Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Same Church, Different Pew

It's time once again for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. It's been a fun-filled day and one that was simply overflowing with the glad tidings. Let's hit 'em hard!

*I had an appointment for an eye exam today.

*It's been about four years.

*We like to stay on top of these things, you see...

*I was late because I was knitting on the Invisibility Shawl and lost track of time. Not by much...just a little late.

*It is also entirely possible that I could not see the clock clearly.

*It was a pretty standard sort of exam. Routine, really. I can sum it up like this:

Dr. Eyeball: Well, the good news is that you are no longer myopic.

Sheepish Annie: Yay, I'm cured!!!

DE: The bad news is that you are now presbyopic.

SA: Boo! Now I have to change churches...

*The doctor thought that was funny.

*Truthfully, I already knew that I was due for a change in prescription. I also knew that he was going to be telling me about the need for bifocals.

*When one is making a debit card transaction and has to ask the store clerk to hold the keypad at arms length so that the little numbers can be seen, it is usually a pretty good sign that the vision has gone wonky.

*I'm old. It makes sense that my eyeballs would be following suit.

*The plan was to just get the exam today. I was going to wait on glasses.

*My insurance doesn't cover optical services.

*Dr. Eyeball is somewhat well-versed in the "hard sell." No foul there. It's his living, after all.

*I am a tough fit for glasses.

*My needs are many. It's not that I'm picky. It's just that my face won't cooperate.

*Lots of issues with fit.

*The doc picked out an ugly pair of glasses for me from the children's rack.

*I need small glasses.

*Small glasses do not work well with progressive bifocals.

*I still wasn't going to buy glasses from him today. Or contacts.

*For the record, when you start asking your optometrist about your pupillary distance measurement and if he wouldn't mind writing a little more clearly on your prescription form, he will get suspicious.

*Things might even get a little awkward and tense even if you've been seeing this doctor for 33 years. He's probably thinking that you are going to go shopping on some cheap-o Internet glasses site.

*The fact that he is right about this doesn't make it any less uncomfortable.

*The ugly glasses he picked out for me from the children's rack, once combined with the special lenses and whatnot, totalled well over $400.00


*I didn't go to the Farmer's Market today.

*Too tired from the eye exam. I wonder how The Produce Guy With The Little Stand At The End is doing?

*Tonight's' dinner: Hot Pocket right out of the microwave.

*Don't bother. I know. It's a comedown from my regular Wednesday fare...

*I literally spent the entire day perusing the Internet trying to find a pair of glasses with lenses around 44 mm in width, high enough to accommodate bifocals, and not so ugly as to make me the subject of laughter the world over.

*Or with cartoon figures dancing on them.

*For a reasonable price.

*Not easy.

*I also had ice cream for dinner because this was not a productive day overall.

*I have a headache from being on the computer all day looking for new glasses.

*Because I need glasses...

*In answer to a question that came up yesterday regarding the names of my cats:

The Big, Fluffy Kitty (BFK) = Persephone

The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty (AGK) = Prometheus

*They do have real names.

*It's just that they are very long and it is easier to use initials.

*I also forgot to run any other errands I was supposed to take care of today so now I am a day behind.

*Which is going to mess up my Thursday, but I can't really see the clock anymore so I don't think it will matter too much in the end.

And now I must bid you farewell. There is much more for me to do this evening. Spending a day shopping for the ever elusive pair of child-sized frames with old person's lenses will really take a chunk out of your day...



WendyR3 said...

I can so relate! One of the best websites for glasses I found is I have gotten several pairs from them, and they're fine. It's nice because they have all the measurements for all the frames, so you can figure out what you're getting, and how they will fit. Also, try Costco. I don't know if you have one near you, but their prices are pretty good, too. Good luck! p.s. I love your blog!

Donna Lee said...

I hate getting new glasses. I am allergic to the metals in the frames so I have to find ones I like with plastic arms so my head doesn't break out in itchy bumps where the arms touch my face. Fortunately, I have vision insurance so I can get new glasses every year. The progressive bifocals are weird until you get used to them.

trek said...

I knew the kitty names! Do I win a prize or something?

Kath said...

Oh gods - I've been postponing a visit to the eye doc because I know I'm going to need to start with bifocals and I've heard they are much more spendy than my old glasses ever were. If you find any good sites for cheap bifocals - you will pass that along, right???

I do have a little time though, I have long arms and haven't yet exceeded their reach!

catsmum said...

I knew BFK's real name and even remember her smaller less fluffy sister's, but I don't think that I've ever registered the AGK's real moniker
very impressive - like the boy himself :]

ps Sophie and MissC think he's a studmuffin

=Tamar said...

Try the thrift shops for small sized glasses. I have the progressives and I love them.

Bridget said...

Those kinds of glasses do exist, trust me - but no, they are not easy to find (or cheap)!

I managed to get a pair I really like, and I have to wear trifocals ...

Anonymous said...

I so hear you about the glasses.. all those little frames are cute - but by time they the the bifocal part in there.. it doesn't leave much room for just plain "seeing".

So my glasses aren't cute.. but I can see. Mostly. Except after many cocktails hehehe.


Karen said...

Walmart has been advertising kids glasses for $9.99 with a 1 year warranty. Maybe they'd have something that would work for you.
I've been avoiding the eye doctor. I keep saying I'll go when my arms are too short to read.

Heather said...

Only $400 for the glasses and the lenses? That's not too bad, actually.