Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WNBP: I Blinked And It Was Over...

I had a rather sickening realization this morning: I have been on vacation for a week.  It doesn't feel like a week.  It feels like it just started.  Christmas will do that to a person.  The days before (which I am grateful to have had off, don't get me wrong) are busy ones.  The days following are sort of devoted to recovery.  Then, just as you start getting into the whole business of relaxing, it starts to wind down.

Now I feel like I should be doing all the stuff I thought I had plenty of time to do back when a week and a half off seemed like a very, very long time.

I guess I should look on the bright side.  Vacation is vacation, after all.  And I'm certainly grateful to have the time off.  Besides, it's Wednesday and I'm always thrilled to have a chance to do a Wednesday Night Bullet Post!  There's time for that, even in these ever-dwindling hours...

*The cats have finally gotten to a place where they are willing to let me sleep in the morning.

*Why, I have found myself snoozing until the crack of 5:30!

*I am waking up now in self-defense because I honestly believe they are lurking beside the bed and ready to pounce.  Even if they're not.

*I figure I'll have this sleep thing worked out just in time to go back to work...

*I have been eating a great deal of chocolate lately.

*This isn't overindulging.  It is housekeeping.

*We simply MUST have this stuff cleaned up by January 1st!

*I'm nothing if not dedicated to good health and a tidy home.

*I watched a bunch of those shows on Hoarders yesterday.

*That also helps in motivating a person to clean up a few things.

*Filled two trash bags during the commercials...

*I knit a sock.

There is little in this world more strange looking than a ribbed sock off the foot...

*This is significant because I have been lugging this sock around since September.  Maybe even August.

*It is one sock.  It needs to be two socks to really mean anything in this crazy, mixed-up world.

*I estimate that, based on current progress, I will have a pair in time to pack them away for the summer.

*I have been trying to get a picture of the cats playing with their new toys.

*They play with them a lot.

*But, every time the camera comes out, they suddenly cease all frivolity and begin scratching their ears.

*Or poking their noses at the lens.

*Or suddenly discovering the need to wash their hindquarters.

*I'm still working on it.

*I re-read Fear Nothing.  I love that book.  Planning on reading the sequel again soon. (Seize the Night)

*I have it.  Can't find it.  Had to download it to the ereader.  Now I will always know where it is!

*While I was looking, I read From the Corner of His Eye.  I have had this book for a long time.

*Can't recall ever reading it.  Hadn't a clue what the ending might be...

*Which is a shame, because Koontz did a rather amazing job with this one.  Clever biblical parallels that I didn't twig to until well into the book.

*He writes dialogue better than most authors, although he tends to use a similar tone in most of his books.

*Also has a thing against dialogue tags but that really keeps the pace moving, I think.

*Frankly, I'd like to go visit him at home and see if he and his wife talk the same way.  I'll bet it's a fun place to be with lots of snappy patter!

*Did I mention that it snowed the other day?  I can't remember if I told you that.

*It snowed the other day.  A lot.  With a side of wind.  Big wind.

*Now we have winter out there.  Lots of winter.

*There were snowplows involved, just like in those movies where it snows!

*I have a plan to shampoo the carpets before this week is out.  

*Any bets on whether that gets done?

*Intentions are good, will to use the time remaining in this vacation for such chores is not.

*Plus, the cats have been very good about helping me with the daily naps and I hate to let them down.

Well, there's mid-week for you.  I'm heading into the down turn, vacation-wise.  Sad...but true. It's like it was done with in an eye blink, for heaven's sake!  I'm looking to get a few more things done and a few more naps under my belt but I suppose I should also make sure I do the grocery shopping.  Before I know it, I'll be back in the routine and I'm probably going to need something a little healthier for lunches.

Not many calories are burned with eye blinking and I'd like to be able to fit into something for work...



trek said...

I feel like all I have done on this week of vacation is laundry and work. Wait, I have. Soggy snow clothes require attention as does the textbook for the new course I am supposed to begin teaching in less than a month.

Gah. Christmas break should last until the Wise Men arrive...

Kath said...

Shampoo the carpets? Oh no, that is something much better saved for summer vacation. Because then it is warm and sunny and you can leave the window open and everything dries faster. So it would be much more sensible to skip that chore and do it on spring break at least!

Rationalizations - I got skillz there.

Cathy said...

I agree with Kath about the carpet shampoo.

Funny how cats never cooperate with the camera. I've missed some great cat antics because of that willfulness.

Karen said...

Must agree with the others. Save the carpet shampooing for summer.

The sock is lovely and I'm sure it will wait patiently for it's mate.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Great sock! Yep, haven't done much myself this vacation but nap and bum around.....and only 4 days left. But we go back for 4 and then have 3 Kings Day off, so we go back for a 4 day week....A couple years ago we had something like 15 days off, it was fantabluous!

Julia G said...

We just got clobbered by Winter Storm Adrianne - 8-10", hard to tell because of high winds and drifting.

I've got to agree about postponing the carpet shampooing, if only because we'll have two more months of sloppy, sandy snowboots tramping around. Much better to make another cozy sock!

Anonymous said...

But if you shampoo the carpets you are not supposed to walk on them until they dry, right? Much better to do that when you can leave home and go bask in some sunshine outdoors, say, in July. Now go take a nap, Dr. Kat's orders.

Donna Lee said...

Fear Nothing and Seize the Night were really good. And The Corner of His Eye took me by surprise. I didn't like it the first time I picked it up but the second time I really enjoyed it.

I realized that I have been off for a week and spent most of it blowing my nose but also sleeping and eating cookies. I'm giving a bunch of them away tomorrow so there'll be less in the house come Monday when we all go back to work.

Happy New Year!

Beth said...

When you are done shampooing your carpets, you are welcome to visit me and clean my carpets, too! :)