Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WNBP: Oh Baby!!

It is the week before the week before school closes for the holiday break.  As you can imagine, the days are long and patience is running short.  Thankfully, time marches in a forward direction and one only needs to hang in there.  Eventually, it will be over and I can spend some time pretending that I don't work for a living.  Meanwhile, let's enjoy some Wednesday Night Bullet Points while we pass the time...

*I have been knitting more lately than in recent memory.

*Oodles.  Great, vast acres of knitting.

*But it's all gift stuff so I might as well not be knitting anything for all the good it does me blog-wise.

*Here's a kitty.  People like looking at kitties.  They forget about knitting or the lack thereof.

And a sleepin' kitty is even better for distracting the masses!

*I had an appointment with The World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach last weekend.  I brought her the fingerless mitts she asked me to make.

*She lost the last pair and was sad about that beyond all reason.  

*I had to use different yarn, but they were nice.  I don't think she loved them as much as the originals, but she still found them pleasing.

*How do I know this?

*Free cut for Sheepie!

*Have I mentioned recently how much I love my stylist?

*In science class yesterday, we were discussing different ways to classify something as "living."

*We got to talking about the concept of Stimulus/Response.  (the boy who is) Dark And Disturbed volunteered that he recently read something about how unborn babies first demonstrate this concept.

*He articulated it pretty well except for the part where he couldn't recall the words "amniotic fluid."

*Medical Personnel please take note:  The new term is now Fetus Juice.

*The class sort of fell apart after that.

*Once you start saying, "fetus juice" it is kind of hard to stop saying, "fetus juice."

*It is not even remotely appropriate to say, "fetus juice" in any social situation I can think of.

*This is a problem.  Especially when you have no support whatsoever in stopping because now D&D says it randomly and starts the whole ridiculous business up again.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant has been talking about purchasing a Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology for years.  

*Pretty much ever since I've known her.

*It makes sense.  She is the only person I've ever met who reads as much or as fast as I.

*She never quite got up the nerve to do it, though.  Sometimes she even made it as far as putting it in her virtual shopping basket.  Then she'd chicken out.

*But she recently misplaced her old e-reader and the loss was devastating.

*She got the urge to buy again yesterday.  I didn't hold my breath.  I'd seen this before.

*I guess I underestimated her desire for digital reading material because I went to use the restroom and the deal was done by the time I got back.

*I do not have a Kindle.  I have the same e-reader she used to have but it is useless to me since my computer crashed.

*Tethered version.  Should've sprung for the Kindle...

*I'm still reading, though.  I finished Lord Sunday (The Keys To The Kingdom) last week and, with that, have completed the series.

*As I reached the end, I started to have a bad feeling.  I sensed that the author was going to finish things up by making everything alllll OK.

*I swore that, if this was the case, I would never again read anything he wrote.  Ever.

*He did not make everything OK.  He ended the story by making some things OK.  Other things were very much not OK.

*And that was exactly the right way to do it.

*Which is why Garth Nix is good at what he does.

*I was hiding from the children in the school library yesterday and found Fall Of The Templar (Grey Griffins).  I'd forgotten about reading the first two books last year.

*Soon, I can say that I've read the first three.

*I have a spider plant in my classroom.  A while back, The Boy For Whom All The World's A Stage cut off what he thought was an unsightly blemish.

*It was a spider baby.  I explained to him that this was how we make new spider plants.  I put the stalk in my water bottle and there it sat happily growing but unplanted.

*It took a while but he finally got it.  Yesterday, the day's educational plan had to stop because he suddenly decided that we must pot the baby.  He wanted to have it for his desk.

*When the deed was done, he told the whole class about it.

*And loudly announced the following:


*(the boy who is) Dark And Disturbed made lots of choking sounds.  

*I'd have gone to his aid, but I was too busy thinking about quickly 25 years of teaching can fly by and if my new career was going to pass in the same fashion.

*TBFWATWAS and I have agreed to not make eye contact for a 72 hour period.

*No fetus juice associated with the repotting of a spider plant baby.

*Maybe I can find something in the horticulture field after I'm fired and the media frenzy dies down...

And there is the Wednesday That Was.  I'm heading off to set the timer on the coffee maker and see about clothing for what may or may not be my last day as a professional educator and spider baby mama.    Then I think I might sit back and enjoy that new TV for a while since it's paid for and I won't have to give it back should the paychecks dry up.  I wish for each of you a pleasant end of the week.

And a marked lack of ridiculous baby references...



Mel said...

I think I'm going to have to start saying fetus juice on a regular basis now. And I'd wager that my job gives me more opportunity to do so that yours.

Anonymous said...

I love the cat picture! Always good with kitty pictures... And middle school kids and fetus juice and baby mama... it'll go on all for the rest of the year. Can't wait to see all the knitting...after the holidays! Ginnie

trek said...

There was a challenge in that there bullet post: I'm thinking we need a "read-off", Sheepie. Ereaders at 10 paces oughta do it...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the kiddos are getting a touch of cabin fever already? My cats have it bad. But fetus juice and [spider] baby mama could keep me smiling for quite a while.

Donna Lee said...

I managed to get through fetus juice without laughing out loud but you got me at spider baby mama. I will not look at my spider plants the same way ever again.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Thank you, I needed the laughter today.

Kath said...

Kitty pictures will work for me every time.

And whoa captcha! dedbodhs?

Karen said...

Oh cute kitty....

Anne said...

Yes - me and Mel. Fetus juice. Fetus juice. Fetus juice.

Sounds like Beetlejuice if you say it fast enough, eh?

Cursing Mama said...

Fetus Juice - That's Fantastic!

Mia said...

Well hey, at least ya can't say your job is boring!!

April said...

Sheepie. I love you.

Julia G said...

Aawww, sleepy AGK.... Ms. Sheep, you deserve combat pay!

I love spider plants, they are so cheerful and resilient and forgiving -- the perfect finishing touch for TBFWATWAS's satellite desk. Student morale and academic performance will soar!

Knitting Linguist said...

Fetus juice! Bwahahaha! That's just a great one.

Cathy said...

There are times I miss having a kid around the house - all the interesting and fun things they come up with.

I decided today (it seems to be a periodic realization) that I have the best of all possible worlds - no kid driving me nuts around the house ("fetus juice") and reading what your students are up to.


Beth said...

Fetus juice and plant babies - this was a great WNBP!