Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Quasi-Vacationing WNBP

In the most technical sense, I am now on summer vacation.  The classrooms are all packed up, the kids are haunting the malls and the custodians can now do all the stuff that they can't do while we are in the way.  However, that sense of peaceful bliss is eluding me thanks to a week of mandatory training that the district has scheduled.  I've been doggedly making my way back to The Place I'm Supposed To Be Shut Of since Monday morning and this is not making for that vacation-y feeling.

It does help to define the week days, though.  I know it is Wednesday and that I need to throw out a Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  I suppose this is a a bit of a silver lining...

*Monday's workshop was horrible.

*Tuesday's workshop was actually a little bit interesting.

*And I knit several inches of sock cuff.

*Today's workshop didn't start off so well.

*No one knew where I was supposed to go because it was "department work time."

*I don't fit particularly well with any department.

*I finally found a place to be and actually got a significant amount of work done.

*I know.  I was kind of shocked myself...

*The tech guy shut off the internet filters because some of the people from the high school needed to access YouTube as part of a teaching unit.

*I don't think that my being able to upload pictures of me not working during workshop time onto Facebook was what they had in mind, but sometimes that's how these things work out.

*No knitting today.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is not particularly thrilled with my going to work in the summertime.

*He looks a little put out.

*This, of course, could also be due to the low fat/calorie diet he is currently not enjoying.

*I somehow have to get this jiggly ball of feline into shape before his appointment with the V-E-T on Monday.

*Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

*Doesn't really matter, I guess.  She's not going to get him on the scale.  

*She won't be able to peel him off the ceiling.

*Or her face...

*I spent more time today wandering around the web than I really should have.

*Australian politics are kind of exciting right now.

*My ipod died on the way to work.

*This limited my opportunities for tuning out stuff.

*There is a fat cat sitting on my feet.

*The diet is not working.  I can't feel my big toes.

*It was hot and muggy today.

*This was not exactly what I read in the forecast, but I may have scanned it a little too quickly.

*Either way, I was overdressed.

*No.  The majority of Maine schools are not air conditioned.  

*This is probably also a good time to establish for the readers that my home is not air conditioned either.

*Yes.  I am aware that these devices exist.  I have lugged a couple up to the second floor and hoisted them into windows over the years.

*Don't see myself doing that again any time soon.

*It is much cooler now, though.  No grousing on this end.

*Expect soggy whining later in the summer, though.  My unwillingness to do bodily damage lifting heavy appliances does not seem to preclude my complaining about the heat when it does stop by.

*One more day of training to go and then I will no longer be on Quasi-Vacation.

*I will be on Real Vacation.

*I look forward to this.

*Even if they did turn off the filters so I can have YouTube and Facebook at school...

So that's the day that was.  It wasn't exactly a typical Wednesday, be it work time or vacation time, but it could have been worse.  I got some work done and still had ample time to fiddle around on the interwebs.  And besides, the science lab has really good circulation so it wasn't all that muggy in there.  I think I can do one more day.

But no more than that.  There is only so much Quasi-Vacationing a girl can take.



Gracey is not my name.... said...

Hoping tomorrow is the least painful...we used to have a kitty named SPAZ - she just kinda grew into the name...last time we went to the vet, he gave us tranqs for her next visit...sadly she got hit by a car soon after (was an indoor kitty, but was hanging outside w/hubby talking to someone - went to investigate storm drain and....)

Julia G said...

It's hot and humid down here on the CT coast, but thankfully we still have a whisper of a sea breeze.

One more day of workshop fun and you can really kick back and relax -- you've earned it!

Kath said...

You put the AGK on a D-I-E-T? Whoa. Let me know how that goes!

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not too bad in school today - it's supposed to be very hot and humid.

trek said...

We have discovered that the newer units are quieter and more efficient and lighter than their ancient counterparts.

Just sayin'

Donna Lee said...

Being un a/c'd myself, I sympathize. We finally broke down and put the window units in the bedrooms in . It's nice to be able to sleep but it means that we hang out in the bedroom and just use the rest of the house as a pass through to the bedroom.

Elaine said...

I have found a local source of cat caves if the AGK is i need of a few.... would be happy to purchase and post. And: tomorrow is your REAL vacation!!

Knitting Linguist said...

I don't think that "vacation" should be in the name of what you're doing right now at all. It should be more like "Quasi Tortuous Waiting for Vacation to Actually Start"...