Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dodging Bullets

Well, here we are. It's the half-way mark in the last week of summer vacation. This is the week that I feel like I have to try and get done everything that I meant to do this summer but never got around to getting to doing. Or not doing. Like that light bulb in the hallway that burned out back in April...

It is also the day of the Wednesday Night Bullet Post so I'll just review this bittersweet time in the customary shorthand format:

*I was grounded today. There is a great deal of stupidity going on around here right now.

*Great, vast waves of stupidity. The kind that gets in the way of my really enjoying this last week of summer vacation.

*The worst kind of stupidity is your own.

*My current life circumstances are of my own making. There is no one to blame. Nary a soul.

*I miss blaming. I'd cut off my right arm to have someone to blame for this mess.

*In the "here and now" there is nothing to do about it, though.

*In the short term, I can fix this.

*In the long term, there will probably be repercussions but I'm not a fan of those so I'm going to be optimistic about the whole thing.

*I had to stay home today. Not by choice.

*I missed the last chance to go to the farmer's market this summer.

*Maybe I'll break down and go on Saturday with the rest of the people just to say I made it.

*By the weekend, I'll have reached The Short Term Solution stage of this week's festivities and will be able to do the things I wanted to be doing for the past three days.

*Tonight's dinner: fried rice made with the sad veggie leftovers from farmer's markets past.

*I didn't have any soy sauce.

*That's OK. I had ketchup.

*The entire Asian community weeps for me tonight.

*I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday.

*I'll not be telling The World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach about the ketchup.

*She likes me, but I don't know if she will completely approve of this condiment-related insult to her culture.

*I love ketchup. Without it, I'd probably have starved as a child.

*Anyone who tells me that I am wasting my time with the Panda Cam can just kiss my patootie.

I am most certainly NOT wasting my time.

Not one hour of the many I've spent waiting for baby panda to wave to me has been wasted

*I'll fight ya. I seriously will. I defend my panda time to the death!!!!!

*Here's a question: How am I going to tell the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty that I am going back to school next week?

He has no idea.

Nary a clue. He is oblivious to the coming abandonment.

*I've been busy dealing with the stupidity this week and haven't had much time to spend discussing the matter with him.

*He is not going to like this. It is going to be high drama.

*In the year that this cat has lived with me, he has gone from a relaxed, but a little standoffish beast to a needy, clingy feline who can't bear the thought of my leaving the house.

*He's been known to panic when I go to the bathroom.

*Now I have to announce it when I feel nature's call.

*Next week is going to be rough on the poor lad.

*It will probably be equally difficult for his big sister who will have to keep him entertained whilst I am off earning a living.

*She hates him and all he stands for.

*He loves her. And me.

*And hates everyone else...

*I made yarn.

*I still call it yarn even if it is not what one might call, "lovely of ply."

*Poorly plied.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even after all these years, I remain utterly transfixed by the making of yarn in my own home.

*This was a batt sent to me by the unbelievably talented Susie.

*I am equally transfixed by the fact that I know someone who can dye like this.

*Me. Knows a person who can make even my poorly plied yarn look beautiful. Me...

*Anything I do with Perchance To Knit fibers always looks good.

*It's magic, I think.

*Since I was grounded yesterday too, I couldn't go to visit with the other knitters at the Yarn Sellar.

*This was sad on many levels. But mostly because I missed Patti's birthday party.

*Happy Birthday, Patti! Thanks for your wonderful shop where happy knitting memories abound and for being such an all-around amazing person!

That's it for tonight, my darling dears. I must go see about putting some stinky fishy foods into the bellies of some very "present" kitties. One of them happens to be sitting on my foot and clawing up the couch. Maybe my going back to work is not such a bad thing. It'll be a break from my own stupidity and my foot has been asleep since I came home from school back in June.

The couch is beyond hope so it doesn't care.



Anonymous said...

I love your list and your Gi-normous kitty.

Maureen J

Cursing Mama said...

Any chance of getting you to install a BFK / AGK cam for us to watch once you go back to *whispers* school

Anonymous said...

Sheepie, Keith Olbermann had a segment just for you:

If that link doesn't work, go to, Countdown, then it's segment #1 on the August 25th show.

daywoods2 said...

I don't think I've gotten anything done since discovering the Panda Cam (which I believe was all your fault). I had no idea I'd get so enthralled by it - it just makes me happy. I can empathize with your kitty situation - mine have gotten far too used to having me at home. I haven't been able to bring myself to tell them that I'll be leaving for a week next month... I'm gonna pay for that, I'm sure...

trek said...

Grounded? Do I hear the sounds of an engine in distress?

Karen said...

The baby panda is getting so big. Do you think AGK would be entertained enough not to miss you if he watched the panda cam while you were at work?

Julia G said...

Oh, Annie! Whatever ill fate has befallen you, I'm sure you can fix it up if you just squirt enough ketchup on it! I can totally sympathize, though, I’m always my own worst critic. The yarn is beautiful, the AGK is adorable, and even the baby panda's giving you the thumbs up, life is good!

Anonymous said...

I was going to reassure you that ketchup was originally an Asian condiment. I had learned that it was brought over from China with the 19th-century immigrants who built the railroad ...

Wikipedia says not, although it cites Chinese and Malaysian dialects as the most likely etymology.

Sigh. I tried to help, honest!

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy