Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Whole Life Is Now Bullet Points

Wednesday (which, true to form, felt like Thursday all stupid day...) is upon us and it is time for Sheepie to cheat out her blog post. I do love me a bullet point post and all its inherent randomness...

*Staff meeting after school today.

*I remembered this one without having to wander by the library and notice all the other teachers sitting in there pretending to listen.

*I still didn't get there in time to snag a chair.

*I've sat on the floor while pretending to listen every single staff meeting this year.

*Last staff meeting of the year. The agenda even said so.

*Hence, I know it to be true.

*We talked about The End Of The Year.

*Which sounds like either The Apocalypse or December.

*But it's better than either of those if you happen to be a school teacher...

*I knit on a sock.

*While pretending to listen.

*And sitting on the floor.

*Amusing Conversation Of The Day:

Student Who Has Left The Room Four Thousand Times To Get A Drink: Can I go get a drink?

Ms. Sheep: Are you kidding me?

SWHLTRFTTTGAD: No. I'm dying of thirst and it has nothing to do with the fact that my girlfriend just walked by and said something to me which left me visibly distraught or that I am a fourteen year old male with little impulse control.

(Maybe he didn't say that word for word, but that was the general intent)

MS: I am not an idiot. I also don't feel like arguing with you so I'm probably going to write you the pass but let me just say this...

SWHLTRFTTTGAD: (rolling his eyes) What-ever !!!

(He then mumbles something unintelligible and which is probably rather vile)

MS: Hey! You wanna get a drink? You make nice with me. I hold your pass and your reunification with Little Miss Thing in my hands here!

SWHLTRFTTTAD: (sighs and says in a resigned fashion) You doin' something new with your hair?

*Don't tell me the male of the species can't be trained. They most certainly can.

*You just can't make them sound sincere is all...

*I didn't work out this afternoon. Staff meetings mean I get home late.

*Plus, yesterday's calf raises caused me to awaken at 3:00 this morning with rampant leg cramps.

*The kind that make you say really bad words and scare the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.

*Then make him think you are up for the day and planning to feed him.

*So I'm on Twitter now.

*I can do bullet points all the time if I want.

*I was thinking it would be kind of practical. I can put a link right on the blog.

*Handy for those times you want to let your folks know you made it home from school after an early dismissal due to bad driving conditions.

*Or when you've been sick for a month and everyone wants to know if you finally made it to that doctor's appointment you've been lying about.

*Mostly I did it because I found this cool app I could put on my phone.

*I've pretty much given up all hope of getting any teaching done for the next couple of weeks.

*They all just want to go to the water fountain and meet up with their significant others.

*Might as well keep myself entertained while I wait out the rest of the school year, right?

*I'm SheepishAnnie for anyone who wants to follow along.

*Or wants to know whom to avoid on Twitter if you can't stand another minute of me.

*I understand. Sometimes I bore myself. I won't hold it against you.

*I'm stuck with me. You have a choice.

That's it for this edition of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post. Now I have to go figure out all that stuff that needs to be done before Thursday is upon me. I need stuff to wear and stuff to put in my coffee cup. I'm thinking it will be coffee, but who knows? It's the end of the school year. One of these days, I'll put something else in my thermos and things will be better.

Maybe posting random Tweets throughout the day will keep me on the straight and narrow for one more end-of-the-school-year-experience...



Anonymous said...

I have just figured out Facebook and now you are on Twitter. Will try to catch your tweets.
Auntie Sheep

Donna Lee said...

I have two staff meetings tomorrow. Way to kill a perfectly good Thursday. I can't knit during meetings, they told me it was ok but the subtext was "we'd rather you'd not" so I don't. Sigh. I'm taking hot chocolate tomorrow instead of coffee.

mrichme said...

Will you bullet points be 140 characters or less? Glad to see you on Twitter!

I think surviving the last month of school is the true grit and sanity of a teacher.

knitseashore said...

Maybe you could post lessons on the wall above the water fountain?

Glad to see you on Twitter, and hope you survive the next couple of weeks with your sanity intact. Deep breaths while you pet the AGK...

Anonymous said...

TWEET! (Didja hear me?)

yarnpiggy said...

Hmmm...for some reason I can't find you on Twitter...yarnpiggy FAIL.

mehitabel said...

Oh, no! Like Auntie Sheep, I'm finally on Facebook and now you're on Twitter. Oh well. I'm running out of time for computer-ing these days but finally got the blog updated.
Good luck getting through the next two weeks. Remember, the carrot at the end of the stick is a summer off!

Annie said...

Tried to find you on Twitter, but no luck! Will persevere, though!

Anonymous said...

I was on Twitter for about a day - same with facebook. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the blog and Ravelry!

It won't be long now - how many days until you become a Chick with Sticks again?

Karen said...

The end is near, just not near enough...

trek said...

No Tweeting here. Among other things, that would require a data plan for the cell phone. Have I mentioned that Number Guy and I have disabled text messaging entirely on our cell phones?

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, no! One more person on Twitter whom I like. I'm going to get pulled over to the new Dark Side sooner than I thought, I can just tell. And I need one more online time sink like I need a hole in my head...

Seriously? He commented on your hair? That's just funnier than words...

Anonymous said...




catsmum said...

before you overdo the calf raises again, may I humbly suggest that you lay in a supply of magnesium tablets ... 800 mg [ or 2 x 400 mg, whatever floats your boat ]and they need to be taken at night to maximise results.
I take it for the FMS but it works for anything muscular