Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WNBP: First Of The Seasonal Veggie Editions!!!

It feels like it took forever but, at long last, it is here.  Summer vacation, baby!  Sure, school ended the week before last.  But that means nothing when you have to go in for four extra days of mandatory workshops.  Now it is really and truly summer vacation, complete with the traditional Wednesday Night Bullet Post!  OK...I guess I do one every week.  It's just that the ones I do in the summer are a little more light hearted and less with the heavy sighing.

Here's the first of this summer vacation's WNBPs:

*Guess who went to the Farmer's Market today?  Can ya guess?  Canya-canya??!!


*'Cuz that's what I do during summer vacation.

*Things are still a bit on the sparse side, but improving since the Odd Saturday That Was Not At All Comfortable Because It Was The Wrong Day Trip I made there a few weeks ago.  

Today's haul included fresh peas, potatoes, new garlic and beef.  Not shown: fresh basil.

*I do not like vegetables but, God help me, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning when the new garlic is here!

*I rhapsodized about it with The Farm Stand Lady.

*Seriously.  I actually rhapsodized.

*If you like garlic, live in the area but don't buy it from Snell Family Farm, then I just don't know what more can be done for you.  You are out of your mind.

*Big ol' garlic with the scapes still on 'em.  

*The young garlic is a bit milder and has such a fresh taste you won't be able to stand it.

*Tonight's dinner: Cubed, roasted potatoes liberally festooned with freshly ground sea salt and basil ribbons upon leaving the oven.

*Also opened a new bottle of ketchup because, let's face it.  I am who I am.

*For what it's worth, it was a new vintage with a bright bouquet.

*As an afterthought, I also rigged up a foil packet with some peas and an ice cube.  Green things are good for you and it makes me giggle when I cook the ice cube in the oven.

*Worth the trouble for both the giggle and the fresh peas.

*I do not put ketchup on peas.

*What am I, a savage?

*I am avoiding turning a heel right now.

*I suppose it is enough of a triumph that I knit a heel flap given my recent lack of knitting amazing-ness.

*Almost finished with Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, Book 7).  

*It's got a t-rex AND zombies...what's not to like?????

*I canned a pint of peas just to see how they'd look this afternoon.

*They look like canned peas.

*I don't like canned peas.

*Will henceforth freeze the peas and just hope that The Coming Zombie Apocalypse doesn't interrupt our power service.  

*I'll have to eat the peas before they defrost.

*I was going to roast some garlic with the potatoes tonight, but thought the better of it.

*Dentist appointment tomorrow.  I hate my dentist, but not enough torture the nice dental tech. with my fresh garlic breath.

*Hysterical Mind:  Wait.  What?  Did someone say, "Dentist???"

*Rational Mind:, no.  Not at all.  We are going out tomorrow to run some errands.  Maybe replace the ipod we broke last week.  That's all.  Just a few little errands...nothing to get excited about.

*Hysterical Mind:  Well...that's all right, then.

*Pretty sure I have a cavity, but let's just keep that to ourselves.  HM isn't going to be distracted by a new ipod for very long.

*Might have to get her an ipod upgrade.  And a balloon.  And a pony...

*Will be letting her eat 'taters with roasted garlic either way, though.

*Because it is summer vacation, by golly!!!

And that's Wednesday from my viewpoint.  I'm all full of potatoes and peas and that suits me just fine.  We'll worry about tomorrow's appointments and heels that need turning later.  It's allll good here!



Donna Lee said...

You don't have to eat the frozen peas. They work really well as a cold pack should you injure a joint. No, really. An orthopedist told me to use a bag of frozen peas instead of ice because you're only supposed to have cold on an injury for 20 mins and in 20 mins the peas are not cold anymore. You just throw them back into the freezer and reuse them. you never have to actually consume the peas.

Beth said...

Fresh garlic is the best thing ever! My mom's friend grows it and we got to taste it a few years ago. I'm envious! :)

trek said...

See? I told ya! What's not to like? It has it all: animated corpses, a lascivious spirit of intellect, and a mobile monster. And polka, of course, can't forget the polka.

If that isn't enough, just wait until you start Proven Guilty in which Harry continues in his new job and things get even more intense and interesting.

Kath said...

I agree with Donna Lee. Frozen peas make a splendid ice pack. And in my corner of the world, they are excellent fish food when you go snorkeling!

I am kinda bummed though, my little farmer's market went away over the winter and never came back. I'm guessing it was just too much hassle for the guy - sending stuff over on the barge and hauling it himself on the ferry. :(

Denise said...

I'm coming to your house for dinner! Does your kitty give you kisses even with garlic breath?

PICAdrienne said...

Wait a minute...what happened to your summer time romance? Are you doing your S.O.C.K. this year?

my verfication work is retrum...that is a bit Steven Kingish.

Bob & Phyllis said...

I LOVED Book 7 of the Dresden series. the end is great, particularly the exchange between Harry and the Erlking after the big battle is over (although Bob the Skull was good in that, too).

I may have to go back and read them all again. Have a lovely summer.

Karen said...

I have never had garlic that fresh, with the scapes and all. Now I shall be on a quest. We love garlic!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your roasted potatoes ALL BY YOURSELF. I had no dinner last night because all I could think about was roasted new potatoes and no one I knew was willing to share with me :-(

Julia G said...

Sounds yummy! Our farm market always had the best dairy, including bottled milk and yogurt that was out of this world, but they're not sure they're going to have it again this year :-( Foil packet o'peas and ice cubes sounds fun and tasty, reminds me of many scout campfire culinary adventures...

Julia G said...

Good luck at the dentist!

twinsetellen said...

Do you eat the scapes? If not - you should! Extra yum. Don't eat the flower pod at the end, but chop the curly stem and saute - great in scrambled eggs or wherever you'd like mild garlic.

Cathy said...

Lovely - and I'm with Julie - how dare we go without roasted potatoes!!

And I especially like the pony for HM as a reward going to the dentist.