Wednesday, June 09, 2010

WNBP: Tip Off And Countdown

Well, here we are again.  It's the middle of the week and time for another Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  As we grind our way towards the end of this lengthy school year, there must be something worthy of an entry on the midweek list 'o stuff.  Let's see what we can do...

*The next WNBP I write will be the last one of the '09-'10 school year.

*I wish that I was writing it now.

*Actually wish I'd already written it.

*I have decided that I will not knit until I am on summer vacation.

*I'm not really knitting either way.

*But this sounds more like self-determination and planning.

*The Great Debater arrived in the classroom today with big news.

*In a scenario too bizarre to be believed, he managed to bite off the end of his tongue last night.

*Actually, what he said was something along the lines of "I bit off the end of my thtupid tongue and it hurths tho bad I can't thtand it!!!"

*The piece that landed on the floor got bigger every time he told the tale, but the horror of it all was the same.

*I shall give you all a minute to shudder along with me.


*He can still debate pretty well.

*But it's hard to understand him and sometimes it's wicked funny...

*He calls me, "Mith Theep."

*I just finished reading Summer Knight: A Novel of the Dresden Files (The Dresden Files, Book 4).

*I'm taking a break now.

*Harry Dresden makes me a little sad sometimes.  

*He is the guy who is beaten, broken and blamed for everything even when circumstances force his hand.  He'll always do the right thing and almost never get so much as a nod of thanks. 

*And his optimism in the face of it all is both compelling and heartbreaking.

*Time for something lighter.  I'm going with Boneshaker (Sci Fi Essential Books).

*Because there is nothing like some good, old fashioned, steam punk, apocalyptic zombie bashing, goggle-wearing fun to take your mind of an under appreciated wizard...

*Or maybe that's just me.

*Wii Fit had some issues with my taking last week off.

*Wii Fit thinks I should never take a week off from the workout routine.

*Wii Fit also suggested that I should not eat cake.

*Not in so many words, but the implication was clear.

*Wii Fit needs to lose the attitude.

*If the Great Debater did Wii Fit, he'd say things like, "Thtop telling me what to do or I'll thlap you thilly!!!"

*Did I mention that next week is the last week of school?

*I think it might be time for that...

When we reach the point where we want to eat cake in front of the electronics and are making fun of injured children, it is time to end it.  I think I'm just overwhelmed with all the missing bits of tongue and whatnot.  I'm going to go rest up and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.  Of course, tomorrow will be Thursday.

And that always feels better no matter what else is going on.



Gracey is not my name.... said...

Too funny - I love these posts...our Thursdays are half days - Field Day Friday. Today was the longest freakin' awards ceremony ever!

Kate said...

You are in the home stretch! I'm making my first trip to Maine this month. I knew sooner or later the Corporation would make me do Maine.

trek said...

Tomorrow is a half day here, too - 8th graders are graduating!

Word verification: "curse" - how appropriate lo)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh right out loud at "Mith Theep."

I'm sorry, but you will now always be Theepish Annie to me :-)

Knitting Linguist said...

You are soooo close. You can do it!

On another note, have you read Bujold's Vorkosigan series? If not, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Mia said...

how does Thursday help anything, pray tell? :) I NED it to be Friday, Mith Theep :)

Karen said...

You'll be done before you know it!!

=Tamar said...

Another vote for Bujold's Vorkosigan series, and keep on with Jim Butcher. A few nods of thanks show up here and there.

Julia G said...

Oh, dear! Poor Great Debater! I hope he wasn't fleeing zombies at the time. All of my mishaps have always been hopelessly boring, like breaking a toe tripping over the garden hose, so I sympathize (and restrained myself from typing "th" instead of "s", although I thought it).

Perhaps Wii Fit is bucking for a suspension from Mr. Cyborg/Principal, or looking to spend some time in summer school until it learns a little tact and discretion. (I wonder if Wii Fit has different personality modes, like difficulty modes on a video game? )

gayle said...

I was going to recommend Bujold's Vorkosigan series, too (I'm currently rereading them) but I see I've been beaten to it...
You're almost there, dear Theepie. You can do it!

crzjane said...

Can't wait for this weeks bullet post. I love reading your blog.
Plus it will be Wednesday and half the week will be over! Yeah!!!
Hope you are enjoying your last week of school.
That electronic game better watch it's step. Because you could probably figure out a way to make It eat cake! Stupid Wii.