Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WNBP: Responsible Life Choices

If it were not Wednesday, I would not be blogging tonight.  I would be sitting on the sofa, staring into space and trying to figure out how it is humanly possible for me to still be awake.  I would also possibly be setting up a website offering the use of my classroom to parents who would like their offspring to understand the importance of responsible dating behavior.

One day with my students and your kid would immediately scamper off to the nearest nunnery.  At least if it was a day like today...

But it is Wednesday and I get to do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  That one is easy.  I am hoping that some diligent blogging will keep me from spending any further time considering that new website.  In the long run, I don't really think it will be such a great idea.  There aren't that many nunneries, after all.

Here's your bullet points for this week!

*I do not wish to tell cute stories about the students today.

*There are no cute stories.

*Well...maybe a couple.  But I can't really focus on those now because the horrific behaviors they exhibited for the rest of the time overshadowed anything even remotely cute.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant finally went online to check the current phase of the moon and we are now bracing ourselves for further drama.

*Seems like the responsible thing to do under the circumstances.

*I finished a couple more knitted type thingies.

*Still can't prove it, though.  Super secret gift knitting.  There are security levels involved.

*Most of you are at the appropriate clearance level.

*Some of you are not.

*That is just the way it is, I'm afraid.  The system has to have rules or everything just falls apart.

*I am proud of me for the finishing of things.  I understand if you want to reserve your congratulatory back pats until I can show something more concrete.

*Is there anyone out there who has a suggestion for how to explain to the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty that donuts are bad for him?

*I didn't even remember that I had one donut left in the bag on the counter.

*Until I heard the thud and rustle of a plastic donut bag being dragged to the kitchen floor.

*I rescued the donut.  The cat looked chagrined.

*Chocolate donuts are bad for cats.  I'm pretty sure of this.

*They are also bad for me, but I am a responsible adult and can make choices for myself.

*I think I should eat the donut before he goes for it again.

*Reduce the temptation factor...

*Election day is right around the corner.  I am a registered voter, but not affiliated with either of the two major political parties.

*Hence, I am considered a "wild card," and I get a lot of phone calls.  

*One guy called me twice tonight.  

*I feel very popular right now...

*I vote regularly because that is what good citizens do.  

*I am not certain that answering five million phone calls was in any of the literature I got when I first registered to vote, though...

*I don't really remember if I got any "literature."  I probably didn't.  But I'm certain I studied this kind of thing in high school when they made us all take civics classes.

*Nothing about phone calls.  I'm sure of it.

*I am currently re-reading Lisey's Story: A Novel by Stephen King.

*Not his most smoothly written piece, but I've always loved the way he portrays the "secret" language of long time married couples in this book.  

*Almost poetic, really.  Except for the parts where people die horribly and whatnot.  

*I like those parts, too.  They just aren't quite so much with the poetry, is all...

*I can't read while I am answering phone calls like a responsible voter.

*Or recovering from a day spent with grumpy middle school students.

*Or thinking about donuts.

I am now looking down at the area around my feet and seeing four eyeballs looking back at me.  They are not on my feet, rather they belong to a pair of hungry felines.  I am guessing that the Greek chorus of meowing will soon begin and that signals the start of feeding time.  The fact that the AGK just tried to eat donuts is also something of a sign, I suppose.  Either way, I should be heading off to feed my brood like a responsible mother.  I happen to be the kind who doesn't have "real" children because she has spent enough time teaching other people's kids to know better.

Happy Mid-Week Everyone!



Anonymous said...

So sorry about the Kids From Hell who occupied your classroom today. Maybe tomorrow will be better? or maybe some will stay home? You can always hope.

The thing that I tried to knit over the weekend that is like the super secret thing you knit over the weekend is finally behaving and humming along smoothly. Counting and I do not necessarily get along well on first acquaintance. And curses on the Ravelers who commented about how simple this pattern was!

Karen said...

I hope today is better.
My dog has a thing for donuts. I hope you saved a crumb for AGK.

trek said...

I think you are correct on the chocolate and kitty combination being a less than healthy one.

We continue to receive weird electioneering phone calls. Now, though, a lot of them are automated, which begs some questions. Does a human being ever look at all of the data collected? Does the system tally up the number of people who hand up in anger because their dinner time was interrupted? Does it tally up the number of people who slam the phone down in frustration halfway through because they are unhappy with their candidate getting slammed in the survey?

Elaine said...

There is no way on God's Good Green Earth that I could ever do (or have done) what you are doing! You are a Goddess. Teaching gives you a direct shot right straight through the Pearly Gates. Bask in the homage of your furry roommates. You more than deserve it!

Leah said...

Just to let you know that it has been a 'difficult' week here on the West Coast, and I am not looking forward to tomorrow either, except when I get to leave work and the crazy clients.

April said...

But you get to come home to the two best kitties in the world!

Kath said...

Yes, chocolate donuts are bad for cats. But they are excellent for Sheepies! Particularly the ones who have to spend their days with other people's children.

My word verification: decape. Is this part of unmasking a superhero?

Julia G said...

The "thud" is always the giveaway when there is feline mischief on or near the kitchen counters (which is a no-cat zone to start with, so you know it's trouble).

Last weekend Middle School Kid had three friends over for a sleepover, and while I was frying up bacon and pancakes (just keep 'em fed, like the airlines do) I whipped up a batch of corn muffins as an appetizer. When the kids came into the kitchen to eat, my own Big Orange Oaf of a cat came trotting proudly into the kitchen with a muffin wrapper (licked clean) in his mouth. He was happy to help clean up!

Yarnhog said...

I'm a registered independent voter, too, but no one EVER calls me. Just the sad truth about living in California, I guess.