Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WNBP: Up On The Rooftop...

The Boy For Whom All The World's A Stage thought today was Thursday.  I was kind of on target day-wise (for once), but that didn't last long.  By lunchtime, he had me so turned around I thought it was July.  It is not July.  It is December.  I also calculate it to be the 15th which is something of a problem since this whole Christmas thing isn't really solidified in my mind yet and that is going to blow up in my face rather soon if I don't get a handle on things.

While I wrap my head around the concept, I shall toss out the weekly Wednesday Night Bullet Post and see if any of those missiles land.  Maybe one will serve as a good reality check...

*It was supposed to snow today.

*Not a lot.  Just a little.

*Snow might have helped me.

*No snow means it could be any month.  It doesn't necessarily have to be December...

*I was awoken by my furry roommates at 3:30 this morning.  Lots of "activity."

*Impending (but ultimately not helpful) low pressure system.

*It wasn't going to be a big storm.  I had no illusions about this.

*But for some reason the whole combination of things made it feel like a snow day.  

*It was not a snow day.  There was school.  I knew this was going to be the case, but that didn't help shake the feeling.

*At 3:30 in the morning...

*It was cold so I wore my crocheted handwarmers.

*Also wore my earmuffs.  They are not crocheted.

*I like earmuffs.  But here's the thing.  They kind of irritate my ears a little.

*I have ten piercings in total.  

*Two in one lobe.

*Eight in the other.

* was the 80's.  I had a safety pin and time on my hands.

*And was surrounded by people more than happy to encourage me in needle-based endeavors.

*Not knitting.

*I picked up a few books from the school library the other day.  

*Finished Plain Kate in two days.  

*If you can get to the end of this one without shedding a tear, then you are a better person than I.

*And I say this as someone who is not often moved to a blubbery state.

*While reading this, you won't be able to decide if the human race is made of of amazingly resilient individuals who are to be celebrated or total poops deserving of an immediate flushing.

*A quarter of the way in you will want to talk to your cat...because anything is possible, right?

*By the end you will wish you hadn't done that because, while anything is possible, everything has a price.

*I returned it to the library today because I wanted to make sure it was there for someone else to read.

*Then I started Pure Dead Wicked.  Much lighter reading.  Downright comical, actually.

*I also have Pure Dead Trouble.  

*Sadly, I couldn't find Pure Dead Magic so I had to traverse a bit of a learning curve for the first chapter.

*I'm all set now, though.

*I'm going to make one more trip to the library before school closes for vacation.  

*Hate to be cut off for that long.

*But that doesn't mean I don't look forward to the holiday break.  I'm not insane.

*I had to go see Mr. Assistant Principal today to discuss The Thing That I Needed Help With Two Weeks Ago.

*It was important that I tell him how my not getting any help has impacted my life.  And sanity.

*He listened.  He asked a few questions.

*All of which I could answer in a manner that proved my original hypothesis.

*He was a little horrified, but quickly regrouped enough to look kind of paternal.

*Which is an odd look on someone who is younger than I.

*Then he gently said, "Ms. Sheep, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for not jumping off the roof."

*I said that he probably shouldn't thank me just yet because the day wasn't over.

*This is the last week before the kids go on vacation.  Then I have two days of workshops.

*During those workshops, I plan to assume a very interested expression and then ignore everything that is going on.

*I'm just going to knit and nod sagely.

*That's it.  I don't care if someone tells me my hair is on fire.  

*Knitting.  Sage-type nodding.  I'm going to look like a needle wielding bobble head.

*It's that or the roof.  

Well, I still don't feel quite like a person who has not met the holiday deadlines, but I didn't honestly think I would.  Still, it was fun firing off the bullet points so I'm not complaining.  Any day you don't end up on the rooftop has its good points, right?  I trust that you all are doing well and that any gift-giving responsibilities you might have undertaken are met.  If you need me I'll probably still be struggling through this most endless of weeks.  I'm sure you'll spot me.

If not, just look upwards...



Karen said...

"total poops deserving of an immediate flushing"
I'm going to wash the ice cream off my monitor now.
Please don't jump.

Beth said...

Should we start a club for people who are in denial that Christmas is quickly approaching? :)

Mel said...

I have all the Pure Dead books (I'm fairly certain). You'd be very welcome to borrow any of them.

trek said...

All's I can say is that you are one optimistic Sheep. Must have inherited that from Mommy Sheep or something.

Anonymous said...

Love the flushing total poops line -- you do have a way with words!

As John Irving wrote, "Keep passing the open windows [or rooftops, as the case may be}."

April said...

We went to the boyfriend's eldest daughter's school Christmas concert on Tuesday. If I was a teacher I would jump off the roof every day.


And that was before the singing started.

Donna Lee said...

In our family, someone who is on the roof is near death (comes from an old joke about a dead cat). Stay away from the roof.

I have to work until the 23rd and then I'm off until the 3rd. I can't wait. Just have to get through these last 4 days (plus today).

Julia G said...

I have a jump-off-the-roof project simmering at work too, I completely sympathize. Especially about calling in the cavalry and having it arrive two weeks later.

I started to wonder if Mr. Assistant Principal was at a cyborg, but I think that Mr. AP was at a previous Learnatorium.

Sage nodding is highly underrated!