get a day off next week like they have in my town? I hope so. There is nothing better than a 4 day week.