Monday, October 18, 2010

Very Complicated Distractions

It's tragic, really.  Here I am knitting up a storm, in possession of an honest-to-god knitting blog and I can't show any of it!  It's the curse of the gift knitting, I suppose.  But now I'm at a loss.  How do I distract the masses until I can prove that I actually knit things?  Hmmm...

I know!  I'll show the Very Complicated Kitty!  He's always a big hit and it's been a while since I've updated folks on how the newest fur baby is doing.  It's brilliant!!!

On Hero Worship:

The VCK was on his second shelter stay by the time I found him.  He'd managed to find a family a year earlier, but it didn't work out.  It's hard to imagine.  He's a great cat.  I just couldn't fathom it.  But, I think I might know why now.  Of course there were the obvious problems which likely included some urinating hither and yon due to an extreme case of struvite crystals.  More than that, though, I believe that the VCK is not the kind of cat who liked the solitary life.

He yearned for a brother.

He adores the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.  He has since the moment he laid eyes upon him.  As I write this, the two of them are happily wrestling  and knocking over small pieces of furniture.  It's all good.  Except for the fact that the VCK tends to follow his big brother around and copy whatever he sees.  This can lead to some issues.  Toys are snagged.  Treats are confiscated.

Favorite chairs are commandeered.
It generally all works out, though.  Da Boyz are buddies and they are more than willing to share.  Mostly.

On Health, Hygiene And General Well Being:

When he landed at the manse, the VCK weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds.  That, in case you were wondering, is rather heavy for a siamese.  His tummy barely cleared the floor and swayed gently when he walked.  It was both comical and sad...

However, after a traumatic summer spent transitioning everyone over to a no-carb diet, I am pleased to report that the lad has slimmed down markedly.  He plays, he runs, he frolics and his belly jiggles far less than it used to.

The best news is that he is now able to attend to the cleaning of know.  His...Perpetual Pucker Point.  You know what I mean.  Don't make me say it.  He couldn't reach his backside for a long time and it was yucky.  Now it is not.

Clean as a whistle from this end!!!!

I imagine this is sort of what it's like when baby is finally out of diapers...

On The Mighty Wind (it's not what you think):

The first time I heard it was at the vet's office.  It was our first visit and I am certain that the VCK wasn't happy about this situation.  We were left alone for great lengths of time due to an emergency in the other exam room and the wait was lengthy.  We were both tense.  At last, the VCK gave me a look of resignation and settled on the table.  He did so with a huge, huffy sigh.

I was utterly charmed.  I thought it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen a cat do.  Sighing?  In a huffy kind of way?  ADORABLE!!!

This was taken after the sigh. But you can probably still sense the mood.

And this would be the VCK resolutely refusing to look at me.  Also indicative of his mood...

After a few months of listening to that sigh, I am less charmed.  In fact, I think he is maybe a little judgmental.  I hear that sigh a lot.  I hear it any time things aren't going quite the way he thinks things should be going.  He speaks volumes with that sigh.  The VCK could take gold in Olympic Sighing.

However, it is far preferable to the times he chooses to tell me about his thoughts.  Siamese are chatty.  They like to orate.  It makes me miss the mighty sigh.

On Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals:

The VCK is still taking his morning happy pills, but doing so with less drama.  In order to ensure that he got all the anti-anxiety medication required to maintain his jolly mood, the vet suggested I make a meatball, mix his crushed pill in it and have him eat that before getting the rest of his food.  The trick was making sure he finished it before his big brother swooped in for a taste.

I had to spoon feed it to him.  I began to wonder where my life took such a wrong turn that this was my lot.

Thankfully, he has decided to eat his Morning Meatball Of Mellow like a normal cat now.  This is good because I was starting to think maybe I should be partaking of his medications.  It was reaching the point where I was probably going to have to quit my job and become a full time nurse to the VCK!  Or at least go in later once the medicating was through.

And In Conclusion:

The Very Complicated Kitty is a job and a half.  He needs prescription food, daily medication to ensure that he remains stress free and he wants to talk about his feelings more than any male should.  But he's healthy, he's happy and even when he steals the good napping spot, is the apple of his big brother's eye.  Everything goes well with the new baby.

We can all rest easy now.

(Betchya even forgot all about the lack of knitting pix!)



Anonymous said...

I love a good kitteh post! VCK has a great home now.

Karen said...

Fantastic update. It's good to know everything is going so well:)

Donna Lee said...

He got lucky to have found you (and his brother). My cat was not chatty until his brother died in March. Now he talks all the time. It's a little crazy having a conversation with a cat.

trek said...

A well-adjusted kitteh!

Kath said...

I am also in stealth knitting mode. Which this year has included stalking someone on facebook to find out the gender of a post-Christmas family addition.

I can always be distracted by kitty pix! Even though I am terribly jealous of how well they get along.

Glad VCK is doing so well!

Mia said...

That was perfect. I was just thinking yesterday that having two kitties is almost as much work as toddlers.

'Specially if one is a crazed little mountain kitty who seems to be buzzed on caffiene or something most of the day and won't quit attacking her giant sister!

Julia G said...

Great update on the life and times of the VCK-- he looks sleek and well-loved, and who can blame him for heaving a sigh once in while? Best of all, he's BFF with the AGK!

(You can tell I have a middle schooler -- my first thought was, good introductory paragraph, interesting topic development, punchy conclusion....)

Knitting Linguist said...

Thanks for the update! He's one lucky kitty to have found you guys.

We know about sighing at our house, except it's canine, rather than feline, sighing. Tilly is only allowed to come and say good morning on the bed when we're awake, so occasionally in the morning she'll stick her head up above the mattress, and when she finds me with my eyes squeezed tight shut, lie down and give a sigh that has all the weight of the world in it. Poor dear.

Elaine said...

I think I might love the VCK as much as I love the AGK.
They are both very lucky to be part of such a great fambly.

April said...

You could post about the VCK every day and I'd be perfectly happy. The only thing that would make me happier is if you offered to send him to ME.