Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WNBP: Survival Skill Waning

Oh, Wednesday! I was so worried. You seemed to take such a long time in coming and I feared you had decided to just let it be Tuesday forever. I am so glad to see you! You came and now I can do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. This is good. I don't know as I have it in me to be anything other than totally random right now...

*I am now utterly incapable of coming up with activities to entertain the students in these last few days of school.

*They keep changing the schedules and I don't know how much time I have at any given point in the day with which to not entertain them.

*Sometimes I have forty seven gajillion kids telling me they are bored.

*Sometimes I have two kids telling me they are bored.

*Two can feel like forty seven gajillion when those two happen to be bored and blaming you for that fact...

*I walked into a meeting early this morning, sat down and assumed my most professional meeting-type expression.

*My director took one look at me and said, "Oh's OK. It's almost over."

*Things are worse than I thought. I have Waning Survival Skills Face.

*Here is something that is not a sleeve:

Soon it will be connected to something that is not a sweater.

*We have had sun for two days now. That's nice.

*But it is still chilly enough at night for me to have not removed the flannel sheets from my bed.

*Weird for late June. Very weird.

*I'm not complaining. Hot, humid weather when you are in the last days of The Longest School Year In Recorded History are not good.

*I'll live with the flannel sheets. I'm all set.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty seems to suffer from seasonal allergies.

*This is something new I've learned.

*He likes to sleep on my feet when I sit on the sofa.

*Last night, he sneezed all over my feet.

*Absurdly Gi-normous Kitties do not know the current protocols for containing sneezes. They do not cover their mouths.

*Soggy Feet.

*Here's me telling that story at school today:

Ms. Sheep: ...and then my Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty sneezed right on my foot!!!

Kid Who Always Carries The Gi-normous Gym Bag: Hey! Remember that time when The Husky Redheaded Kid Who Reminds You Of Your Cat Sneezed on your foot? That was funny!!

HRKWRMOMC: (waves cheerily from across the room)

MS: Oh. My. God.

KWACTGGB: It's like he's in both places, dontcha think? You always have the HRKWRMOMC with you!

MS: Stop talking. Right now. I need a minute. I can't breathe...

*I tried to take a picture of him napping on my feet so you'd get the idea.

*Not the Husky Redheaded Kid. The cat.

*Sheesh. That's not even funny, you guys.

*Capturing the moment did not go well.

*Learn from my mistake.

Don't let the camera strap dangle. Not even a little bit. Even if you think he is all stuffy from the allergies and sleeping it off.

Just trust me on this. I know about this stuff.

She allows this behavior. It's shameful.

*She can't really be judgemental. When the Big, Fluffy Kitty gets her seasonal allergies, she sneezes right in my face.

*Every time.

*Two and a half more days of school to go. And I still can't come up with anything to entertain the masses.

*Nor do I have a better handle on the schedule than I did when I started this week.

*Maybe I'll catch Absurdly Gi-normous Seasonal Allergies...

The days do keep ticking by, though. I'll probably make it to Friday. And then all I have to do is survive a half day on Monday and it'll be like it never happened. Or that it did happen but I'll be given the summer to get over it. Either way, I will have demonstrated my ability to survive this most trying of times.

And I'll get to do it with kitty snot on my ankles. Which adds a whole new level of technical difficulty to the situation.



Anonymous said...

2 1/2 days - you can do it; I have faith in you!

p.s. I'm still using my electric blanket; this is crazy!

trek said...

I just tucked Neatnik into bed. She has chosen yet again to go to bed in sweatpant and sweatshirt.

Yo, Mama Nature, check your calendar: it's June!

Anonymous said...

Ah, kitteh sneezles. We had a cat (he lived to be 16+) who ALWAYS had a runny nose and the sniffles and sneezes. After years of this, one of his teeth fell out and everything cleared up. Apparently it was an abscess under the tooth or something. I was scrubbing kitty snot off the baseboards for years.

Donna Lee said...

We've still got the winter blankets on the bed. And I am wondering why I got the summer clothes out since I'm not ever going to get to wear them. Today, in the second half of June, I am wearing a sweater and wool socks (pants too). And we've had no sun for days. I feel like a mushroom.

Karen said...

The down comforter is still at the foot of the bed, just in case. I am beyond ready for some warmness.

Elaine said...

Am still using fuzzy wooly bedsocks and a down comforter! Not fair.
(Had to comment: *molic* as the word verification was too good to pass up.)

Mel said...

I'm currently in South Carolina, where it is forecast to get up to 100 the next two days. Plus humidity! Treasure those flannel sheets.

Kath said...

What you call "allergy season" in my house is "hairball season". And you know what that means. So I'll trade you kitty puke for kitty snot - interested???

Carrie K said...

I was wondering why the Husky Redheaded Kid would be napping (and sneezing) on your feet, but it is the last few days of school.

The AGK looks adorable in his duel with the strap.

Jeanne said...

Do you suppose the AGK crosses over into a parallel world when you go to school, and assumes the identity of the HRKWRMOMC so as to be by your side 24/7, thus averting separation anxiety?

Which came first, the AGK or the HRKWRMOMC? Hmmm...

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