Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WNBP: The "I Didn't Melt" Edition

The mercury shot back up to 90 today. However, it seems that tonight is going to be cooler and that tomorrow will be more along the lines of "seasonable." In celebration of that and the fact that I did not expire in a sodden puddle of my own sweat, I launch merrily into the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!

Well...maybe I don't so much "launch merrily" as I trudge soggily, but you get the idea.

*Everyone will be pleased to know that I finally made it back to Chicks With Sticks last night, thus resuming the proper summer schedule of activities.

*Of course, school is soon to start and this summer schedule will mean nothing just like it does ten months out of the year, but I still feel like it was a good thing to do.

*They have air conditioning there.

*I almost didn't go to the Farmer's Market today. It was kind of hot...

*Have I mentioned that in the last thirty seconds or so?

*But, since I'm all about the schedule and the routine these days, I ventured out into the hot shopping center parking lot in order that my crisper might be filled with veggie goodness.

Basil, carrots, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, garlic and the most beautiful baby 'taters I ever did see!

*I didn't get to chat with The Guy Who Has The Little Stand At The End And Whom I Think I Might Be Dating But Who Really Knows Anymore?

*He was busy dealing with the tourists.


*Folks From Away (local terminology, there...)

Guy From Away: Do you have any lettuce?

Veggie Guy/Possible Boyfriend: Ayuh. Gut it right down hee-uh. I keep it nice 'n cold 'n wet in th' coolah.

GFA: Is it Maine lettuce?

VG/PB: It's from right off owah fahm. I won't touch that grocery stowah stuff! Godawful...

GFA: What do you do in the winter?

VG/PB: (assuming a put upon, but patient expression) Well, suh. I just don't eat th' stuff!

*Then he kind of rolled his eyes at me.

*Because the answer to all questions involved here were probably kind of obvious.

*There wasn't much to say after that. I bought my gi-normous carrots and went on my way.

*He cut the tops off for me without even asking.

*I always get the tops cut off.

They go to the goats and I like knowing that I helped feed the goats.

*The Veggie Guy and Me? Totally in sync.

*Tonight's dinner: grilled new potatoes and a huge garden salad with shredded cheese.

*The lettuce was from the grocery store...

*It actually didn't feel as hot to me today even though the thermometer looked exactly the same.

*Maybe I'm getting used to it?

*I tried to knit a bit on the sock I was working on last night.

*That's when I realized that it is, in fact, just as hot as it was yesterday.

*Sock go away.

*I think sock understand.

*I don't spend all my time looking at the new baby panda on the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam. Honest.

*Sometimes I look at regular pandas, just for variety.

Walking Panda

Snacking Panda

*But mostly I just look at the baby.

Dudes...seriously. Even I had to say, "awwww!" on that one.

He/She is growing up so fast! And mommy is a little more willing to step off a bit.

*He doesn't look like a naked mole rat anymore.

*Now he looks sort of like a guinea pig...

Yay! I made it through the whole post and I still haven't melted! I'm like a superhero or something! Now I'm going to head over to the window area and wait on that cooler air. It's bound to be arriving any time soon. I just know it! Happy Wednesday and may moderate temperatures be yours to enjoy!



Kath said...

Folks From Away are referred to here as "Visitors", because supposedly it sounds nicer than "tourist". I was actually thinking more along the lines of "Visigoths". Seems appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Here we refer to Cabin People or People From The Cities. The Cities = Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire metro area.

Anonymous said...

The baby panda is getting cuter . . . I blame you for the fact that I regularly check the panda cam now and have that Mac widget to watch it, but I enjoy it. Perhaps blame is the wrong word. In any case, if your district is like mine, there will be lots of sock knitting time once the institute days starts. I got about 3 inches on a sock done today.

Take care.

trek said...

It's in the 80s here. I think it broached the 90 marl earlier but I was away from the thermometer.

I'm kind of glad for that.

The veggies look scrumptious.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you made it back to CWS on Tuesday night!

You should like today's weather better than the past several; there's not supposed to be so much humidity. Don't get used to it though - it's supposed to be back tomorrow.

Donna Lee said...

Nobody comes here for vacation so we don't have a word for them. The best shirt I've seen is
Welcome to New Jersey. Now go home and take someone with you.

We're friendly here.

Cursing Mama said...

Although I am technically a "Cabin Person" or "People from the Cities" I still get to mildly complain about people who are touristing in my neck of the woods - although I have my own vernacular. Of course I do.

I say they are "Not from this land" I have no idea what land they are from - it just isn't the one I'm driving or shopping on.

Elaine said...

I visited Panda land the other day and watched the mommy Panda nuzzling the "stick of butter" as it squirmed around looking a bit disoriented.... Cute.

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, I'm glad that you haven't melted, and I loved your semi-boyfriend's response to the guy from away! Imagine, not eating lettuce in the winter -- what would we do?!

Karen said...

Oh the baby is getting so big!! I love your updates on the pandas.
I didn't knit last night because my hands were too sticky from the heat.
Your farmer sounds very nice. I must agree with him about the lettuce.

=Tamar said...

We just called them Summer People.
I kind of like "not from this land."
It lets me pretend there's a reason for the way some of them behave.