Wednesday, June 02, 2010

WNBP: Never Give Up!

This week, Wednesday really snuck up on me.  I mean, honestly!  If yesterday was Monday (which it wasn't but a three day weekend will cause that sort of confusion), then today is Tuesday.  But tomorrow is Thursday so I'm not going to complain.  I'm rolling with it.  Let the Wednesday Night Bullet Post commence!!!

*My bathroom is an interior room with no windows.  

*Hence, when the power went out after I emerged from the shower, it posed a bit of a...challenge.

*I had to do my hair and makeup in the dark.

*Much like our forefathers did...

*Also had to heat my bagel over a can of sterno.

*Again, like much like the pilgrims warmed their frozen bagels.

*Oddly, the Cheerful Teaching Assistant seemed to think my hair looked rather good today.

*It is so weird to see a wedding ring on her finger.

*She has given me permission to stare at it until I get used to the whole thing.

*Best conversation of the day:

Ms. Sheep: (having just returned from an epic stand off in the office) That's it.  I'm done.  I give up!

The Great Debater: (focused intently on the same computer game that has entranced him for a month) Now what kind of attitude is that?

MS:  It is my attitude.  I am giving up.

TGD:  You can't.  Do I give up when things go badly at work?  No.  I do not.  I figure it out.

MS:  You help part time as a roofer.  You can't give up.  You are on a roof.  That poses a unique challenge when it comes to giving up.  I, on the other hand...

TGD:  Nope.  You can't give up.  You gotta keep trying.  You are a role model.

MS:  Fine!  I don't give up.  Happy?

TGD:  Atta-girl.

*The knitting is still in the time out basket.  

*I'll deal with it over the weekend.

*Unless I work up the will to get my car inspected.  That is sort of overdue.

*The local law enforcement officials are not the "giving-up" types.  One assumes they will get me eventually.

*Came home from a full day of teaching and epic battles in the main office to find a very happy Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.

*Also a rather impressive amount of destruction.

*Took me several minutes to locate the wireless router.

*And the stand that is supposed to keep it securely in place.

*For what it's worth, this is fairly standard AGK redecorating so I think he is feeling better about being an Only Cat.

*Don't ask what it was like before...

*He is still waking me up at 4:00 in the morning, though.

*I have twelve more days of school.

*Eleven and a half, actually.

*Not that I'm counting or anything.  I love my job.

*That is what I keep telling myself.  

*Anything else would seem like giving up...

That's all I can think of.  I'm certain there is more, but I'm not able to identify any other Wednesday tidbits that might entertain you.  I think I shall just let it go at this and get ready to feed the mighty beast before he wastes away to nothing.  He's had a busy day, after all.  Then I'm going to rest up for another fun-filled day at the Education Factory And Home Of The Epic Stand-Off.

The Great Debater is right.  I can't give up now!



Beth said...

The Great Debater works as a part time roofer?!

My verification word is "backeye." That sounds rather zombie-ish or something.

Julia G said...

Congrats to the Cheerful Teaching Assistant! And the Great Debater sounds like he has a promising career as a motivational speaker.

I've experimented with keeping the kittehs more awake and active during the day so they let me sleep into 5:30 am now. Luxurious!

Anonymous said...

I love The Great Debater. Really, how can I not love someone who can encourage Our Favorite Sheepie not to give up while at the same time engaging in killing zombies (or whatever video game it was).

Although I suspect if I had to spend any time with TGD in real life one of us would end up incarcerated...

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have 9 1/2, 1/2 days left (two half days in there!) So much to do!

Yep, had those battles, too...seems like this entire year has been one long battle!

Just told myself, she does not have the power to make me miserable. Sure she can put me in another grade and TRY to make me miserable. But what did Eleanor Roosevelt say? "Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent." So not giving her my consent anymore! I am woman, hear me roar...I will survive, as long as I know how to love...I can go on....

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Hey you're in Maine? I may drive up this summer (in CT). Maybe we can yarn shop together....

My sister lives there, as does another friend...

Kath said...

I suppose if CTA really wanted to mess with you she'd do something silly like change her last name. But I bet since she likes you so much if you asked her she'd probably be willing to hyphenate both last names for a few years to give you time to adjust!

Mouse said...

*cheers* You can DO IT Sheepie!!

Mia said...

yup, it definitely should be Friday :))

Karen said...

You'll make it to the end I'm sure. As for your home decor, I'm not so sure. AGK might like to watch those home decorating shows if you're looking to keep him out of trouble.

Donna Lee said...

The Monday holiday is throwing me off too but I'll adjust. I'd like a monday holiday every week.

=Tamar said...

Never give up! Never surrender!

trek said...

TGD is old enough to work part time as a roofer?!?!

Sorry, I just couldn't get past that...

Lynne said...

Take a deep breath - you can do it!