Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weird Sort Of Wednesday...

Well, it is Wednesday.  And I remain pretty much lost regarding the days of the week since I haven't had to work a full five days in a row since before the dawn of time.  Or two weeks...whichever.  

Happily, it is the night of the Wednesday Night Bullet Post, so I don't have to make any sense if I don't want to.  Which is good because I probably won't.  I suspect you'll keep reading along anyway just to see if I catch a clue at any point.  

But it's unlikely.  Clues have been far and few between over the last couple of days...

Here's your utterly random bullets for this week:

*I swear to you that I thought it was Thursday.  Driving home, I had a mini panic attack because I thought I'd missed my morning bus duty.  I have that tomorrow.  

*I'll probably miss it what with it being Friday in my mind...

*To add further confusion to the mix, next week is vacation week.

*I was going to say, "To make matters worse, next week is a vacation week."  But that is ridiculous because there is nothing "worse" about having a vacation.  Nothing at all.

*Except for the part where you have to keep working to get there.

*I survived this afternoon's session of file reviewing without incident.  I even managed to plow through two of them all by myself.  

*That's actually pretty good.  The last group only reviewed one apiece.  

*The trick is to pick really skinny files, preferably those of kids who have transferred into the district recently.  There's hardly any paperwork in there and the state won't be checking on the stuff that other schools did before the kids got to us.

*Frankly, I am shocked that no one else in these review groups thought of this strategy...

*The kids have next week off.  I only have Wednesday through Friday.  Teachers get to go to two days of workshops.  We call it The Fall Forum.  They give us lots of snacks and free water bottles.

*They used to let us sign up for things like Yoga, Jewelry Making and Book Binding.  They trusted us to sign up for at least a couple of educationally relevant things rather than just doing the "wellness" activities.

*Everyone signed up for Yoga, Jewelry Making and Book Binding.  Except for me.  I always logged onto the sign up site late so I ended up in Grant Writing and School Law.  

*They wised up after a couple of years and now we are all sitting in Grant Writing and School Law.  

*It's good for knitting if you happen to be behind in your holiday stitchery.

*Not so good for staying awake.

*I did not bring any knitting today.  I figured I'd be busy with the file reviews and that I would need both hands for wrangling all that paper.

*I sat next to a woman who was knitting at the Very Late And Very Much Mandatory Meeting that we all had to go to after school.  I envied her.  Listening to an attorney talk about Title IX (Sexual Harassment Law) was also not so good for staying awake.

*Our Title IX Coordinator for the school district is the assistant superintendent.  She and I are not always in agreement over how things ought to be.  And she is the boss of me.  You can imagine how I might want to not call attention to myself too much unless there was a fire in the auditorium or something.  Then I could be a hero.  Otherwise, I keep a low profile.  We are only just getting past our last little "difference of opinion..."

*Not a good idea to knit in her meeting.  That's all I'm sayin'.  

*I'm knitting at the Fall Forum, though.  I'll just sit in the back.  

*Or tell her that I am knitting her a toilet tissue cozy.  That'll keep her far and away.  

*Again, I marvel at how no one else ever thinks of this stuff.  It's not like it's rocket science...

And so we come again to yet another Wednesday Night Bullet Post finale.  I do hope it made some sense.  I tried.  I really did.

Meanwhile, if you could all think good thoughts for my making it to school tomorrow with some indication of my impending morning bus duty, I'd appreciate it.  I have a bad feeling that I am going to wander around thinking that it is Friday and that is going to be a very bad thing for the fifty thousand 7th graders in the cafeteria who long for my supervision in the morning.

It could also be bad for my spotless record of middle school service.  And I don't really have it in me to knit toilet tissue cozies for everyone who will be inconvenienced by this...



Karen said...

With N going to school Monday, Wednesday and Friday I am finding that by the time evening rolls around on Monday and Wednesday it feels like Friday. When I wake up the next day I always think it's Saturday until I realize it's not. I don't know what will happen next year when he goes every day.Enjoy your Thursday tomorrow on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

No work on Wednesday next week? Does that mean we'll see you at Chicks with Sticks on Tuesday?

Yarnhog said...

"...there is nothing "worse" about having a vacation. Nothing at all."

I beg to differ. Having two boys and six of their friends howling and tearing up my house for nine straight days while I try to simultaneously feed everyone, keep the filth to a level that won't bring out the Health Department, and--oh, yeah--WORK is definitely "worse."

Excuse me. I believe my cranky is showing.

catsmum said...

hang in there SA - that vacation is getting closer by the minute
btw Bear wants to know if he can move in with you and the BFK and AGK because 2 cats is better than 5 !

trek said...

And here I have to work next Wednesday as a regular day but Neatnik has an extremely abbreviated half day. ::le sigh::

Are you listening to what Julie has to say up there in her comment?

Donna Lee said...

We always look for the skinny charts when it's time for inspections. Who would want to wade through a four volume chart that weighs 8 thousand pounds when you can page quickly through a 1/2 inch folder? Duh. I have next thursday and friday off but I have to work mon through wed to get there and mon is our centerwide holiday luncheon. It'll take up the afternoon.

Knitting Linguist said...

I hope you made it to bus duty this morning! And can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to next week off? I have SO much grading to catch up on, and it's really eating into my knitting time...