Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday: The Day When Bullet Points Rule

I do love my Wednesdays. The bullet point posts always seem so timely at mid-week, don't they? I have little left in the way of brain cells and "random" is the best I could do for you anyway. Here we go!

*I got home late tonight because I had to buy crafting supplies with which to entertain the students for a week and a half.

*The natives get restless towards the end of the school year.

*Another night goes by without a workout this week.

*No more complaining about how long I have to wait until the start of summer vacation. It is annoying to others and doesn't help matters one little bit anyway.

*I'm not going to fuss about it anymore. I shall be a brave little soldier and stolidly march through this most trying of times.


*I'm totally stolid.

*Stol. Id.

*Except for when I'm not.

*The Kid Who Always Carries The Gi-normous Gym Bag had a hard time with today's writing prompt.

*The topic was "Tell about a time when something unexpected happened."

*They could not tell about a time when something unexpected happened and the police came.

*They could not tell about a time when something unexpected happened in conjunction with a girl being in the vicinity.

*They could not tell about a time when something unexpected happened and an impromptu surgery had to be performed in the living room.

*The restrictions were tough on everyone, but they figured it out. TKWACTGGB finally decided to write about the time his parents gave him a GameBoy for his 9th birthday.

*Kids with difficulties in written expression often have to speak the story before they can write it.

*He did. The tale ended thusly:

I opened the box and discovered that my parents had given me a new PlayBoy!

*Dead silence.

*Followed by Ms. Sheep informing TKWACTGGB that, for the remainder of the eye contact.

*Gratuitous Kitty Pix for your viewing pleasure:

There was a man walking a doggy outside. The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is fascinated by doggies who walk outside with their people.

The Big Fluffy Kitty is less of a doggy fan. This sort of thing is not even worth waking up for.

*I am feeling good about my progress on that thing that is not a sleeve. I fully expect to finish it any minute now.

*I don't need to show you a picture. You can trust me. It's so, totally almost done.


*My teaching assistant and I were discussing how we were going to go about collecting the students' laptops so that we can inspect them and turn them back in to the Tech. department.

*She said we need to do this tomorrow. I said we need to do it Friday afternoon.

*She was emphatic. We need to do it tomorrow. I was also emphatic. We will do it Friday.

*Then it hit me. She thought today was Thursday.

*All I could do at that point was say sadly, "Oh...sweetie."

*She didn't talk much for the rest of the day. I didn't push her.

*Broken spirit there. Best to not make things worse.

I don't think Wednesday is such a bad thing. The bullet point posts are always a nice thing to do mid-week. I don't even dwell upon the fact that I have to be out the door early tomorrow to make it to morning bus duty on time. Or that I have to do this again next week because we will still be in school instead of on vacation like sane educators.

Maybe I'll just play with my GameBoy and watch the nice man walking his dog outside. Or work on that not-sleeve...



Anonymous said...

AGK looks wistful. Is that because of the dog or the walking outside part?

Kath said...

Gratuitous kitty pics are always welcome and brighten my week. I would love to know what AGK is thinking about what he sees on the other side of the window, it's clear the wheels in there are turning.

Anonymous said...

What is so unexpected about parents giving their 9 year old Playboy?

trek said...

AGK looks so innocent in that image.

My reply to TKWACTGGB's story ending, "... uh, yeah, ..."

Leigh said...

*ROFL* Oh my, but I needed that.

Cursing Mama said...

I expect that you have added "Knit a Collar & Leash for AGK" to the index cards of summer - surely he would appreciate a walk. I bet your neighbors would too.

Beth said...

It must be hard to keep a straight face with the things you hear everyday!

Karen said...

Does AGK think the dog is walking the man on the leash? If so you better watch out.