Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wii Have Bullet Points, 'Taters, REM Sleep And Dishcloths

I have had some difficulties with the routine of late. This has made it challenging to remember what day it is. But I know a Wednesday when I see one! And that means it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. Let's do this thing!

*Insomnia has had me in its grip of late.

*The approach of the new school year always stirs up a little of the stress for me.

*And the humidity hasn't helped either.

*I finally slept last night.


*Sleep is necessary for thinking, I've found. And thinking is necessary for all sorts of life functions.

*Like driving and buttoning your shirt right.

*Dishcloth mania continues unabated over here.

*I blame my sister-in-law. She mentioned in passing that there was this one time she didn't get a dishcloth from someone she knew way back when and I was suddenly overcome with the desire to right this tragic wrong.

*I have yet to give her a dishcloth. But now I can should the opportunity present itself.

*Plus they're wicked fast to knit and make a girl look productive.

*Even when she hasn't been sleeping.

*They range from the simple:

*To the somewhat more complex:

*I won't lie to you. The latter has issues. The stitch count was a bit off as I neared the end.

*I didn't much care by then.

*If you'd been trying to do a doily on blunt wooden needles, you wouldn't either.

*Not to mention the whole sleep deprivation thing.

*It's lopsided, but fine. In fact, I think it looks pretty darned spiffy for something that will be scrubbing pots.

*That's the problem with "pretty" dishcloths.

*When you give them away, no one wants to use them.

*They end up under a vase or on the back of a chair.

*Which seems silly.

*Although if you did this pattern in crochet cotton, I'll bet you'd have an actual doily.

*I'd be mad if I saw that in the sink. But not if I saw the dishcloth floating in a soaking pot.

*Today was Farmer's Market Day!

*Also known as Visiting With The Vegetables.

*It wasn't raining.

*Hence, "others" were there.

*Makes for challenging shopping.

*But I managed.

Local wild blueberries, garlic, 'taters, onion and peaches.

*I've said it before and I'll say it again: when you think "Maine" you can't help but think "Peaches!"

*Not pictured: scallions

*aka green onions.

*Tonight's dinner: Potatoes, garlic and onion roasted in olive oil and seasoned with fresh basil.

*I guess I forgot to put that in the picture too...

*I was going to put chopped scallions on the 'taters when they came out of the oven.

*But then I realized I had an already "biologically combustible" mix in there. Probably best to wait on the scallions...

*After the market, I stopped at the local purveyor of digital entertainment and picked up a copy of Wii Sports Resort.

*Comes with the new Wii Motion Plus accessory.

*I had to ask the Game Guru behind the counter for it because they don't put those out with the other movies 'n stuff.

Game Guru: I can tell you from experience that this is a lot of fun.

Sheepish Annie: So I'm told. I like the Wii Sports game so I figured I'd get this one, too.

GG: That's what I thought when it came out!

SA: It's a little embarrassing, though. I mean, like, I used to play really cool games where I got to kill stuff.

GG: Yeah...

SA: And now I'm playing tennis, for heaven's sake! And golf? When did I become a golfer???

*He looked at me. And in his eyes I saw understanding, compassion and perhaps just a bit of relief at finding another who was experiencing such angst.

*We may be separated by life experiences, social groups and more than twenty years of age but, in that moment, we were kindred spirits.

*Then we got to talking about Wii bowling and I started feeling kind of geeky again.

*I had to buy a used zombie movie just to balance things out a bit.

*I made scones last night.

*Scones are easy and something I can do without sleep.

*I'm going to have one with fresh fruit later on.

*Once the garlic and onions have settled down a bit, of course.

I anticipate an evening of Wii Sports (the 'resort' variety) and peachy/scone-y goodness. I'll probably also knit another dishcloth. I think that is a fine way to celebrate midweek and the return of my sleeping ability.

Of course the garlic and the games will probably keep me up all night. But that's just more time for dishcloth knitting, right?



Betsy said...

For the record, buttoning your shirt right is highly overrated...

And...enjoy your Maine-ness...our teachers here in southwest Virginia are already back at school and the urchin children return next least in my rural county where we had a kazillion snow/ice/I saw a flake days last year so they let us start before Labor Day...

Anonymous said...

You chose some very nice looking fruits & veggies to visit with today; it all looks yummy to me. We have a peach tree that usually produces about 3 gazillion peaches (most of which end up on the ground because I forget to pick them in time) but this year not a single peach has been produced!

Anonymous said...

You can grow peaches in Maine? I need to move there. Wait, I don't like peaches. Never mind...

But fresh wild blueberries? For those I would move. Wait, I think they grow here, too. Never mind...

Can you tell I have been in committee meetings all day?

Mia said...

Oh Sheepie.. whatever you do, I beg you.. do NOT read Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Don't do it... it's too late for me... but we must salute us "middle age" girls and just figure out a way to party around it.

wow. interesting, but still, just don't go there. :shudder:


Kath said..., when I think "Maine" I think "LL Bean" or if pressed into food, "Lobsters". But that's just how I roll.

Mel said...

I'm kind of thinking you should take care of the buttoning of the shirt before you start driving. Oh wait, you weren't talking about doing them simultaneously?

As for sleep, I've gone back to trying melatonin on the nights when the insomnia hits. So far it's been a good thing.

trek said...

- Peaches and scones! Yummy.

- Shirt buttoning: agreeing with Betsy on this one. You can wear a t-shirt.

- Shorts buttoning: another story altogether.

- Necessary, in fact.

- I've got a dishcloth (without sleeves) on the go in the car. Good for oil change waiting area occupation.

- I like the colors on yours better than on mine, though.

Donna Lee said...

I never connect Maine and peaches either. Somehow, I always think of maine and snow and ice.

I take melatonin when I can't sleep and it is a wonder. It's gentle and I don't feel like I got hit by a sledgehammer in the morning (not that I have EVER been hit with a sledgehammer so I really don't know what that would feel like, only I don't imagine it would be good)

Knitting Linguist said...

Dinner sounds yummy. I want some of that. Sleep deprivation, however = not so good. In spite of the lovely dishcloth results :)

Cursing Mama said...

I love having a stash of dishcloths with fancy soaps for emergency "I Really Meant To Knit You Something For This Special Occasion But It's Not Done Or I Forgot To Start" gifts.

I haven't done well with time management lately so my stash has been totally pilfered and I don't even have any IRMTKYSFTSOBINDOIFTS gifts....

knitseashore said...

So glad you were able to get some sleep last night. What I want to know is, did you have Company when you were awake?

One night last week the insomnia hit, and I had quite the cat party on the downstairs couch with me. I'm going to hope it wasn't because they wanted an early breakfast...

Your dishcloths ARE too beautiful to use for dirty dishes. That's why sponges were invented. :) :)

Jeanne said...

biologically combustible


Your dishcloths are lovely. I can see why it would be hard to use them and dirty up the pretty.

catsmum said...

I'm feeling thankful that my favourite Sheepie held off on the scallion overkill - garlic-and-onions seems explosive enough. The cats might want to reconsider the sleeping arrangements tonight ... speaking of which, as a chronically sleep deprived person [ of decades duration ] I sympathise hugely.
sleep is good
and necessary
especially for people [and Sheepies ] who have to deal with hormonally challenged young persons on a regular basis

oh and that dishcloth = very very spiffy