Friday, August 07, 2009

Seeing It Is Optional

Now that I am officially in the "middle aged vision" category of the population and awaiting the arrival of prescription bifocals that will allow me to navigate the world without the aid of a helpful canine, I am grateful for the fact that seeing things isn't always a requirement. There is lots of stuff you can assume. Assuming is good, especially when you can't necessarily make out details anymore.

For example, when a truck shows up in the parking area and a dude with tools starts wandering around, you don't need to see what he is doing to know that he is a plumber. You can assume that fact when the water gets turned off. Repeatedly. All day. Without warning.

You also don't need to see what he is doing to know that bathroom trips will need to be carefully timed for the remainder of the day...

When you finally get running water back in your life and decide that a nice hot bath would be a good reward after such a dry day, you aren't able to see everything that goes on in the manse. You are relaxed and your less than perfect vision is even more limited since you've taken off the useless glasses. But when you hear the sound of growling, howling, yowling and thundering paws, you can be pretty sure that the resident felines have gotten into yet another tussle.

I've seen enough of these altercations to know how it goes. The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty (always the instigator) will charge the Big, Fluffy Kitty, merrily ignoring all warnings to cease and desist. He will persist through the first couple of swipes, ever hopeful that this will be the day she gives in to his displays of affection. She will not. Ever. On a good day, she will make a break for it and hide until he finds something else to do. On a bad day, she will defend herself to the end.

I always know when it's over because the AGK wanders around crying piteously, broken hearted and wanting the world to know of his despair. Then he has a snack and watches some television because he is, at heart, just a dude.

Frankly, "seeing" isn't all that helpful in this situation. These two are beyond mismatched in terms of physique. The BFK is big only in name and fluff. She is a feline optical illusion. Underneath all the fur, I doubt if I have a quarter pound of cat. The AGK, on the other hand, is the very model of truth in advertising. He is huge and has the advantage of youthful reflexes. The BFK is somewhere in the vicinity of 17-19 years of age.

Going with what you see will not predict the outcome in this case. Not one little bit. When the BFK says, "no" she means just that. And AGKs who ignore this, do so at their peril.

She gots me rite on mah snooty!!!!! I cryd 'n cryd. Then mama gived me chikenz 'n I wuz OK.

See? You don't have to see stuff to know stuff. It's optional sometimes. Which is good for me since I can't see these days, but still need to know stuff. I know that, if the cats aren't cooperating and the water isn't running, that I am going to need a distraction or two. Happily, I happened to see some dishcloths yesterday. They were posted by the delightful April and crocheted...crocheted, I tellya! I can crochet! I can crochet faster than I can knit, truth be told. And that means I can whip out a leaf stitch version of this household essential in an hour or so!

By God, I can even craft up a lopsided border of sorts if I put my mind to it!!!

Now that I can't see, I can do stuff all lopsided and not feel badly. No one can say anything mean about it. Everyone has to be nice, at least to my face. And at close range since anything anyone does outside my abbreviated field of vision is not something I'm going to catch anyway. I rather like this dishcloth, in spite of the border issues. It's very squooshy and we all know how important the tactile element becomes once the sense of sight is lost.

Lastly, there is one more thing you may or may not be seeing in the coming days. I am experimenting with the idea of blogging when I have something to say rather than the 6 posts per week I've been doing for the past few years. I truly do love to write and blogging has allowed me to do just that. I also love connecting with others out there in the fiber world, not to mention keeping up with family and friends. However, the word well sometimes runs a little dry and material isn't always easy to find. I think I do fairly well with crafting posts, but it's felt more like work lately and that was never my intention going into this.

I'm not done. Far from it. Pulling back a bit isn't about letting go of the blog. It is about holding onto it. I think that giving myself permission to not blog will keep it from becoming an obligation. (Blogligation?) It's a hobby and something I do to challenge myself in a fun way.

So if you don't see me, don't panic. It just means that I took an extra long nap that day and missed good blogging stuff. Or that I'm busy breaking up a kitty battle. Or crocheting a dishcloth. Or patiently waiting out the lack of water situation.

Or I can't see well enough to find the laptop...



Donna Lee said...

Poor AGK. He looks positively wounded (mentally as well as physically).

I like the washcloth. I can crochet, maybe I'll try my hand (hook?) at one for a change of pace.

Anonymous said...

"...because he is, at heart, just a dude." That cracked me up.

I shall miss knowing that I'll see your blog six nights a week in my Google Reader. But hey, it's your blog and your words. Do what makes you feel good. I'll take whatever you want to write.

trek said...

Whew! I was afraid earlier today that I was the only knitter that the lovely April had suckered into dishcloth hooking.

Anonymous said...

Yup, naps are always good, and sometimes there just ISN'T anything worth blogging about.. we totally understand sheepie - and now i'm gonna have to go check out that CROCHET dish cloth! Who knew?


Karen said...

Oh poor AGK, but he's got to learn that the women are in charge.
Your dishcloth is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I will miss your very entertaining regular postings, but I understand. Besides, how can you win the nap-olympics with out practice?

The dishcloth is lovely.

Elaine said...

I shall miss your very-close-to-daily adventures, but a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do. Enjoy your time away... we'll be here whenever you're here.

mehitabel said...

Blogging is more fun when you can do it when you want to, not because you HAVE to! Please do try to keep to the WNBP though, ok? I keep promising to be a better blogger, and then Blogger comes along and messes with me! Oh well, I hope you will enjoy your new freedom! (And I'm betting you'll find that you want to blog every day anyway!)

Kath said...

Between napping and blogging the choice is obvious - at least to me!

Teri S. said...

I totally get the not seeing part. These days I need my reading glasses to do anything that remotely resembles "close" work...reading, working at the computer, knitting...even cooking and eating! Sheesh...the indignity of it all...

Enjoy the breaks from blogging. Sometimes the material just isn't there.

Cursing Mama said...

Poor AGK, I'm sure he deserved a smack - but when there is evidence left behind it makes a mama's heart hurt.

catsmum said...

Bear sympathises with the indignities suffered by The Big Dude ... he got swiped on the snooty by MissC tonight and yes, he gotz chickenz too :]