Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WNBP: I Need A Sweater...

The nice thing about a three day weekend (besides the obvious...) is that the following work week is delightfully short. You go back to the salt mines for one day and...BOOM! It's Wednesday!!! It is also time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. Let's catch a ride on The Random Train, why don't we?

*When I went out to my car after school today, it informed me that the temperature was 48 degrees.

*That's, like, 8.9 degrees Celsius. Which is cold for May. Downright brisk.

*By last period, my staff was sitting around in forty layers of clothing and talking about how awesome it was going to be to go home and make cocoa with a side of popcorn.

*There was also talk of snuggly blankies and fluffy slippers.

*It's the end of May. And, quite possibly, the world as we know it.

*Still better than too hot, though.

*The student known as She Who Is Strident informed me that she becomes "unpleasant" during warm spells.

*I shudder to think how much more "unpleasant" a person can get.

*I really need a sweater. Too bad I don't knit those.

*It's looking to be chilly for most of the week.

*Hey! Guess what? The zoo-cam widget I use finally made the Heffalump Cam work!!!!

*Not as cool as pandas, of course. What could be cooler than a panda-cam, after all?

But Heffalumps are a close second. Even when they are kind of hard to see...

*That's an impressive Heffalump Area. Sometimes you can see a jeep driving by.

*I wave to it.

*No one ever waves back.

*The Polar Bear and Monkey-Cams are much less dependable.

*Also no waving.

*The pandas are my favorite. I heart my pandas forever and forever and then some.

*Still knitting on that not-sleeve, if anyone is interested.

*Although I cannot see how anyone possibly could be at this point.

*I carry on, ever hopeful that I will one day not have a sleeve.

*Still desperately trying to eat food from my overly filled freezer.

*Things fall out and onto my noggin when I open the door.

*Casseroles. Lasagna. Things that I'm pretty sure are foodstuffs but who really knows anymore...

*How did this happen? There never used to be anything in my freezer.

*Ice cubes, frozen pizza and coffee.

*Maybe some film dating from back when such things were useful.

*I blame the economy. Suddenly it's all about the frugal.

*Stupid economy. It keeps hitting me on the head with cascading chickens.

So there's that. The Wednesday that was. Now I'm all about getting ready for tomorrow (which is Thursday if you can believe it!) and morning bus duty with the charming middle schoolers who will be awaiting my delightful early banter. There's band practice in the cafeteria tomorrow so we will be cramming both the 7th and 8th grade into the gym for the morning.

Between that and the chilly weather, I anticipate my banter being more "delightful" than is usual.



sophanne said...

yeah, so we usually have chinese take-out on thursday and pizza on friday here at house of Sophanne. I had chinese take-out on tuesday and pizza on Wednesday so clearly tomorrow must be Saturday- only it's not and there are inservices and meetings to attend.

Also in a fit of boredom I clicked on panda zoocam at school and saw a panda chewin' on some bamboo. That cam is awesome.

Mel said...

We're having chili and cornbread for dinner. Just as soon as David finishes with his quick shower that was the only thing he said he needed to do when I gave him nearly a half hour's advance notice on dinner being ready.

Which he hadn't yet started by the time dinner was, in fact, ready.

Oh look, my verification word is "boill".

Kath said...

I dunno what I'm eating for dinner - I just know it's coming out of the freezer and going into the microwave. As long as I stick to the stuff in the front of the freezer I should be fine. It's the mysterious bits in the back that are kinda scary.

Knitting Linguist said...

Hey, is that the new elephant exhibit at the zoo? We tried so hard to see it the other weekend -- except that we were one weekend too early, alas.

We're all about the frugal food these days. Baked potatoes for dinner, mmm... :)

Anonymous said...

Needing sweaters (and turning on the heat) at the end of May is just WRONG!

Anonymous said...

yay for Thursday - and you KNOW I'm you're sister friend when it comes to the stocking up so I completely understand. But I'm trying to do better as well. Interesting what you come across as you dig in further :)


Donna Lee said...

When our old freezer died, we gave away all the good stuff and got rid of the odd bits that we couldn't identify. Funny thing is, the new freezer (a chest style so things cannot fall on your head) is filling up fairly quickly with unidentifiable bundles.

And I went home yesterday and put on some fleece pants and a hoodie. In May.

trek said...

It is in the mid 50s here. I am wearing a sweatshirt over a longsleeve tee. For the second day running. This is not almost summer weather.

Fortunately, our freezer is on the bottom so cascading chicken is not an issue. For this, we are grateful.

Cursing Mama said...

I have heard reports that warm weather is once again on it's way. One can only hope that it is of the "warm" variety and not the "hot" kind.

Jeanne said...

"Cascading chickens" *snort*

I'm far too visual...

crzjane said...

Hope it's warmed up a bit for you there. We've had a fire in the fireplace the last 3 or 4 nights.