Wednesday, December 01, 2010

WNBP: Some Things Work, Others Not So Much.

Greetings, All!  Another Wednesday has wandered our way and it is time for Sheepie to toss out a few of the ol' bullet points for the general wonderment of the readers.  I shall do my best to stir up something with a little wonder in it.  Please be kind if I'm short on that, though.  Wonder isn't exactly something you can whip up easily these days...

*I had a delightful Thanksgiving break.  From the teacher's perspective, it's one of the shorter vacations, I'll grant you.

*But delightful nonetheless.

*It's been rough going back to work after all that delight.

*I made cranberry juice, played with the cats, knit lots of stuff, the TV blew up and I read quite a bit.

*Hmmm?  What's that?  The middle one?  You didn't quite catch that?

*No, you heard me correctly.  The TV blew up.

*Friday night.  There was lots of smoke and everything.  Very dramatic.

*No.  I have not yet replaced the TV.  Payday is Friday.  This most distressing state of affairs will be rectified at that time.

*And the first person to suggest that my life might be better without TV will the the last person to suggest that my life might be better without TV.

*TV is all that is good and pure in this world and a beauteous thing in mine eyes.

*Plus, I have no idea what time it is without TV.  TV tells me when I am hungry or tired.  I have been eating dinner at odd hours and have no earthly idea when I am ready for bed.

*No.  I am not addicted to TV.  That is ridiculous!

*Thank God for the internet and streaming digital media.

*A few weeks ago, I went to visit with Mommy and Daddy Sheep.

*They have a TV.  It's a nice, big one.

*Mommy Sheep gave me a pattern she purchased for a cute, little scarflette.

*That's what it's called. The Sassy Scarflette.

*She also took me to a yarn shop and bought me all sorts of pretty yarn.

*Including some lovely, single ply, variegated wool in soft browns and greens.

*Then she asked me to knit her a scarf.

*More specifically, she asked if I would knit her a Sassy Scarflette.

*Since I happen to think that Mommy Sheep is pretty swell, that didn't seem unreasonable to me.

*Plus I was going home with a boatload of yarn and this was the least I could do under the circumstances.

*So I knit her a scarf (lette).

Did I mention that Mommy Sheep has crazy good taste in yarn?

*I still had TV while I was knitting this.

*I knit it in two pieces and did a three needle bind off because I cannot stand it when the bound off edge doesn't look the same as the cast on edge.

*Not as neat at the join, granted.  But that part is in the back and I can live with this.

*It is possible that the TV blew up in protest, but I don't think so...

*My Other Favorite Librarian told me that she should have Lord Sunday (The Keys To The Kingdom) ready for me today.

*She also said she'd bring it down to the classroom for me, but she never did.

*I was disappointed, but she is very busy and it's kind of hard to get mad at the librarian who ordered books for the school library just to make a teacher happy.

*I'll go pick it up tomorrow.  Then I can rest easy and finally know how this series ends!!!!!!

*To recap:  I have no new book and no TV.

*I do have one last piece of pecan pie left over from Thanksgiving dinner, though.

* I might manage to get through this night without chewing through the sofa cushions.

*I've been watching Twin Peaks online to pass the time.

*I don't think I followed it very well back in the day and it is important to be able to discuss such cultural phenomena intelligently.

*Plus I don't have real TV so I might as well watch that...

*I practiced knitting hats while I watched.

*I don't suppose one really needs to practice knitting hats, but I haven't done one in a while and Daddy Sheep wants one.

*He knows about the Sassy Scarflette.  I don't want to be the cause of any spousal rivalry.

*Oh, for crying out loud!  It's 7:00!!!

*I have not eaten dinner!!!

*No TV to tell me that I'm hungry.

*Must go deal with this situation...

