Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The thing about a short week is that the time for a Wednesday Night Bullet Post rolls around so much quicker than you'd think.  Don't get me wrong...Mondays off could and should be a part of my schedule.  I seem to recall doing rather well with my Monday break.  I'm just saying that it's surprising is all...  Here's your bullets for the week!

*I brought my super-cool new MacBook Pro to school today.  I didn't need to.  I have a perfectly good Regular MacBook to work with there.  But, I wanted to show the computer teacher.  She has been a rather frequent audience (almost always willingly) to my one Sheep show:  Why Oh Why Will My New Laptop Not Come?  

*Upon seeing it, she hugged me.  Computer teachers are not generally known for overt displays of affection.  But, I swear to you, I saw a tear in her eye.  She even let me show her how it worked.  Considering that this sort of thing is her job, that was remarkably generous of her.

*For the record, my one Sheep show opened to rave reviews.  However, after a month of regularly scheduled performances, enthusiasm among my captive audiences wavered a bit.  

*I love my new MacBook Pro.  I spent much of the day lugging it around and telling everyone to come meet Baby Mac.

*I need to come up with a better name...

*I had a really late Individualized Education Plan meeting on a student today.  I was very, very tired at its opening and pretty darned loopy by the end of it.  

*In the last ten minutes of the meeting I was heard to utter the words, "Yo, yo, yo, yo!" and, "Fo shizzle!"  Thankfully, the parent had departed at that point.  My Special Ed. Director had not.  You can add him to the ever-growing list of people who don't make eye contact with me so much anymore.

*A student with big, round, innocent eyes asked me this afternoon, "How many days in a row do you wear that shirt?"  It's my favorite rugby, but I swear to you I don't wear it for days in a row.

*Note to self: buy new shirts.

*My Cheerful Teaching Assistant and I discovered today that, with no missing laptops about which to complain, we have little to talk about.  I declared that I was now going to grouse about my staff hoodie that I ordered back in early October and still don't have.

*Hey, guess what?  The sleeve that the tech department issued to carry our school laptops fits my new "for personal use only" MacBook Pro!  I've borrowed it.  I'll bring it back.  I promise.  They keep track of these things, you see...

*When I got back from my Very Late Meeting At Which I Waxed Hip Hop, there was a brand new staff hoodie sitting on my desk.  This has been a very good week!

*But, I'm a little worried about the relationship with My Cheerful Teaching Assistant.  We may have to talk about kids or other educational sorts of things and I'm not sure we are built for that.

*In all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention the best student comment of the day.  I was working in a 6th grade English class. The kids were discussing a scene in their novel where the narrator, in a effort to prove her mettle, climbed to the top of the rigging on a large ship.  The teacher asked the class whether or not they thought the narrator survived this feat and then flipped through the remaining pages while joking that she suspected, given the amount of book remaining, she did.  There was much chuckling, and one lone voice saying:

Well...unless she made a really long speech while she was falling.

I'll leave you with that one while I go back to trying to make my email work.  This is an ongoing project and one that has required great concentration and consultation.  Have a fabulous rest-of-the-week!



Bobbi said...

whooohoooo for the new Mac Book!

Cathy said...

I love the student's comment.

And the way complaints are being resolved. Nice going!!

Teri S. said...'ve had quite week. A new laptop and a new hoodie! Those students wouldn't be reading Moby Dick now, would they?

Beth said...

The student comment was really funny! You must laugh a lot every day.

mehitabel said...

Congratulations on the laptop--and the new hoodie, too! Now you have something to cover up that rugby shirt. My daughter got her new laptop, too, and a wireless router, and she has visions of us sitting side by side on the sofa, IM'ing each other instead of talking! Hard to knit and laptop, though...

Anonymous said...

A new computer and a new hoodie; could it get any better?!

Anonymous said...

You are having a very good week!
My daughter brought her mac book pro with her when she went for a quick visit with the high school computer teacher. He hugged her too. It must be a secret welcome to the club handshake sort of thing. Oh and her mac book is called Spot.

trek said...

Wow, two good things in the office mail in a row. How do some Sheep get all the luck? ;o)

Enjoy them both. Enjoy them together. I still need to mail your Monkey Bread mixes and care package - but I finally have a box. It is too big but I have packing peanuts. The BFK and HSLFC both like playing with packign peanuts, don't they?

Cursing Mama said...

Does this mean that when you were actually showing the computer teacher how the MacBook Pro works - you didn't think to ask her how email works?

Knitting Linguist said...

Yay! A computer! Excellent news :) The new hoodie is just icing on the cake. Well, that and your students' comments; you have some pretty entertaining students there. Send 'em my way, would ya?

Marianne said...

Seriously, you get some of the best student comments and that other one... the pretty princess dude...I'm STILL laughing about that one.

missemilysmom said...

i am jealous a hoodie!! I got my 20" iMac too! I love it!!