Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WNBP: Sticking To The Plan

It may be summer vacation here at the manse, but that doesn't mean we won't be enjoying our regularly scheduled Wednesday Night Bullet Post! It is important to stick to a routine during the summer months. Otherwise, I'm all bloated and slow-witted come September and that is no good for those of us who need to teach children. Hence, the bullets are ready to fly!

*I had the first appointment of the day at the doctor's this morning. That's always good. You don't have to wait as long.

*My doc is a chatty kind of gal. So am I. You can see how this might be a problem for the day's schedule.

*Anyone planning to go anywhere in the city of Saco, Maine in the near future should beware.

*The whole place is under construction. Every square inch.

*And every other road is closed.

* I barely made it in time to knit a few rows on my sock in the waiting room.

*Blood needed drawing. The nurse in charge of that duty today was...enthusiastic.

*I'll be bruised for the foreseeable future.

*They are using new band-aids over there now. Super sticky ones.

*Took off half my arm when removed.

*Should I ever find myself trapped on the wing of an airplane and in need of a means with which to better secure myself until landing, I know what I'd like to have in my pocket.

*Don't ask how I ended up on the wing of a plane. It's a long story...

*During the summer vacation weeks, Wednesday is not just WNBP day. It is also Visiting With The Vegetables day.

*After the doctor visit, I wandered through the raindrops to see what they had at the farmer's market.

*I don't like vegetables.

*It is a true commitment to Vegetable Visitation that I do this every week during the summer months.

*It's been raining for days and weeks here. It just won't stop.

*There were only three stands open at the farmer's market. And the pickings were slim.

*But I've said I will purchase fresh produce each week so I did what I could.

Lettuce, strawberries, 'taters and radishes.

*For the record, I did not want radishes. Not at all.

*But apparently, "them radishes wuz in th' ground just this mawnin' an' then we gut th' damn truck stuck in th' mud fer an 'ow-ah and ain't this rain just gawd-awful?"

*I bought the radishes. What else could I do?

*Tonight's dinner: Salad with radishes and fresh Parmesan, oven baked potatoes and homemade frozen yogurt for dessert.

*The Thing That Is Not A Sweater is in time out. I am not speaking to it because it was mean to me.

*I'll teach it to not have the right number of stitches when I need it to.

*It'll be sorry...

*I'll finish those socks that I've been not finishing for months now.

*Then I'll put them on and dance around smugly in front of the Not-Sweater.

*It'll probably cry and beg for my forgiveness. Then it will magically transform into something that divides evenly over the correct number.

*Hey, if I can survive that trip on the plane wing, anything can happen, right?

Hope your Wednesday was a pleasant one. Even with my bruised inner arm, the incessant rains and the presence of radishes in my home, mine was lovely. Summer vacation can do that for you...



Mel said...

I made strawberry shortcake last night. My strawberries came from the Hannaford, but at least they were local-ish. North Hampton's only about a half hour away.

Julie said...

I had a salad tonight but there were no yummy radishes that wuz in th' ground just 'ow-ahs ago :-(

trek said...

Visiting the Vegetables sounds so much more fun than Om-ing with the Oatmeal.

I like vegetables. I had two fresh salads today: one each at lunch and at dinner. Lunch's salad was romaine, cucumber, and tomato with sliced ham. Dinner's was romaine, cucumber, and tomato with rotisserie chicken.

What can I say? I am all adventuresome when it comes to adding protein to the rabbit food.

Knitting Linguist said...

Your dinner sounds gawjus, and quite yummy. You've got lots of colors there, even, which I hear is a good thing in food (color = nutrition) :)

I hope the bruises heal up quickly and the not-so-much-a-sweater behaves.

Kath said...

I'm sure I've said something like this before but I bet with enough ranch dip those radishes will go down easy! Think of the veggies as a means of transport/excuse for the dip....

Anonymous said...

Love that accent of the radish merchant :)

So glad you've FINALLY made it to vacation! Now.. enjoy every second!

... woe is me... why did I just have to read Mel's post about strawberry shortcake???? I want some!!!


Betsy said...

They are making band aids of of duct tape now? I was wondering when they were going to get around to that...

You could auction off those beautiful radishes...some of us would love them...

Cathy said...

I need to go to the farmer's market. You made me hungry.

Karen said...

It sounds like your trip to see the veggies is a lot more fun than mine. Those strawberries look delicious. I bet the radishes tasted great.

Cursing Mama said...

How many ways can a sheep use yummy radishes that wuz in th' ground just 'ow-ahs ago.....

Carrie K said...

I'm sure the socks will teach the not-sweater a badly needed lesson and it will fall in line.

Radishes, yum.

Glad to hear the transition to Summer Vacation went smoothly! I hope AGK has foregone more redecorating ideas.