And there you have it.  My Wednesday.  The kind where scarflettes work out and TVs decide against working.  Plus my growling stomach.  In hindsight, that should have been a clue regarding the passing of the dinner hour, but I don't trust my stomach.  It always thinks it's hungry.  If I had TV, I would have known what time it was merely by looking at the screen and seeing what was on.  I could have confirmed the hunger instead of accusing my stomach of being overly needy and wanting pie.

It is very confusing here.



Mel said...

That's a lovely scarflette, and I agree about Mommy Sheep's taste in yarn. As one who lives on streaming media, rather than live time TV, I will simply say à chacun son gout. After all, it's more important that a sheep knows what time to eat, right?

twinsetellen said...

The scarflette is awesome, as, I am sure, must be Mother Sheep (I don't believe I know her well enough to refer to her as Mommy Sheep). And I agree, perhaps because of its brevity, Thanksgiving holiday is one of the toughest from which to return to work. Good luck making it through the rest of the week.

Donna Lee said...

Love the scarflette. I,um, haven't ad a tv in about 5 years. I know it's weird but there it is. I love the streaming video and make use of netflix or hulu or sometimes (and this is where it gets weird) I don't watch anything at all and just listen to a book while I knit or spin. I know, I know but it's who I've become in my old age.

Anonymous said...

The problem with no TV is that after enough time passes you have completely lost touch with a large part of the culture. (Yes, I use that word ironically.) I do not recognize about 3/4 of the people who are currently considered to be celebrities. However, I manage to continue to breathe and ambulate, etc.

Is that Soy Wool Stripes that Mother Sheep picked out? That is some nice stuff. Good work on the knitting, too.

catsmum said...

great scarf
IMHO mummy sheep has great taste - both in patterns/ yarn and in daughters
no tv AND no book is a bit harsh

but couldn't you knit and listen to music or an audiobook or something ?

or play with a cat or two ?

Anonymous said...

Love the way the scarflette has turned out. The colors are just what I wanted. This should keep my neck warm on those cool days this winter. Can't wait to try it on,

Karen said...

Mommy Sheep will love her scarflette. You did a fantastic job.
I'm sorry to hear about your TV. My parents recently got a new TV. The prices out there are darn good. You will find a great one I'm sure.

Julia G said...

Very pretty scarflette! I also managed to break a TV this week in a freak accident involving a memory foam mattress topper, which apparently "remembered" that it wanted to catapult the TV off the bed while I was setting up the VCR--oops... I don't watch much TV what with the lure of streaming video and audio books, but it is sort of comforting to know it's in the corner and you could watch it if you wanted to.

=Tamar said...

I had a scarf that went through itself like that when I was a kid. It's nice to see it back in style. I own a tv for watching videos but rarely plug it in. The computer has a clock and calendar in the corner, but otherwise I am 100% out of touch. However, I think I recognize fewer than 5% of the so-called celebrities.
The 'word' is 'shiltele' - hmmmm.

trek said...

We got to go buy a new dishwasher last Friday. The motor is dying on the current unit. We have to wait for the new shipment of Kitchen Aids to arrive.

I feel your pain.

Maybe I should cast on something. Or program. Or something.

April said...

I have a TV but I don't have cable so I just use it to play movies. This causes the boyfriend no end of pain since whenever I'm at his place all I wanna do is ... watch TV.

Kath said...

The one really cool thing about not having TV? The shocked looks on people's faces when you tell them. That just never gets old.

Cathy said...

Mother Sheep (I have to agree with twinsetellen) has superb taste in everything!!

I went without TV for years! And now... the power went off in the midst of Storm Chasers and you would have thought a tornado was bearing down on us - we were so panicked about the loss of power.

Of course, I am dial-up so TV is my streaming video.

Anonymous said...

Love the Scarflette! Very nice yarn!
I do hope you have a TV by now. Even though I must sit and knit through tv shows that I would never choose to watch I do not think I could do without one. Actually when the Livingroom TV died we have hauled the spare (very small) tv from the basement so that we could continue to watch tv. Only thing worse that a dead tv is a dead satellite dish/receiver.