Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WNBP: Now With Peanut Butter And 56% Less Hacking!

I have done very well with my calendar skills this week.  Even though we had a long weekend, I have still managed to figure out the exact day every day since returning to school and that, my friends, is an amazing feat.  I don't always do very well with that under the best of circumstances.  Frankly, I credit my stupid cold finally loosening its iron grip enough for me to function like a real human being.

Since I'm so totally on top of things here, let's see if we can't knock out a Wednesday Night Bullet Post?  I might even remember half of the things that happened to me today.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant didn't like the school lunch today.  So she went out for a sandwich.

*She brought me back a gi-normous peanut butter cup.  

*We have a thing for peanut butter cups...

*I have been knitting lots and lots lately.

*Motivation.  I haz it.  Finally!  It's a knitting blog, after all.

*Ironically, I cannot show anything I've knat.  

*The season of giving is almost upon me and everything is of the "stealth" variety.

*I'll toss up a bunch of stuff later for your viewing enjoyment.

*Here's a kitty picture.  That should tide you over.

Looks like a turtle, but it's really a cat...

*We are having a bit of a Dollar Store Kat Kave Krisis over here.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty loooooves his Dollar Store Kat Kave.

*Turns out the Very Complicated Kitty likes them, too.

*He used to be scared of all the toys, but he takes medicine that makes him happy and now he loves all the toys.

*And steals all the toys.

*I had to put out another DSKK because the AGK looked so sad when he couldn't have his most favoritest thing.

*Maybe he needs the happy medicine...

*I had a meeting at the high school today.

*Had to go see if I could offer some sage words of wisdom that might help out with a freshman who isn't making the transition very well.

*That is an understatement.  It is going very, very badly.

*Had him in my class for three years.  I try to get away, but they just keep pulling me back in.

*It was a depressing meeting.  I think I maybe have issues with "letting go."

*Which is not helped by the fact that they keep pulling me in.

*Before I left to go to the meeting, The Boy For Whom All The World Is A Stage called me back to the classroom:

Ms. Sheep:  What?!  I'm late, for crying out loud!

BFWATWIAS: Do you have everything you need?  Did you bring a pen and something to write on?  Do you have notes for this meeting?  If you have notes, they should be in your bag.  How about water?  You've been coughing a lot so I think you should bring some water.

MS:  Um...yes.  I have all that.  I think...wait.  Yes!  I have all of that stuff.  Except the notes.  I don't need those.  I am really just going to listen and look wise.  I don't think I need notes for that.

BFWATWIAS:  Wear your glasses like this.  (pushes his own glasses down to the end of his nose)  That always makes you look smarter.

MS:  (mimicking his glasses maneuver)  I kind of can't see very well like this.  But I do feel smarter...

*My life is now being managed by an 8th grade boy with an overly developed need for attention.

*I was late to the meeting, but I looked wicked smart!

*Depressing meeting.  Very depressing.  I was all mushy and squishy and just the teeniest bit teary on the drive back to my own school.

*Not too bad...just a little bit girly over the whole thing.

*Which is why the Cheerful Teaching Assistant bought me a gi-normous peanut butter cup for lunch.

*My cold is much better.  Hardly coughing at all now.

*I credit the peanut butter cup.  

*Stopped at the school library today.  I hadn't eaten the peanut butter cup yet and was feeling needy.

*Picked up a copy of Poison Study.  Just started it, but am finding it engrossing.

*Bit intense for the average middle school reader, I think.  But good reading for kids (and adults) with a solid background in YA literature.  

*Not as good as a peanut butter cup, but still a nice thing to have around the house.  

We're gonna call this a wrap now.  I've reached the point where all I can think about is peanut butter cups and that never ends well.  Best for all concerned that I move on with my evening.  Maybe eat an apple or something, you know?  Meanwhile, I'll wish you all a pleasant Wednesday evening and my wish that you have all the chocolate treats you desire.  Or books.  Or Dollar Store Kat Kaves.

Whatever floats your boat...



Anonymous said...

I swear that every time I leave a comment, everyone else goes, "Who let Her in here?" But, on behalf of the Freshman and his mother, I thank you for going to that meeting today. When transitions are terrible (been there, done that, got the medal), it helps immensely to know that the former teachers are still pulling for them!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Had some chocolate...and the student my heart bled for returned to school today...

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to that poor freshman. Such tough years, those teenage ones.

You probably don't want to know that I am eating ice cream, right? So I won't tell you.

Beth said...

And I'm getting ready to eat ice cream that has little itty bitty peanut butter cups in it. :)

Knat? I like it!

trek said...

Just finished Reckless by Cornelia Funke. Good book. Filed in our children's library but I think it should be YA due to the references of a night-time non-sleeping nature.

Glad you are feeling better.

And, gee, thanks, kmkat and beth for mentioning ice cream.

Mel said...

If, for some strange reason, you find yourself with a serious shortage of DSKKs, I think I have one or two I can dig out of hiding and pass along. I did get them from your dollar store, after all, but my kitties aren't terribly impressed. They're all about boxes. Which we always have plenty of. Without having to spend a dollar.

Karen said...

The giant PB cups are evilly delicious. When you eat one you feel like you should eat another because PB cups often come in pairs.
AGK looks so happy in his DSKK. I don't think he needs the happy pills, just an endless supply of DSKKs.

Julia G said...

You are a good soul, Ms. Sheep, for worrying about your former lambs even when they have gone on to higher pastures. I second the other commenters, transitions are tough but middle school to high school is one of the most challenging, and having a familiar face in your corner can make all the difference. And I'll have to remember that glasses trick for my meeting today!

On a cheerier note, glad to hear the VCK has settled in and feels secure enough to play with toys, that's always a heartwarming moment with an adoptee!

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry about the teary meeting; I hope things go better for your (former) student. Let me know what you think about Poison Study - I listened to it on Audible a while ago and found it unexpectedly engrossing; come to think of it, I've meant to get the second one in that series for a while...

Kath said...

I've become a regular at the dollar store but sadly, there are no cat caves. However Petsmart has a crinkly tunnel thing with flashing lights inside. A little spendy, but very exciting!

Yarnhog said...

You need to have some sort of warning at the beginning of your posts when you link to a new book. It is way too easy to click "Buy now" when you link to Amazon!