Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's OK. You Can Say It.

Sometimes, I think I am rather brilliant. Other times, I realize that I'm not, but act like I know what I'm doing anyway. Then there are the times I am so stupid that even I can't come up with an excuse. It's a Free Day for anyone who wants to point out my flaws. I'll agree without reservation.

It's been raining a great deal over the past week. Low atmospheric pressure has been the order of the day. I've been grumpy, out of sorts and not feeling all that perky. To add to the festivities, I've had this stupid twitch in my left eye that cropped up every time one of my students did something "interesting."

I stayed in yesterday. But with all the grey skies, I've still been moving about between low-light and high-light environments depending upon the room and the amount of natural lighting. I've also been watching a great deal of TV and playing more computer games than is good for any human.

Oh, and then there was the problem with my glasses! Good gracious, they were dirty! At least the left lens. Why, I had to clean that one fifty times because there was obviously some sort of smear on it that was causing that weird "halo" effect over everything. It was making it hard to see the ants. I swear to you I saw little black dots on the carpet. But every time I went in for a closer look I couldn't find them! Stupid glasses!!!

(That breeze you just felt was all the Migraine People nodding in unison. They know where I am going with this. What they don't understand is how I, once again, managed to miss the direction in which things were heading.)

Today, the eye twitch was back. And when I looked in the mirror to admire the beauty that is Sheepie In The Early Morning, I noticed that my left eyebrow was just a fraction lower than the right and that it didn't quite raise in unison with its mate when ordered. So I did what any normal person would do and went about my day, running errands, chatting with my parents...stuff like that. I thought about taking some Ibuprofen. But I forgot.

(Oh dear. That was the sound of all the Hemiplegic Migraine People flapping their hands at their monitors in disgust and stalking away, unable to even be in virtual proximity to me. They also muttered a few vile things, none of which I can repeat, all of which were related to my overall intelligence and very much deserved...)

I have never been formally diagnosed with migraines. I don't have them very often (long spells of cloudy weather and rain seem to be a common factor) and forget about them by the time I am in the doctor's office. They also aren't really all that bad. I'm a bit queasy, I have a hard time focusing, but I don't always get the headache. If I do, it is generally of short duration and then I sleep for hours. They are almost always triggered by abrupt changes in lighting, something that doesn't happen all that often. You don't have to tell me how fortunate I am. I know many people who truly suffer with migraines and I don't even try to compare this to what they go through. I also don't really claim to have them since I am not a huge fan of self-diagnosers.

I can only tell you that I currently have a headache, a bit of a glow going on to my left and that I didn't much feel like chocolate chip cookies today. I remembered to take some OTC pain relievers after a fashion and believe I have managed to block the headache part pretty handily.

I'd hoped to get that not-sleeve finished today. Suffice it to say, I did not. I didn't do too badly, though. Even with one eye and no chocolate chips in my system, I still managed to round the total length up to about fifteen inches. That's not too bad and really only a little bit shy of the total. Of course, I'm counting the part under the turning ridge that is really just "hem stuff," but why wouldn't I? It's knitting. And I have a headache with a boo-boo belly so everyone has to be nice to me today.

Here is where the picture would be if I thought I could bear flash photography this afternoon. You would have liked it, I'm certain.

It will all be over with by tomorrow and I'll be fresh as a daisy for the last full week of school. I've also decided that I will forgo the weights this week and just ride the little exercise bike for my workouts. That is good for knitting. I think I can easily work up the rest of the not-sleeve and maybe even get it secured into it's new home before the week is out.

If not, then I do believe I have some time to do that in the near future. I may not be bright enough to recognize the time to take an preemptive aspirin, but I do know when summer vacation starts.

Feel free to doubt that level of Sheepish Intelligence today, though. I understand.



Anonymous said...

Aw, I am sorry you have the quasi-migraine, but I am very glad it isn't more serious. I used to get them regularly but I seem to have outgrown them in recent years.

Elder Son lectured me on the phone today about the wonders of Excedrin; seems it took care of the hangover he acquired after celebrating the end of his first year of med school.

Hmmm. You haven't been doing any preemptive celebrating of the end of the school year, have you? No, I didn't think so. You are smarter than that. (Elder Son has not attained that level of intelligence yet.)

Anonymous said...

Poor sheepie.. it's probably the I'm On Vacation In Just a Couple of Days boo-boo headache...

Hang in there.. all will be better soon.


Donna Lee said...

It sure sounded like a migraine. I hope things get better for you before tomorrow. Only a few days left and you don't want to start the vacation with a headache.

Carrie K said...

Sounds like a migraine to me too. Poor Sheepie. I think you should take a week off of work and rest.

Beth said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but am glad you have it somewhat under control.

Jeanne said...

Owie. I think you need cat therapy courtesy of the BFK and AGK. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Karen said...

I hope you feel better.

trek said...

It is definitely the weather: Number Guy and I both cropped up migraines yesterday. Or maybe it was just being at a bowling alley with a dozen children for Bobblehead's birthday party. One of the two. Or maybe both.

Hope all is much better today and that you evicted "Alice".

Lorraine said...

My word verification is "drati". Drop the "i" and you have my response to your migraine bout.

Get better soon!

Purple Energy said...
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Knitting Linguist said...

Oy, migraines are bad. I hope this one goes away soon...

Kath said...

I dunno, I think I can seriously tip the stupidity scales by admitting that I ignored the warning signs of an ocular/retinal migraine starting, boarded a plane, and had a very looooooonnnnngg unhappy flight. And yes, I could have bought something OTC in the airport that would have helped. Stupidity can be painful. Really.